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Updated July 6th!



If you could have one rare bpal which one would you choose? Midway.


(Feel free not to answer, I know it's not a standard one!) Are you kinky? Indeed!


Do you enjoy scented candles? Certain sizes that you like? What kind of scents or brands? I do; however, I have TONS. Literally, hundreds. And hundreds.


Thoughts about South Africa? Have you been here, would you like to go? Would you like to receive anything South African? Oooh, I'd love to visit South Africa, yes. I love to travel so I'd adore anything from another place.


Do you like Sockdreams? If so, what styles would you prefer? (You can also link your wishlist.) I do! I love fluffy socks for around the house or not-so-fluffy socks for going out and about. The weirder, the better!


Do you need hair accessories? If so, what kind or color? Sure! I like little barretts or clips, any kind of bauble for my hair. Hair ties are always welcome.


What is your favorite shade of blue? Hmm. Probably an icy blue.


Do you have any kitchen gadgets (a SodaStream, a Kuerig/Tassimo) that you want mix things for? Nope, just a plain old coffee pot.


If you were to start learning something new (intellectual or craft or hobby), what would it be? Painting or Spanish.


What about candy? Do you have a sweet tooth? Yes but I have the 'beetus. :(


Do you have an e-reader? What kind? Would you like to get ebooks? I do, I have a Kindle. E books would be fab!


If your witch is an extremely crafty sort, and she were to send all kinds of homemade foody goodies and handmade crafty stuff - what are items you would NOT LOVE to receive. Please dont hedge on this one...some of us are serious crafters and will be making most of what we send! Food is pretty much a "no" unless you make homemade beef jerky. :P I am not crafty in any way, so I really do appreciate homemade stuff. Um...I really can't think of anything I wouldn't like.


Witchee dear, do you like video games? Are there any you want to play? Do you have a large library? Nope. They make me dizzy. :(


Do you have something you do, without fail, as a personal daily habit/ritual? (Examples: pen-and-paper journal keeping, tea/coffee drinking, morning yoga, nightly bedtime reading. I'm kind of thinking on things that would be dear to you and might need small supplies or could use certain extras. ) Tea drinking. I currently use loose leaf tea and paper tea bags, so an infuser or one of those tumblers with an infuser thingie in it would be nifty.


Do you wear nailpolish? What colors do you tend to go for? What are your favorite brands? Are you open to trying indie brands? I do! I really like all colors, from black to pastels. Indie brands would be the bomb, I really want to try Rainbow Honey, especially Magic Cake.


Name three BPAL scents you hav tried, but are dying to get more of. Agrat-Bat-Mahlat, Ashultum and Antique Lace.


Do you still write real letters on nice stationary to people you like/love? Sometimes, and I do like pretty cards, postcards and stationary.


Have you ever tried anything from Paintbox Soapworks? Which products or scents would you prefer? OMG The Englishman sounds amaaaazing. Dead Leaves on the Dirty Ground does too. Ooooh. I've never tried them so I'm not sure which products I'd like.


Do you like/have space to garden? If so, what do you grow? I do. The previous owner of my house had a green thumb ...I do not. I have roses, poppies, calla lilies, irises, ivy, and a million trees/bushes. I need to stop being lazy and get out there in the dirt.


Do you like sample sized things? Think lipgloss, mascara, bodylotion, scrubs, mini candles, and so forth. Yes. YES!


Have you tried Fortune Cookie Soap? What products or scents would you like? Nope, I haven't heard of it.


Do you use solid soaps at all? If so, what kind do or don't you like? I do! Anything with almond is my favorite.


Have you ever tried Cocoa Pink? If you are curious about it, what looks interesting to you? Nope, but I have heard of it. I really don't need lotion, so their shampoo and conditioner and face products sound neat.


Do you like Lush? If so, what is your favorite product that is currently available, also, what is a product that you love but has been discontinued? I do! I've only been in a couple of times but I adore the magic muscles wiccy bar. OMG SO GOOD. I like bath bombs and their soaps and would love to try their hair products.


