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Solstice Swap Answers



I'll be posting my answers to additional questions for the 2016 Solstice Swap here!


:waves: Hello Snowflake!

Question 1: If I made some ephemeral art that was meant to be burned as the sacrifice, would you have a safe place to do that (a fireplace, a backyard, a bbq grill lol)? Nothing big, maybe 6 inches tall.


Yep. We have a little patio, and a backyard that I would feel safe doing this with.


Question 2: Would you want something from this website for your "light"? They're local to me and do beautiful work and I get a 20% discount. ha ha So if you see something you love, speak up. http://www.curiouscustoms.com/homey/


Oh wow. I love pretty much all of the designs, I don’t know that I could narrow down to a few designs. We don’t have a lot of horizontal space so I think nothing standing, but any of the hanging lanterns or wall scones would be very much loved.


If I had to narrow down design wise, any of the geometric designs would be lovely.


Question 3: Would people want a relaxing CD or a recording of the rainforest, or are people looking for things like mix CDs or something from a favorite artist. I am flailing around on this one.


While I love ambient sounds, especially rainstorms and forests, I must admit I don’t use CDs too often and when I do it wouldn’t be for that purpose. But a relaxing set of MP3s or digital download would be nice, especially if i could play it on my phone at night.


Question 4: Would you, Snowflake, be interested in getting a bracelet or pendant necklace as a "charm" for banishment or protection or shifting energy or brining in luck? If so, what's your preference (bracelet, necklace pendant), size (wrist size, chain length), what metals to you prefer (copper, sterling silver?), and what colors /stones do you have an affinity for?


I love this idea but I don’t wear much jewelry, partially because I’m allergic to nickel (so it’d have to be solid silver or pure copper) and partially because i’m a klutz and hard on jewelry, so if it’s delicate I would’nt wear it.


But I do love chunky bangle bracelets so something like that would be loved. My wrist size is
I tend to prefer stones and colors that are darker; black, deep reds, blues, greens. I also love stones that are “complex”, and contain inclusions. Turquoise, cats eye, agate. You might get some good ideas for the kind of stones i like from some of my etsy favorites.
(You can find a link to my etsy wishlist in my signature)


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