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13 Nights of Halloween Scarecrow help 2016



ORIGINAL entry 9/9:
Anything here: http://paintboxsoapworks.com/ look like something you'd like to try (assuming that you're not already ordering it)?
I am completely uninformed. I have been gifted some lovely soaps which smell amazing. I find I just don't reach for bar soap. I enjoy scrubs but haven't been using as much lately. I do love all sorts of rich creams for body or face, but don't currently have a bathtub worth a bath product.

Do you like stuff related to Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)?
Lovely notion and practice from a beautiful culture. Yes, I'd love to learn more!

Handknit items:
Sure! I love the texture, and I've seen several amazing examples knitted by BPALers. I live in Maine, so scarves, gloves, socks, or basically anything for warmth would be welcome. :)

Are there any fandoms or specific collectible genres you would appreciate things of/for(ex: you collect shot glasses, or the ninth Doctor is your bae)?
I love unicorns. Also, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Twin Peaks, X-Files. I've checked out those Funko things before and almost brought Spike home, but just didn't quite get there.

Do you have a favorite Fall/Halloween symbol?
I love organic items like leaves, branches, stones...those can be fall-related, I suppose. I love skulls or skulls and crossbones, gargoyles, and things like Hello Kitty wearing horns (though I am not a huge HK fan, typically. Odd.).

First, talk to me about soaps- do you like them, and what kinds of scents/lather/varieties do you like?
As much as I have tried to use bar soap, I always gravitate back to liquid/shower gel. Part of it is the water puddles under bar soap, and part is that they are SO drying. (I have D.R.Y. skin.) I know there are probably some great bars out there I haven't found with some kind of milk or something that would defeat the dry, itchy feeling on my hands other bars leave. If you know that bar, I'd be interested in it. I like the idea of less waste from packaging.

Second, tell me about teas! Favorites? Anything you'd like to try?
Tea is something I always WANT to be more expert about, but I'm so not. I do drink Sleepytime fairly often. I enjoy herbal/fruity blends with a bit of cream in cooler weather. I am a coffee-in-the-morning person, so I normally don't want tea with caffeine, though I occasionally have chai. How's that for ambiguous?

Lastly, I go to Renn Faire- is there anything from there you might like?
I like Renn Faire, but can't think of something offhand. If you can, great!

What Weenie of years past are you seeking from the lab?
The only pumpkin that has ever really worked for me was Marshmallow Pumpkin from the Post several years back. I've got a couple bottles. I am always excited for Weenies, because I love the themes and ideas, but I am not a foodie blend person EXCEPT for Midway and the aforementioned Pumpkin. That often rules out many Weenies. I love the apple in Snow, Glass, Apples, so I suppose there could be SOME apple blend that would work. I haven't fallen for the ciders, though.

Are you a shawl wearer- and if you don't wear one now, would you?
Not generally, but I could be. ;)

Tell me about LUSH- do you like them? If so, what are some of your favorite things from there? Particularly fond scents or products? Stuff you can't stand?
I have several blog posts from prior SWs in my blog, and I think I've answered this in detail somewhere (at least once or thrice). However, I love Blues Skies and French Kiss, and if they ever made anything other than bubble bar for FK I'd buy a vat (current bathtub isn't worth bathing in). Blue Skies gel was recently done in LUSH Kitchen, and we stocked up. I have used LUSH Full of Grace and Celestial daily for years, and recently picked up the cleanser in a jar - Kalamazoo. Dream Cream is love. There are others, but I do NOT love all the super foody/candy/floral stuff.

Stuff from Japan?
Probably? I don't know what, though.

Pumpkin Spice or No Pumpkin Spice?
In my coffee or food, YES, please! On me? No, thank you.

Milk, white, and/or Dark Chocolate?
Yes! We tend toward dark because we both love it, but I enjoy white, too, and many of the peanut butter chocolates I find are with milk, which is fine. (Solid bars - dark or white, other types of things - whatever!)

Do you like Yankee Candle? Anything you want from there?
I enjoy Witch's Brew scent, but I don't use paraffin candles. Have they developed a soy or veggie blend yet? I don't use tarts. I do think some of their Halloween stuffs are cute, but I'm not into that Boney whatever couple they have. I currently have nothing in my home from them, for context.

Trading Post Goodies?
The Lilith just released with Dorian, lavender, and snow - or something like that - sounds heavenly. Never to be found again: Lick It! candle or Blueberry Peppermint bath oil, but that's not Weenie-like or likely in general. Other Liliths sound interesting. I always love the pens. Who am I kidding? I enjoy most Post items.

Bath and Bodyworks?
I was loyal to their candles and such for a long time, but they are no longer cruelty-free, and that's important to me. :(

Tell me of your Sock Dreams, please!
Oh! Space Dyed Terry Shorties - these are the BEST socks I've found for some warmth, fitting in my shoes, and being friendly to plus sized ankles. LOVELOVELOVE. And I have but the one pair. I would love more (in cool colors, black). I am open to any socks that aren't mean to my ankles.

i'd like to make some baked goods, would you like some? And if you have any food allergies what can I use as a substitute?
Yes! No allergies, and I'm not the world's biggest fan of nuts, though I occasionally enjoy them in baked goods if they are not overly generous in the present. I do enjoy almonds. :)

Anything special you want from the Target dollar spot?
Funny you should ask! I've been meaning to go check them out for pumpkin!!! <3 I've found some cute stuff there! I'm guessing I'll find something with skull and crossbones since Halloween is approaching. Yes? :)

missed questions, 9/11, + new questions:
So, in this swap, you open a goodie every day. I have seen this gift direction done several different ways, but I am interested in which you are most keen to do. Would you rather:
I'm borrowing Emma's answer, because it fits! - It's of course, up to my pumpkin, but I really really like the strictly numbered system!

