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BPAL Madness!
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and things keep rolling, WEENIE edition



Would you like anything from Lush? things from Lush I LOVE to try from the Halloween Collection. Nightwing shower jelly looks like a hoot. Ihad hoped they would bring back Ghost which is my favorite shower gel from them ever but alas no they brought iNa lord OF stinky. i wouldnt turn down a sample of the Comforter either

Do you prefer hand-made or store-bought? I am good with either

SPICY! Scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being "oh, that's a bit too much black pepper for me" and 10 being "ghost pepper? scorpion pepper? I laugh at these! I love as much heat as you can throw my way!" Where are you? I am like a 3 Franks hot sause is about as high as I can go

What is your BPAL "Holy Grail"? I admit it I ama spoiled BPaler as In i Have my two grail scents Snow glass apples and Hellhounds on my trail

Analog or Digital? Or Both? i dont ahve a way to listen to anything that isnt a CD or digital anymore my last tape player jsut broke

What scents from other perfume companies are you really wanting to have in your collection and or are just really wanting to test? Companies like NAVA, Arcana, Solstice Scents, Possets, Haus of Gloi etc.....? No idea of those I admit My BPAL addiction takes up all my spare cash so i have avoided looking. But I Love Crisp Apple scents and my girls are all about FOOD scents. I went and did some research on this looking up the listed places. I WOULD love some of House of Gloi hair oil to play with- Elevenses Moon Dog, Twice Is Nice. For NAVA I am going with Nocturne Alchemy Apothecary- from the weenies I liek the look of ghost Velvet (samples Please) and trick or treat look to be the only things. Possets havnt done fall yet and well the summer just donnt appeal. Arcana I have some in my wish list from years past





Do you have an affinity for any specific animals? I am a Canine depends onthe day which form of canine I may be sometimes I am a hound dog asleep on the front porch and sometimes i am an Alpha Female wolf ready to defend my teritory

Kitchen Needs or Wants? i need silicone spatuals and spoon things. My husband ruins them on me


Makeup! Do you like it, would you want some? If so what brands do you like to wear? Okay I liek it occasionally not every day. I am looking for a nice red lip thing. i dont want it matte but I am not a gloss person. So far i havnt found stains that work. i Also have been collecting Pigments from places for my girls to use i havnt found a good eye primer that dosnt get to sticky So something like that would be great. As an idea here- I would Love someone to Point me toward easy make up tutorials things Like how to get Make up to STAY on slightly oily skin and such. My girls LOVE to wear BRIGHT color and I ahve the worst time trying to get it on and not to much or having it SLIDE on them


Chocolate fiends ahoy! What kind of chocolate do you like? Do you like any other things in it or just plain good ole chocolate? this isnt me I am not a choco person


Would you be opposed to receiving a ton of Halloween themed items? Not really if they are cool I don't have space for just Kitch



Would you be interested in any special little thing I might be able to pick up from the Great Lakes Bat Festival this Saturday? Both Janell Cannon (author of Stellaluna and other kids' books) and Fiona Reid (illustrator for lots of animal field guides) will be there, so would you possibly be interested in something like an autographed copy of Stellaluna or one of Cannon's or Reid's other books? Or something from the Organization for Bat Conservation, like a shirt or other swag? Oh yes I would wear that Tshirt in a 2X


What's your favorite scary movie? I am not a scary Movie person As close as I get is Interview with a Vampire and that more Cheese than scary to



Weenies? things I Want-












As I have said before pachouli is like the Worst thing on me a lot of the weenies have it this year so I will avoid them




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