Anyone a fan of Shiro Cosmetics? Any particular products? Eye shadow pigments in general? Haven't heard of them. I do wear makeup everyday, and love shadows.


Are there any companies, products, or items you boycott? I can't think of any. Anything cruelty-free, no animal testing.


As I am in Japan, what sort of things would you like from there? Hello Kitty! Man I'd love some candy from Japan, but neat little toys or a necklace or something would be sweeeet.


Since FB and the FB Gusp group (and the BPAL Sorority which is quiet) have become gathering places...what are some of your favorite Facebook pages you like? The German Shepherd group is the one I'm most active in.


Dr Who? Nope, I've never seen any of them.


How much do you like lipbalm? Flavored or unflavored? What are your favorite brands and flavors? Flavored! For bigger names, I like EOS and Burt's Bees. I've had a couple from Haunt that I loved, any yummy flavor from any retailer/etsy would be cool.


Do you like and wear lipgloss? If yes, what colours? Yes. I have tons of shades but I like plum-y or wine colors. For summer, I may even wear a bright pink.


For those of you whose wishlists contain only BPALs, are there any other perfume companies you like or would like to try out? Nocturnal Alchemy is one I haven't tried. I love Arcana, Villainess, zomgsmells, Solstice Scents , Possets, Violette Market and Conjure Oils.


Your feelings on Adagio teas: If you've never had anything from them, would you be open to trying them? If you HAVE had them and like them, name some favorites blends. And if you had them and dislike them, can you name a few *other* tea companies you're into? YAY TEAS! I like everything that's not overly berry-flavored. I love strawberry but hate raspberry.


What about coffee? Would you like to get coffee send to you? Whole bean or ground? What are some varieties and/or flavors you enjoy. I usually drink a coffee/chicory blend. Interesting ground coffee would be cool but I'm more into tea. And tea tins/boxes.


Who is your favourite female of all time? Historical, literary, ANYTHING, and why? Anne Shirley. My favorite movie and books. :)


If you were a Disney princess you would be?: Belle!


Would you like a seashell from Florida? Sure! I've never been to Florida and I heart the sea.


What craft project do you currently have on your docket or that you want to start? And that craft goodies would be welcome? No craft projects because I suck. :(





Do you read literature/culture blogs or websites of any kind? I'm thinking about anything that would help a putative witch to get a sense of what your current tastes in books, movies, games, genres, approaches to culture and literature and so forth are. Not really.


How do you feel about traditional picnics (namely the intimate table for two variety)? Old-fashioned basket or something more utilitarian (cooler/insulated bag)? My husband and I have opposite schedules and don't get to eat together. I have an old school lunchbox that I take to work, it's a Peanuts Halloween one. That's about as close to a picnic as I can get, unfortunately.


If you were put in a room with 100 random other people the same age and sex as you, from your country, in what way do you think you would be different from the average? I'd be quieter and wanting to gtfo out of there as soon as possible, tbh. I'm not much of a crowd person. I'm super friendly and can strike up conversations with anyone and be social, I just don't enjoy it. I think I'd stand out a bit because of the way I dress and accessorize, and if I opened my mouth, my interests are somewhat different than most. I'm pretty far behind on a lot of pop culture since I listen to mostly death/doom/black metal, which is almost all European. Here's a good example: I just came back from New Orleans and people asked me what I did. I went to about a dozen cemeteries, went walking in the garden district, visited Anne Rice's former house to squeal and giddily watched thunderstorms from the porch.


Haus of Gloi did a Reverie update! Do any of them interest you? (Or anything else up currently?) I've never tried them, I just perused their site. OMG BANANA PUDDING. Seriously sidetracked now ...BANANA PUDDING!!!! Rose City also sounds interesting. I think I've had Elvenses in my etsy favorites for a while now as well. I'd love to try their perfumes, emulsions, pumpkin butter, bath boms or soap ...or lip balms. Eeeee!


Witchee, do you cook? Do you do all the cooking? Is it a chore or a pleasure? I AM NOT FRIENDS WITH THE KITCHEN. I love to bake (and eat) ...but, well, I gave myself diabetes, sooooo LOL. My husband does most of the cooking, I hate it. Oh, but aprons or oven pads or kitchen towels/thingies are most welcome!


