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BPAL Madness!
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Blooddrop is a thing I should havn't looked at



So I looked at the Blood Drop update. never having been to that site I was a little like a kid in the candy story but I think i tamed it back. As with anything these would be the things that i liked and was interested in please dont think you have to do anything.

So first thing i saw were the bath truffles. Apple wood and rum sound so nice. Ghostly and Late Summer were also nice

Then i hit bathing oils a personal love of mine. Apple Cider doughnut, Jord, Sjofn

Bubble bars well Appple cider doughnut, Rubies and Emeralds, Soft Falling, Nightly

the perfumes I want to have a sample of were Eerie Dearie, My other Car is a broom, Santa meurte.

Now Chamber sprays sound particularly delicious apples and Bees (okay this sounds good enough to Roll in), Skol and Hato

her hair oils sound very rich so Aragon and macadamia, Cider Doughnut, and Apples and bees

that is about all i found well beside some of the corsets that i wanted to bring home.

As always witch of mine be happy!!


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