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BPAL Madness!
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Ye little gods of Chaos please be kind



Okay dear witch let me just say a few things. Last week was CRAZY, to the point i lost a day and when i caught it was friday and i was at a childrens hospital all morning.


So i am behind like MAJOR, because of this i am not going to answer any questions really. If you need to KNOW something please send me a note or ask Lisanut, she can either ask me or ask the Hubby about it.


I Am trying to get a decanting of the NYCC hair glosses so far no luck. i swear i am becoming a hair gloss addict. I have USED all of my Shiny Furball hair gloss and I MISS it so. I have the Eat Me which my girls really like but its SOOOo sweet. I wanted to get the apple ones from NYCC but I havnt found anyone going yet.


The craziness of my life keeps amping up, but I am happy to a degree so yay life!






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