Which reading level do you prefer to read in YA or Adult? Or even both? Adult, but I'd be willing to read some interesting YA.


Kitchen decor? Still painted the same ugly olive green that it was when we bought it. I have Halloween items in my kitchen and two kitchen witches.


Pierced ears - yes, pierced 4 times each.


Stuffed animals? YES! I love Squishables and only have the stuffed sparrow. I love gothy stuffed animals or german shepherds.


If you knew you were going to live comfortably for say 800 years, what profession, calling or project might you pursue with some of your extra years, which you imagine you may not do in the life that you have? I'd work with animals and probably go into research and also have facilities set up where senior doggies could live out their days in the sunshine with people instead of being passed by in their cages in animal shelters. And now I'm tearing up :(


Bags? Yes! My favorite would probably be ones with long enough straps for me to wear it cross-body. I have a long torso and some bags hit me above my hip and look silly. I love hippie/boho bags, doctors bags, and make up bags.


Comfort food? I feel like I need to change my tune from WOE IS ME I HAVE TEH BEETUS. But, yeah. Spices are comforting, right? I love garlic and sriracha!


Would you like anything from an European country? Yes please! Anything!


What fandoms do you belong to? Tim Burton, vampire stuff including Buffy, Anne Rice, True Blood, Vampire Diaries, Twilight (ugh, yes lol) and all the Draculas, total Lost and Breaking Bad nerd.


What cheers you up? My doggies and Halloween/fall.


Who or where would you most want to haunt? Who would you least want to be haunted by? I'd probably creep around a lighthouse, I love the ocean.


Do you like tarot cards, pendulums and rune stones etc? If so, what type? Yes! Very much so. I love traditional decks or whimsical ones, the artwork is usually pretty awesome.


Question: Witchee, I know that SW isn't about what you get... but could you name one thing you would be heartbroken not to get and one thing you would be a-ok if it didn't make it in your box? Nooooo I don't want/expect anything in particular, this is just for fun!


QUESTION!: Is there anything small you try to collect from everywhere you visit? Sometimes I take rocks or a piece of driftwood. Or, in New Orleans, a piece of the crumbling sidewalk in front of Anne Rice's house. haha


Empire Edibles? Sigh. No. :(


What are the three books you most want to read right now, and which you don't already have? The Tea Rose- Jennifer Donnelly, Elizabeth the Queen: The Life of a Modern Monarch, Nine Lives: Death and Life in New Orleans


Is there a literary character you identify with? Even if it's not spot-on, just someone you found yourself having that "I identify with this" feeling? Jo March from Little Women. A little different, restless, and in my own world.


Oh, yeah, by the way, peoples, do you have any problems with swearing or particularly off-color humor? Would you like to receive subversive crochet/cross stitch/ etc., or would this not get much love in your household? Haha not fucking likely. :)


What would you like from the most recent BPAL update? What are you planning on buying for yourself and what would you like to try? Sweet Pea SN. I still haven't tried any of the lab's SNs. Maybe Hungry Ghost Moon or Aurelia or Epibulia. I wasn't interested enough to get in on a decant circle so none of these are musts for me.


Opinions on table top games, from cards and board games, to dice and rpgs. What do you like? What don't you like? Favorites? Any classics you like? Do you collect any? I haven't played a table top game in years.


What style is your sense of humour? Sarcastic and sick, of course!


Is there anything from Australia you would like? Ooooh! I used to live outside of Sydney, in Parramatta, and miss it terribly. NO VEGEMITE, PLZ. Anything would be awesome.


Gift cards/vouchers - yay or nay? If you like them - which stores would you like one for? Sure. The Victorian Trading Company or Amazon.


How big is too big...for something to hang on your walls? If I'm painting you a pretty picture, are there maximum dimensions that you have/prefer? I have some pretty blank walls still, so I don't think anything would be too big.


Question: what is your favourite object, that you own, ignoring sentimental reasons for attachment? Ignoring sentimental reasons ...eh, my phone I guess. Cheap answer but it keeps me in daily contact with my friends back home that I miss so much.


