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More questions




The second part of the Haus of Gloi update is live tomorrow (the 25th)- is there anything you're interested in?
Okay i went over there and Boy is that place dangerous- of the fall stuff I liked soem of the candy scents ideas Blood Orange Marsh. Sounds yummy, I LOVE carmel Apples pops, and sweet Violets are always sweet. The Fall scents Hex sounds amazing, Persephone might be great, Spider silk could be so adult like which i look for sometimes

I'm going to the NY Renaissance Faire tomorrow- anything you'd like me to look for?

Do you celebrate Mabon? Would you like "witchy" or pagan decorations and objects? For example, pentacle wall hangings, mabon poppets, corn dollies, ritual candles, etc?



Would you be interested in Kings Game by Lisa Millraney? Supporting a fellow witch would be fun

Would you like any brown paper bags of "seconds" from Seattle Chocolates?

Elements & Artifacts has a fall/halloween collection up? Anything catch your eye?
Nothing that is worth that to me

And speaking of shops from BPAL folks, any favorites in the stores on the SW Stalking and Services Spreadsheet
Nothing that sticks out

Would you like some hair falls? I can make a single (ponytail) or double (for pigtails). Short, long, types of yarns, ribbons? Extra things (buttons, beads, wire wraps? Colors/color combinations? Stuff to avoid?

Not really


Do you have an Etsy wish list, and if so, what's your user name there?

Tokyo Milk? Yea or Nay? Nothing i can say for sure I am always after moisterizers

would you like notebooks or journals? Utilitarian or fancy? Lined or blank? Tell me of your stationery lustings.
I Love Sketchbooks, to doodle in

If you are ok with knitted things, what colors do you like? I like BRIGHT Primary Colors
If striping, what two (or more) colors together? As long as your not doing things like Rust orange and puke green i am good
If you want yarn, what colors do you want?
--- A color palette would be lovely if you use Pinterest. Or just want to post palette photos in your blog. https://www.pinterest.com/therhoda/color-board/

Are you interested in fabric? Again, what colors, what themes, etc. yes I Love sweet fabrics. I am really tactile. So things that feel good are a bonus silks, satins, flannels I love them all

What are your tea and/or coffee preferences? Loose leaf / whole bean or bagged / ground? Do you have a favorite type? Flavor? Retailer? I love herbal teas there are lots of them on my

If you could receive one handmade item - everything from knitted or crocheted gloves and scarves to sewn bags to fanart or original art, what would you prefer? I love scarfs Long fluffy ones. My girls steal them every year

What are your favorite fandoms, if any?

Skincare- do you use a particular routine? What products would you absolutely not use? I need get in to this but I have no idea where to start

Bath/shower products? Both although if you have any ideas on a nice shower skin thing, my skin is doing this I am going to dry out with soap and its starting to be a problem

BPTP products? Pre-owned okay? Any and All

Essential oils and aromatherapy oils- yay, or nay? Sure

Favorite animal? Canines

Twilight Alchemy Lab oils?
There are some of these that call to me I have used all I have ever gotten on both White Light and Aunt Caroline money draw. I would LOVE to have more of those. I Looked at the new offerings and the things i would like to try are ANTHELION, BASTET'S LAUGHTER, BLOCK BUSTER, EUPHONY, HAND OF HERMES, LIONHEART, FOUNDATION OF FORTUNE, DETERMINATION,
I have not found a decanting group for these or i would have gotten some to try


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