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Switch Witch Ketchup #3



Blu-ray or DVD?

Either/or. We have a Blu-ray player...we don't use it much.

Game systems - console or computer? Mac/PC? Which console?

Neither really, although we’re a PC household.

Are you dressing up for Halloween and if so do you need any accessories for if?

I’m in Australia, so we don’t really do Halloween, but some of the neighbourhood kids were trick or treating last year, just after we’d moved in, and I mentioned to my sister that we might receive trick-or-treaters this year. So we’re going to see about maybe setting something up this year. I have a rather nice Victorian/Edwardian dress in dark grey, with the appropriate dress up bits, and I have a bowler-esque hat with a teeny tiny feather in it. I'd kind of like something more elaborate.


This is the pic of me in the dress back at Dragon*Con this year. Sorry about the awful white balance (or lack thereof). And I didn't have the hat with me at the time.

Talk to me about bags, what kinds do you like? Sizes and styles?

Ooh! Alas, any bags which I like are either ridic big or ridic expensive. (I’m sorry, dear Switch Witch, I have really expensive tastes) But for examples of bags I like, try these:

The Amy Butler Weekender Bag

The 241 Tote by NoodleHead:

Both these versions were made by my friend Angie at GnomeAngel.com – I have the pattern for the 241 but I haven’t yet made it. Haven’t even bothered looking at making the Weekender Bag…

Sew Sweetness is a designer who designs some lovely bags – I have a few of her pattern but, again, haven’t yet actually tried making them…

The Aeroplane Bag:

The Tudor Bag:

As you can see, I’m a fan of large-sized tote-like bags, suitable to put everything into.

What are your favorite fandoms and do you want to receive anything related to such?

Right now, I’m pretty entrenched in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, although that may change within the year. My favourite character is Maria Hill, then Melinda May, Skye, Helen Cho, Pepper Potts, with Wanda Maximoff, Jane Foster, Peggy Carter, and Natasha Romanoff after. I don’t particularly like Darcy Lewis – possibly the only person in the known universe who doesn’t.

What are you planning to order from the Weenies update?

I’ve joined a decant circle for the things I’d like.

The Last Huzzah of the NY Renaissance Faire happens this weekend and I'm going! Is there anything you might want? (Besides a turkey leg, which won't ship well!)

I have no idea what you get at NY RenFaires. And I suspect the weekend has already passed by and gone, so… Thanks. But, yeah, nope.

Do you like comics or graphic novels? Any issues or collections you want to read?

I do! I wouldn’t say no to the ‘filler’ pieces for the MCU, although none of them have Maria Hill (my favourite character in the cinematic universe – and yes, I know she’s in Civil War comics and X-Men and plenty of other titles, but I’m in the MCU and I came to the character from the MCU, not the comics.)

Do you like fanfic? Would you like a story written for you as part of your gift? What characters/fandoms/pairings etc do you like?

I would love fanfic. Except my favourite character is Maria Hill, and my favourite pairing is Maria Hill/Steve Rogers, and if you can write that, then I already know you, because there are only, oh, about 10 of us writing it at AO3.

Where do you have wishlists at? If you could please link to them or to a post that links to them. (Amazon, Etsy, Think Geek, Pinterest, Sephora, Lush, BPAL/BPTP, Soap Box Company, everywhere and anywhere!)

Amazon: http://amzn.com/w/1113OJE2Y6CS4

Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/au/people/tielan/favorites

Book Depository:

Let's say you have indicated interest in receiving a hand knitted item. What colors, exactly, do you like? If you could provide color swatches here or to pinterest (or something visual), that would help out a lot.

Sox! Anything bright and colourful is good!

Would you rather receive a bunch of little packages through the round, a couple of medium packages, or one big package at the end?

Whatever is easiest for you, dear Witch!

For those of us with out-of-country Witchees, would you be happy with receiving a few packages from local to you merchants (say, through Etsy or equivalent)?