What are the three BPALs you would most like to receive - one GC, one not-hard to find LE, and one HTF LE from your dreams? Embalming Fluid, Dorian or Liz. Agrat-Bat-Mahlat or Ashlutum. And Midway or Banshee Beat.


If you knit/crochet, what sizes of needles do you need? Nope.


What styles of artwork do you like? Ooooh, all sorts. I adore Magritte. I like creepy stuff or New Orleans/Southern art.


If you cook, would you be interested in-hand made spice mixes/rubs? Oooh yes!


Would you like mexican vanilla or silver rings/necklaces? YES! YES YES!


The Conjure Oils update (http://conjureoils.com/emporium.htm) looks absolutely fabulous...I didn't know she made soaps and candles and whanot. Is there anything from the Oddment Emporium you would like? POTTER'S FIELD PICNIC!!!! And Voluptuary.


What is your favorite color? Black. Green. Purple.


What is your favorite season? Fall!


If you could live anywhere in the world and money was no object, where would it be? On the Scottish coast. Or Salem, MA.


Do you have any symbols or totems that are meaningful to you? Dogs, hummingbirds.


When you are having a really rough day, what do you like to do/have to make it a little brighter? Sit/play with my doggies and/or lie outside in my hammock. Going to the beach makes me feel better, always.


Would you like if your witch sent a regional pop/soda? If so, what type (Root beer, creme soda, cola, citrus-flavored, chocolate-flavored, etc...)?


Ninjas or Pirates? PIRATES

Werewolves or vampires? VAMPIRES

Zombie or Cthulhu? CTHULU


Do you want to receive one big package or a bunch of small ones? Digital stuff all at the end when the box should arrive or as we go? Erm. Small ones? And as we go?


Do you welcome knitted items? If so, what would you like most? (amigurumi, washcloth, socks, shawl, shawlette, scarf, wrist warmers, hat, etc.) Do you have any favorite fibers? How about any fiber allergies? Favorite color for knitted items? YES! That would be the bumb. Shawl, shawlette and wrist warmers would be fab. I like black, always, and purple, blood red, ivory, orange, rose ...


Is there a Quote that resonates with you, or that you particularly like a lot. Would this be something you would like artwork made of for your walls or a shirt/bag/scarf? Sylvia Plath's "I have fallen a long way." Several quotes about Halloween, autumn, the sea and dogs. And yes!


Also, STARBUCKS, Yay or Nay? Anything you particularly like? Eh. I'm surrounded in them so no.


Is there someone on the forums (within SW or not) who knows you really well and might be able to help with stalking? Not really


If you happen to find out who yours is, how much would it bother you? Wouldn't bother me


Do you use waxmelts or tarts? If so, which ones do you prefer? I use tarts but I have billions of em


Do you enjoy drinking hot chocolate, and would you like stuff to make it with, or to add to it? Not really a fan.


Have you ever tried Spoonfudge? Would you enjoy it if your Witch would send you some? Which of the flavors would you like? Nope, no sugar.


What's your opinion on Moonalisa? Any favorites or products you'd like to try? Oooh I'd love to try her things.


Are there any BPALs that you loved the idea of, the imagery - whether artwork or description - but which didn't work out for you? (I'm asking because if they did, you might mention them elsewhere, but if not, the imagery might be helpful) I can't think of any.


Do you have any long trips coming up? If so, could you use things to occupy yourself? Maybe a jaunt to the San Juan Islands in the next month or so, and Kauai in September. I always read on planes, so yes!


I'm going to Jungle Jim's next week (it's basically a massive international food gasm in Ohio, look it up); would anything interest you?Did you say food?? GREEN OLIVES! They're my favorite. I love the garlic stuffed ones especially.


Name three things that you could use, but might not necessarily think to get for yourself? A weed whacker (lol), some sugar-free/no carb syrups for my coffee and tea, and some BOWLS. I have, like, 3 bowls in my entire house and I'm never smart enough to go buy any.


