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BPAL Madness!
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Spring Cleaning v4.0 2015 Q&A



1.Ladies and gents, if you're comfortable receiving clothing, what size(s)? Any particular types of clothing (skirts, oversized t-shirts for crafting, work clothing)? How do you feel about shoes that were bought, worn once, and never brought out of the closet again? Ditto this for anyone else in your household who might appreciate wearables.


I am a L in BPTP tissue tees, XL in just about anything else, including Tee Fury and Threadless. Otherwise, I'm a 12-14 in bottoms (usually larger in pants, smaller in skirts unless they are super form fitting, generally skirts are somewhat safer because I am about the bass, as it were), I don't wear much in the way of button ups because boobage. On the weekends it's pretty much tees- either TP or geeky tee fury type stuff and jeans for me, and pretty business formal during the week.

Shoes: I wear a US 8, I love me some funky Fluevogs, or sandals in the summer. I'm trying to keep heels to no more than 1.5 inches because my calves are not what they used to be. Totally happy to take anything that fits this description off your hands.


2.How do you feel about socks that were very briefly on fresh-out-of-the-shower feet & then removed when it was discovered they didn't fit?

Absolutely! I do have pretty monster calves, so I have the same "gee these are adorbs except for the circulation in my legs" issue, and I have a couple of pairs in my hope to find a home pile myself.


3.How do you feel about vinyl designer toys? (Ex super7, kidrobot, etc)

I've never really gotten into these, which basically means I'm a clean slate. Someone mentioned Lego, which is my obsession. Otherwise, my fandoms are Harry Potter (Ravenclaw represent), Doctor Who (especially 9/Rose), Star Wars, Firefly, GOT (sort of, though I've only read the books), pretty much anything Gaiman related, LOTR sort of.


4.What kind of makeup and/or nail polish would you be interested in receiving? What kind of colors do you like?

Sure! I covet bright colors for eyes and lips and could actually use some sort of setting "glue" for sparkly shadows (I know there's a name for this, but search me). Also, I search forever for non-black or brown mascaras (especially need blue-black, but love other colors too). I do not need facial care stuff or foundation/powder and I never wear blush, so anything along those lines would just get a home in the next round of BBBoxes.

5.Speaking of books, are there any books you WOULD NOT READ if something happened to fall into your package?

My goodreads has a ton of info about my preferences, but jumping of an earlier answer, I would NOT be interested in anything religious at all, including pagan stuff. I'm an avowed atheist, so it's just not my scene. Otherwise, I'm not real big on non-fiction or much from before 1940 or so.

6.Are there any other hoarders collectors of nail polish?

All the bright sparkly colors for my toes. I don't really wear/need neutrals and don't care much for matte.


7. Any hobbies/crafts you would really like supplies for? Similarly, any that you just *really* don't need more stuff of?

I keep saying that I want to start doing cross stitch and embroidery again and I can always use polymer clay and related supplies, beads, and jewelry fittings.


8.Are you interested in anything for your kitchen? Pots/pans/gadgets/small appliances/etc.

In terms of need, probably not. But I could find a good use for a salad spinner, double boiler, madeline and bakeware. Fun dishtowels and spatulas are cool. And wooden spoons.


9.How about fashion accessories???

I have super short hair, so don't really use hair accessories, but my daughter has really long hair and is growing out her bangs right now, so she would get use out of hair clips, headbands and the like. I have a lot of scarves and such as well, so I don't really need more, but if something seems perfect, I'd be happy to adopt it.


10. Used makeup?

I'm not terribly picky about my makeup, other than mascara. No non-cleanly tested mascara, please.


11.Would you like to try anything that may not be so easily available in your country, for those of you who may get an international person?



12.Kids' stuff?

I have a daughter who will turn 5 during the swap who loves owls and rainbows and birds and dolphins. Gently used clothes in a size 5 or above are totally cool, as are Kindergarten age appropriate books and such. I also have an 11 year old son who is gigantic and totally pubescent and who will take anything military history related off your hands.


13.Are there any styles/colors of handbags you won't carry?

Anything in the biege/brown/white/yellow/orange spectrum or anything too canvasy utilitarian or patchwork hippy-chic. Otherwise, I prefer cross body bags that are kind of classy-funky, if that makes any sense.


14.Do you play video games & would you be interested in recieving games? If yes, what systems do you have & what types of games do you like?

Sure! Personally, I mostly play adventure/HO games on my kindle (think Big Fish/G4), but we do have a Wii that I wish I had more time for and my son and husband play all the time. They are also angling for an Xbox.


15.Are you a BPAL only person, or do you wear other perfumes as well?

BPAL only please!


16.Do you have pets and if so what?


Two cats and a tank of guppies, none of whom need anything. The cats don't really like treats and catnip gives one of ours a really bad trip, so we avoid it. Cool aquarium accessories might get some love, I guess.


17. Bath/beauty stuff? Ie oils, salts, bubbles? Masks, bb creams?

All the bath stuff. ALL OF IT! Except for non-cleansing scrubs. I have SO many jars of non-cleansing scrubs that I really really should not adopt more. But all the foaming scrubs. I am pretty set for a skincare routine as well, but am always on the look out for a good charcoal face wash to tempt me away from my current decidedly uncool Mary Kay regimen.


18. If you are a dustpan who would like to receive yarn, are you particular about said yarn? Wool allergies? Irrational hatred of acrylics? Can you use partial balls (like I used maybe 50 yards of a 200 yard skein), or do you only use certain weights?

Please no yarn. I have no use for it unless you're making something out of it before you sent it to me. No fabric, either, while I'm thinking of it.


19. How does everyone feel about CDs and DVDs? Any preferences?

Sure, but I have no idea how to even begin to guide this question, other than to send you to my amazon wishlist.


20. Hey, how do people feel about stripes? Say, black and white stripes?

Stripes are love.

21. Do you have any interest or use for anything tarot-related?

Not really.

22. Do you like cats?

Actual cats are great, have 2. Not that big on stuff with cats on it, unless it's kind of weird (like a cat in a space helmet or something, not anything super cutsie).

23. Do you collect anything?

Not super comprehensively, but I like gargoyles and creepy critters. My daughter will take anything you have with owls on it. Lego is probably the biggest thing, now that I think of it. We have several hundred of the actual sets and probably close to a million bricks all told. So there's that. I also love sticker books and adult coloring books and my daughter likes the youngling variety. Son is in a big military history kick right now.

24. Also, I've unearthed a ton of stuff from the regifting heap, so do you have any use for a potpourri container, a bright purple reusable water bottle, or a Massage Envy gift card?

As noted in thread, I will take all water bottles or travel mugs that are in good condition and I'd happily find a use for Massage Envy. No potpourri please, containers or otherwise.


25. If you are interested in receiving homemade baked goods, do you have any favorites or limitations not mentioned in your questionnaire? Would you like a full list of ingredients included?

Homemade baked goods are awesome, no limitations other than what I listed in my questionnaire. Most salient would be please no no-calorie sweeteners or dill.

26. If you are interested in receiving clothing, would you like any belts, sweatpants, or slippers? And do you have color/style preferences?

No sweatpants. Belts would be great. Slippers that can go outdoors would be great in dark colors, or cozy socks.

27. If you are interested in receiving books, would you like to receive ebooks? As in, book files I'd send you on a USB drive, that you can read on your computer or e-reader.



28. How do you feel about barely-used candles?

I have no objection to partially burned candles.


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