I can do that. I’d like at least one card/letter from you, however!

Would Witchees like something from IKEA? (Or any other not always accessible by everyone store?)

No, thanks. We have an IKEA pretty close, and I need to go back for some stuff.

If/when you go to the mall, for which store(s) do you beeline?

It used to be ‘bookstores’, but these days it tends to be “the store with the thing I came to get”. I shop very directly – a little window shopping, but mostly I’m here to pick up groceries, or get a new dress, or buy a new computer. I’m here for something; I get it, and then I get out.

Do you receive any subscription boxes (julep, lootcrate, ipsy, birchbox, etc.)?

Nope. I think they’re mostly centered in the US and I don’t really end up using the things that get sent in such boxes. But they do look very pretty!

Do you like tarts/candles/incense? If so, what type of scents?

We don’t do tarts or incense, although my sister LOVES candles. (I kind of expect her to burn the house down someday.) I like candles, I just don’t generally light them very often.

Is there anything you wish you could have picked up from the Dragon*Con exclusives?

No. I was at Dragon*Con and I looked over the stall but didn’t end up getting anything.

Is there a GC you've been dying to try but haven't got around to yet?

Nope. Sorry!

The questionnaire asked about gold & silver jewelry, but how do you feel about copper jewelry? Do you like colorful jewelry, or do you prefer to keep it neutral?

I love copper jewellery, have no problem with it. And I love colourful things. I can’t promise I’ll wear them, but I’ll try!

We asked about decorating style, but are you interested in receiving decorations for your home? Are you interested in things that go on the wall or things that go on shelves?

No, thanks. We have no wallspace left, and two adorable kitteh (Maladicta and Smokey) who jump on anything that isn’t nailed down, and wrestle it to death. (Smokey does, anyway; Maladicta waits until Smokey has checked that it’s okay to kick and pummel, and then she takes a turn when Smokey gets bored.)

Office supplies hound? Pens, pencils, journals, any preference, or favorites?

I shouldn’t. I have crazy numbers of pens, pencils, and journals. But I will ask for some nice letterstock. I try to write to my cousin once a week – she has breast cancer and things aren’t looking good. She can’t always answer emails or FB, but she likes receiving regular letters, so I try to remember to write her once a week. (I’ve been really bad at the regularity thing.)

Talk to me about socks! Is there anything, dear, dear Witchee, that I can get for you from Sock Dreams? Anything from another place?

Ankle socks, please. Cotton rather than wool, and bright colours would be nice. (Most of my socks are very staid.)

I live near a huuuuge candy store. What kind of candy do you like? Gummies? Caramel? Chocolate? Sour? Sugar-free?

ALL OF THE ABOVE. I love chewy caramels, nuts, fruity gums/jellies, and sours. I prefer dark chocolate, but a good quality white chocolate is a beautiful thing. I love truffles and pastille-filled chocolates and turtles and marzipan and…

Don’t bother with sugar-free. If I’m going to go sugar-free, I’ll have a salad. (Mmm…salaaaaadd….)

How do you feel about animal products? Not so much animal toys or food, but more like furs, paws, bones, etc.

No, thanks. It’s not my style.

Are you interested in receiving any restaurant.com gift certificates for your area?

Thanks, but no.

How do you feel about "toys" - stuffed animals and the like?

Well, my cats love the beanie babies. I have a lemming called ‘Daniel’, a polar bear called ‘Aurora’, a bear called ‘Parka’, ,and an unnamed lemur. I also have a pony called ‘Teyla’, an unnamed Pittsburgh Steelers bear, and a yellow duck that was supposed to be a hot water bottle cover before Smokey decided he made an adequate resting place (‘Ducky’), and they all get dragged around the house, ending up in peculiar places (usually outside closed doors) because the cat has dragged them there as an offering to mummeh (who is steadfastly ignoring them in order to get Things Done).



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