Does anything from the TP Etsy update interest you? Oooh, let's go see! Frankincense, Myrrh and Rose Petal beads Bath Oil and Harvest Festival - 4oz Room Spray.


I just found out Oreo is launching ones with watermelon flavor in the USA only. Is it something you would enjoy? Le beetus! Also, that sounds a bit icky.


If you don't consider yourself in a "fandom" (and I get that ... I don't really go overboard on my liking of any TV show/Movie/etc), are there any TV shows or Movies that you really like and/or watch regularly or any actors/actresses you wouldn't leave standing in the rain (unless you like looking at them sopping wet, in which case ... well, nevermind)? I like True Blood okay but I REALLY like Joe Manganiello. Like, REALLY. :P :wub2:


So, dear witchee, would you like some Tw*twaffle soap or scent or lotion? I have no idea what that is but it would make me laugh!


Has anyone asked about tattoos? Do you love them? Hate them? Have any? Want any? I have two! Both are similar to my dog cameo avatar. They're on my lower legs and cameos of my doggies, Blitz and Roland. I had the one of Blitz done for my 30th birthday. When he died suddenly in April, as we were talking to him before the vet came in to give him his shot, I was telling him the story of his life and showed him the tattoo and told him he'll always be with me.



I live near the Brown and Haley outlet - makers of Almond Roca and Mountain Bars - would you want anything from the outlet? For nut-haters, they have nutless Roca For the no-sugar folks they have sugar-free as well. zomg Almond Roca! I'd better stay away from all of it, sugar-free and sugary.


I also have an Oberto jerky outlet local to me - any wants there? Yes! I can has jerky! I like turkey jerky and beef jerky, so long as it doesn't have sugars in it.


How do you feel about home-canned goods? I love them! I'd be able to store those away and eat them on special "treat" days or impress my company with them.


Do you like BPTP clothing?

What size do you wear of: I DO! I'm rather ...tubby, LOL, but losing weight pretty quickly with this diet. Still, better too large than not.


Baby-doll T's - Not a huge fan of these because my torso is so long. But, XXL.

Regular T's XL

yoga pants XXL


Also, what is your favorite lunacy (or non-lunacy) T-shirt that you don't already own? I have four, Moon of Horses, Planting Moon, Wolf Moon and Old Moon. I tend to like the more goth-y ones. Raven Moon, perhaps.

Or other clothes from BPTP? Resurrection T, Ars Morendi or Belladonna yoga pants, orange, black and white socks and mostly, the Baron Samedi hoodie.


What else do you love from the Trading Post site, and need to have? Some hair glosses. I haven't tried any!! Particularly Snake Oil, Fig and Sandalwood, Frankincense and Clove, White Tea and Sage, The Mona locket (which is crazy 'spensive), SNAKE OIL BATH OIL, Quicken the soul bath oil, Embalming Fluid bath oil, Snake Oil soap, Cathouse spray.


Is there a particular movie genre that you like (Fantasy? Drama? Romantic Comedy? Musicals? TV-Series, etc), and what format would you prefer: DVD, Blu-Ray, or something in the cloud (like Amazon, iTunes, Flixster, etc)? Horror and Romance. Blu-Ray or Amazon works for me.


-Following up on the Adagio question from earlier, what are you top five wishes, for teas and blends? Jasmine Phoenix Pearls (one of my faves and I'm down to my last bit), Jasmine Yin Hao, Sleeping Dragon, Summer Rose and Christmas.


-Do you have anything that you do ritually, every summer? Bitch about the heat.


-What are your top five wishes from ThinkGeek? Star Trek Starfleet Command Pendant, USB mushroom lamp, Pac Man ghost lamp, Dexter coasters, FLIP FLOP SOLAR PLANT!


-Seen anything lately that makes you go OH HOLY FUCK THAT'S AWESOME!! ?


Do you like audiobooks? If so, do you have/would you like to try Audible? (I'm an addict, myself.) I have Audible but I don't use it enough to warrant keeping it, this month will be my last.


Chocolate: Love? Hate? Allergic? If love, what are your faves? Beetus. :(


I know Canadian chips can be different than others, how does "dill pickle" or "ketchup" sound? I loooooove chips and the pickle ones sound amazing, but, no carbs for me.


