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BPAL Madness!
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blue switch witch

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1. Dr. Who - Yes or No – Not really

2. Do you like flavored lip balm? Yes, don’t know

3. Do you wear lip gloss? No

4. Do you like any perfume besides BPAL? If yes, what? no

5. Do you like Adagio teas? If yes, what? I haven’t been to the website yet, so I’ll get back to you on that one.

6. What type of coffee do you like? I would love you forever if you could find me a good cinnamon coffee (I had some years ago in a restaurant, it was my first experience with flavored coffee). Chocolate coffee would also be enjoyed.

7. Who is your favorite female of all time? Beatrix Potter – her love of animals and the land (saving the Lake District in England)

8. Which Disney Princess would you be? Merida (I certainly have the hair for it)

9. Would you like a seashell from Florida? Yes, please (or all of the sea shells in Florida)

10. Do you do any craft projects? Yes, please. I am trying to learn to make books and trying to relearn embroidery. Also collage, assemblage, rubber stamping and about a million more

11. Which one rare BPAL scent would you choose? Not rare, just long gone: Dublin

12. Are you kinky? sometimes

13. Do you enjoy scented candles? What kind? I used to work in a candle store (Ilunimations) and they had THE best fruit scented candles

14. What are your thoughts on S. Africa?

15. Do you need hair accessories? no, my hair never stays in them

16. What is your favorite shade of blue? The sky just after the rain

17. Do you have a kitchen gadget you would like mixes for? No I would like the gadgets though

18. If you were to start learning something new what would it be? I’d like to learn to speak Gaelic

19. Do you have a sweet tooth? Nah

20. Do you have an e-reader? nope

21. What crafts would you not want from your witch? I want it all

22. Do you like video games? No, sorry

23. Do you have a daily habit/ritual? What is it? Not daily, but whenever I get something special in the mail, I wait til the very end of the day, crawl under my covers, and open it. This way I have no interruptions and I can just enjoy it. I also write about it in my calendar so I can remember it. – sounds dorky I know – If it’s a card or letter I also put it on my nightstand or bulletin board (okay, real dorky) :blush:

24. Do you wear nail polish? If yes, what colors? Yes. I like the new novelty ones – sparkles, change color in sunlight-any colors

25. Name 3 BPAL scents you have tried and are dying to get more of Like I said before, Dublin, Pa Paow….and…

26. Do you still write letters on nice stationary to those you love/like? Yes!!! – I need to do it more often

27. Do you like Paintbox soaps? If yes what? Yes, I like them, but not sure which ones.

28. Do you garden? YAAAAAY –sometimes things even live

29. Do you like sample sized things? What? Never really thought about it

30. Have you tried Fortune Cookie soaps? No, but it sounds like fun

31. Do you use solid soaps? Yup

32. Do you like Shiro Cosmetics? Never heard of ‘em

33. Are there any companies that you boycott, do not wish your witch to buy from? Not that I can think of

34. Would you like anything from Japan? Yes, please

35. What are your favorite Facebook pages My name is Lentil, Moss woman’s garden

36. Do you read any culture or literary blogs?

37. Do you like traditional picnics? O.k. believe it or not I’ve never been on one

38. Do you cook? Yes, although I bake more than I cook

39. If you were in a room of 100 people of the same sex, age, etc, why would you stand out? Because I’d be the one curled up hiding under the table

40. Do you prefer Young Adult books, Adult books or both? All the books please :rolleyes:

41. What color/style is your kitchen? Do you entertain? My kitchen has no style at the moment

42. Are your ears pierced? Yes, just one hole in each

43. Do you have kids at home or someone who would be jealous as you open your SW packages? No kids

44. What is your favorite comfort food? Sounds strange, but I’ve never really thought of food as comfort

45. Would you like anything from a European country? yes

46. Do you belong to any fandoms? no

47. What cheers you up??? My dogs, puppies, kitties, watching birds bathe the ocean, silly toys, letters or cards from friends, knowing someone cares

48. What questions do you hate to answers? Questions that aren’t clear – 12 totally depends on who you are talking to.

49. What is the best compliment you would/have received? Puddin sent a note with a trading post shipment that said “hi sexy” I thought t hat was so sweet considering at the time I saw him I looked old & tired

50. Do you like Tarot, Runes, Pendulums? Yes to Tarot, I am curious about runes, and not really interested in pendulums

51. 3 books you haven't read that you don't own that you would like to read? Check my amazon or good reads lists

52. What literary character to you identify with? :think:

53. What do you like from the most recent BPAL update? Aurelia, Epibulia, Octopus, Stentor

54. Do you have problems with swearing or off color humor? JHELL NO

55. Do you like table top games? Yes, but I haven’t played them in a long time

56. What is your style of humor? In movies, Bringing up Baby, comic strips – Lio, Pearls Before Swine, others – Victor Borge

57. Would you like something from Australia? Tim Tams, Tim Tams, More Tim Tams – curse you Sunshine Daisy Blilss

58. Gift cards - Y/N? sure

59. How big is too big for your walls? You can go up to 8’ x8’ :smile:

60. What is your favorite object that you own? It is nothing I have bought – all happen to be gifts from BPAL people – a handmade ritual oil from wicked goddess for my birthday, a patchwork pillow from Greenwoodtree, a hanging Easter basket with bunny from Skyelyric and Witchbaby’s room spray from Puddin

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