The Witch is In/Out sign?
Being a therapist, I initially thought this'd be cute hanging on my door to indicate whether I'm available. Of course, I can't hang anything on my door, so...maybe not? It's really cute, though, and if I was in private practice, I'd definitely use it!

I live in The Netherlands. If there's anything in particular that you'd like to get from here, now's the time to tell!
I'm sure there are many thing, but I am naive to them. Surprise me? :)

I'm sort of collecting Lush showergels. Regular collection, but also many Kitchen items. Are there any showergels you'd like to try? I'd be happy to make you samples!
I've covered LUSH preferences pretty well in several questionnaires in my blog. I've got plenty Olive Branch, Blue Skies, Snowcake, Sonic Death Monkey. If it's not foody or overly floral, I'd probably like it!

What is your stance on Glitter?
It's pretty when it's contained, not when it's all over me or my furniture. :)

Also, if you have a Goodreads or other online reading log, does it include a wishlist? Otherwise, is it safe to assume books on the 'to-read' section are wishlist items? Or are you less into keeping a physical copy of the book, and instead prefer to turn to the awesomeness of the library to get your to-read need accomplished.
I don't have one. I have mostly professional books on my Amazon w/l if you'd like to be bored. Lol.

Monday, 9/12

how about art? (Small/mailing safe sizes, course)
Yes, provided you noted the part about colors that live in my house (or, at least general preferences). :) Actually, some of my very favorite things in my home have been born from my BPALista buddies. So, YES! Bring it on, if that's your thing! (My poor pumpkin will not get to benefit from personalized art, unless she wants stick figures. :) )

Tea lovers, what do you like from Whittard?
I know nothing of Whittard, but I have addressed tea in another question - I'd love all the herbal decaf you want to teach me about, and if you have a strong recommendation about a caffeinated tea that is good with cream, I'd try it!

Tuesday, 9/13

Dearest Pumpkin - how much are you wedded to wishlists, say I have some read once books which I think you might like based on what you've read in the past, but there is nothing of the sort on your current Goodreads "to read" list?
I think extrapolating from my w/l is reasonable. Especially since I've no Goodreads list. ;)

How do you feel about reading series out of order? Obviously not in situations where the subsequent books are part of the same story arc where you will be totally lost and frustrated if you haven't read all of them, but say, standalone stories which are technically part of a series and which might obliquely reference past books, but not in such as way as to spoil the plot of the book which I happen to have in my possession that you might like.
I would like to be a person that wouldn't mind reading things out of order, but I am not. I like order.

Would you be interested in a Halloween themed short story anthology?
I think I might!

Is there a limit to the number of books you'd like to receive?
I'm open to reading, but I would not probably want very many physical book - maybe 2 or 3 max. I am not into physical media after my huge purge/decluttering.

Have you read Movies in 15 Minutes by our very own Cleolinda? Would you like to?
I have not read it. My brief search suggested it's parodies of movies. I think I'd enjoy it if it was a parody of movies I actually watch/have watched, but not so much if it was focused on movies depicting subject matter that does not interest me. How's that for a muddy answer?

What kind of phone do you have?
I just splurged for the iPhone 7. I'm currently with an iPhone 6S plus. I wanted to go smaller. I've had the big one for two years (since it came out), and I don't need it. And, coincidentally, a big part of that decision was based on my desire to have cute cases. Many of the cute ones I see are not made for the larger size, and that just pissed me off.

Have you seen the horror film The Babadook? If so, did you like it? Would you want something Babadook-themed?
This sounds familiar, but I think I must've just seen the ad. I don't think I actually saw the movie. Why not?

Saturday, 9/17

Those who are amenable to yarnie things--ok, two questions: Any undesirable fibers (wool allergy, vegan so no critter hair at all, etc.)? and how do you feel about cowls/infinity scarves?
I like things made of yarn, especially since I cannot make them myself. That said, I have a pretty particular aesthetic (more modern than tradiional/country). I have seen many gothic pieces on Facebook and in threads like these from BPALers who do art that I covet. :) With scarves, etc., the longer the better for me. I like chunky, cuddly stuff.

So who likes incense? and is there a preferred scent? and cones or sticks? Would you like a burner for it?
I love the idea of it, but as it turns out, the smoke just gets me too much (in a not good way) - even the lower smoke varieties. Thus, I stick to non-paraffin candles and essential oil diffusing for home fragrance. (Or atmo sprays, very occasionally.)

Motherhood update? I'm adding Fatherhood here, too, because I never answered (I don't think).
Oh good grief. So much. I have worked hard to minimize (are you tired of hearing reading this from me yet?), but this update looks good.
BPAL ~ Motherhood
Want to sniff but pretty sure it'd be more the experience than for wearing:
Baby's First Krampuslauf
Connecting Flight
Dinnertime at the Diviner's Hut
Funerary Papyri
Lilith and Sekhmet
My Little Grotesque
Plush Viscera
The Devil Will Find Work for Idle Hands
The Twelfth
The Wolf and the Rattlesnake?
Think I might love it:
Good Morning, London
Reapers Gonna Reap
BPTP ~ Fatherhood
Want to sniff but pretty sure it'd be more the experience than for wearing:
Goofin' at Stonehenge
Places, Everyone
The Great London Spaghetti Hunt
Think I might love it:
Lilith's hair gloss
Guessing I'll need 11billion bottles
The Serpentine


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