If you were getting a custom Haus of Gloi blend, what four notes would you choose? Summer notes listed here and you can click through to the whole list from there. http://www.hausofglo...er-single-notes Ooooh. Almond, Black Tea, Mahogany and Tonka.


QUESTION! Do you like Kickstarter? Are there any projects up that you really like? I do, I can't think of any right now. I've supported mostly musical projects.


QUESTION! If you have an Etsy wishlist, what are your top 5 favorite things on there? The price is unimportant, not because I'm rich, but because I'd like some inspiration. *goes to etsy* Ashlultum and Theodosius from the lab, The Frida purse or a doctor's bag, the cicada hair comb, mystic topaz ring or earth bender bracelet.


Festival this week -- includes an "encampment" and an art faire. any interest in trinkety things from the encampment or cards/prints from local artists? Sure!


How do you feel about glitter? does loose glitter make your skin crawl or would you bathe in it? Not a fan of loose glitter, glitter nail polish is okay.


Do you want/need/like/collect journals? If so, do you prefer lined or unlined? Nope.


Does the idea of wearing a plant as jewelery give you the warm fuzzies or the heebie jeebies? Sounds interesting@


Gourmet popcorn, yes/no? What do you like: glazed, savory, candied? Nuts or not? Any flavors you wouldn't like (like Bacon CHeeseburger, Pizza, Watermelon, Root Beer Float, Hot Chili Dark Chocolate)? Or if any of those sounded interesting, how weird is weird enough? No popcorn for me.


Question: I make my own hair gloss, would you like some detangling and very shiny hair gloss made by me? This is a 'cone rich blend, not the least bit natural. Oooh. That'd be nice!


anything interesting from the new Paintbox Soapworks update for you? I think I answered above somewhere. I just ran out of my standby lotion, Villainess' Whipped in Datura, so I'm in need of lotion!


What about recycled sari silk yarn, witches and witchees? I'm not crafty, sadly.


Sooo, the Blooddrop update (Aviary and Summer Simplicities). Anything you'd like from there? I have only one decent of a Blooddrop scent, but would like to try more. Off to peruse their site now.

-Barn Owl!


-Rose-Breasted Cockatoo

-White Peahen (Indian Peafowl)



DEAR FIBER AND YARN PEOPLE: I am going back to Paradise Fibers today. They have like almost every type of fiber roving and dye and stuff available. If you're a spinner and have any fiber wishes, what would you like? Dyed or natural? Do you need dye? colors? brand? Lack of crafty, once again.


Tuesday July 2/13


Every package has to have something blue in it. Blue can also be used to describe more risque humor...how would you rate your general sense of humor? Are you strictly PG-13, R-rated, NC-17? I'm pretty vulgar and un-offendable :)


Do you like puzzles? What kind? Jigsaw, word, etc? Nooooo I have zero patience. The cats would just knock them on the floor anyway. THIS IS WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS.



Anything from Villainess that strikes your fancy, either from their update or from the GC? I love the WHIPPED! lotion. My favorite is Datura, which they don't currently have on the site, but I'd like some Ennui and try adding an oil to it. I'd be down for trying other whipped stuff as well. Smooches and Smacks are good too, I'm set for bar soap.


If I wanted to include something for your fluffball, what would be good, and what should I stay away from? Aww. Blue Bell loves indestructible balls, though it takes her about 3 weeks to destroy even the hardiest ones (I but the large orange chuckit ones). Roland isn't much for toys but he likes Nylabones.


Would homemade treats be something you'd like for your dog/cat? Probably not, Roland has a sensitive belly.


If you get a long weekend this weekend... what are you doing with it? Staying in? Going out? Family? Friends? If you don't get a long weekend, are you OK with that, or a little sad? (If you are Canadian, apply this to last weekend). I had the 4th off and went into work on the 5th, bleh. I mostly have been cleaning, organizing and doing a bit of reading.


Would you be interested in getting a kombucha starter and instructions on how to use it to easily make your own fermented, probiotic tea drink? Nah.

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