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BPAL Madness!
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SW Ketchup



Computers, types, games, etc- I am so not tech-savvy. My man does it all for me. I don't game on PCs, just my phone (what's built-in, google free, or off Facebook).

Purses- I try not to have them when I can, wallets are easier and light, but bags are usually black, big enough to fit stuff, books, mabe kid toys, rather than smaller,

Dressing up for Halloween- Anymore I focus more on the kids and less on myself, but when I do, and it's on the fly, it's either a fairy or a Catrina (day of the dead). I'd always appreciate any items related to those themes. Ps in Nov we go to Faerie Con, where I let all my fairy-side fly!

Comics/graphic novels?- I haven't bought any in say, 8 yrs, but like Lenore, JTHM, Gloom Cookie, LKH Anita Blake comics
and have interest in the Walking Dead Stuff

What stores at the Mall do I beeline for? Aveda, Lush, L'Octaine, Kiehls, Nordstrom, Sephora, Target

last huzzah at the Ren Faire?- I love Ren fairs, and always see more stuff than I can afford!! A gorgeous chemise in black, or surcoat, wings, tribal stuff, statuary, blades, the list is endless.

Subscription boxes?- NO, but I WISH! I'd go for makeup ones, or goth ones

Do I use tarts, incense, candles? TOTALLY all of the above. However, I have tons of incense, so pass. Candles are used more than tarts too. I like soy-based, and have a bit of a thing for pickiness here. Yankee are ok, Archipelago, Root, hand-made, Dark Candles, never had a BPTP one.

IKEA? Sure!

Office supplies? Not really a hound, by stationary that's quirky is always good for BPAL-related needs :)

Socks?- Over the knee that'd fit well on these plus-sized thighs, lol, I like em, dark, quirky, striped, gothy, antique and vintage.

What kind of candy do I like?- his is a hard one. When the kids go trick or treating, the candy lasts for months! and usually, goes in the trash. I search and sneak off only with Sweettarts, 100 grand, reece's pb cups, pixie stix. I don't really eat candy much. OOOh, unless you count the chocolate covered sea salt topped caramels from Williams Sonoma.

How do I feel about animal products? It's good to be ethically-sourced, from natural deaths, bones and specimens are great! I've always wanted bats and ravens, coyotes, wolves, butterflies.

Other companies I would like to have/try?- I fully don't expect they exist anymore, but NA's Qwb Hwt and Possets Cri De Coeur, or House of Orpheus. OH yeah, a soap called Sex God, not sure who by.

Restaurants for GC's?- CPK, Chipotle, Kenny's Pan Asian (local), PF Chang's, restaurant.com? meh, once someone gave us something like it and it caused trouble..but that was years ago, maybe things have improved!

Copper jewelry? Uuum, maybe if it looks antiqued?

How do I feel about toys? Um, inner child screams the Unicorn from Despicable Me!!! I like little craft made monsters, ravens, wolves, bats...I don't often collect them because the kids try to steal off with them (I once had a few Webkinz they ganked). I like scary little dolls and quirky stuff,

Eclipse? Yes, saw it, love la luna! There was this jewelry I saw recently that has a pic of the lunar phase on your birthdate that glows, which I thought was cool!! Would I like the BPAL, oh yeah!

How tall am I?- 5'5''

How do I feel about the elements?- there are 5 in my book, spirit being a huge deal. I have affinity for all of them, esp strong lightning storms!

Scarves, shawls, cowls, mittens, gloves, fingerless, etc? Scarves, big long ones, gloves, fingerless at least for phone use, never have had wristlets.

Paintbox? I have never looked at their stuff, but am open

Online classes? for jewelry making would be awesome. I like wireworking, found objects, metalworking, working with crystals,

bento? like the idea but not really practical for me. Besides, I like my sushi cooked, cause I'm like that.

knitted stuff for pets?- we have a 7mo-old Yorkie, she's approx. 5 lbs

marshmallows? pass please, unless ya wanna make me crispie treats!! woot

dabber or slatherer? both!

art that hangs or sits? either :) If framed, hang please.

Tea nitty gritty- black, not into green, or white, I wanna put hairs on my chest ;)
loose is fine, I can steep, I'm a Teavana dork. Top 3- Irish breakfast, Assam, Earl Gray/Crème. Flavored not so much, no chai, like the orange from Tazo. Wouldn't mind trying Blackthorn Hoodoo Blends.

Think Geek? guilty of never having looked..sowwy

Duct tape crafts? Have never really gotten in to, but did like that Project Runway episode where they made prom dresses with Duct.

Flowers I like- freesia, iris, anemone, lavender, orchids, foxgloves and columbine

Halloween ornaments, or dead of the dead?- ALL OF IT. Our Yule tree has fairies, devils, day of the dead, NBC, and gargoyles.

hand-made books/journals? sounds pretty

book-related?- Lights for reading, yeah..I'm always the last one to bed. Night owl!!!!!


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