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BPAL Madness!
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SW Summer 2013

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Questions will be in order of posting, so oldest at the top.



Kaboodle Wishlist

Thinkgeek Wishlist

Etsy Wishlist


Dr. Who: No interest, sorry


Lipbalm: I wear Burt's Bees peppermint lip balm a lot, I've tried a few others but I don't like ones that feel "thick".


Lipgloss: Don't really wear.


Other than BPALs: I am always open to anything if it smells amazing. I haven't tried many though since BPAL seems the most open to the weird smells I like. I just noticed Quick or Dead is back at Villainess. Someone sent me a sample once and I NEED to get me some of this. Will wait til after SW though XD


Tea: I don't drink a lot of tea, occasionally in winter. I only like teas you can add milk and sugar to, because I am wimpy like that I like chai.


Coffee: I don't drink coffee.


Favorite Female of All Time: Uh, the Amazons? Were they real? I have no idea...


Would you like a seashell from Florida?: I tried shipping a shell internationally once... I don't recommend it.


If you were a Disney princess you would be? Mulan


Craft Project: I'm doing paper cutting at the moment, but we are getting close to the move on to something else point


If you could have one rare bpal which one would you choose? That's HARD. Either Iago, The Traveller or Sol Invictus... I'm having a really hard time choosing which because they are all so different...


(Feel free not to answer, I know it's not a standard one!) Are you kinky? I have my kinks ^_~


Do you enjoy scented candles? Certain sizes that you like? What kind of scents or brands? I like scented candles, but I can't think of any particular brands. I have one called just Dragon's Blood and one called Queen of the Night that I adore, but I have no idea where they came from...


Thoughts about South Africa? Have you been here, would you like to go? Would you like to receive anything South African? Two of my co-workers are from South Africa, but I've never been there myself. I don't know much about it, so I wouldn't know what to want :lol:


Do you like Sockdreams: I'm not really into socks that much.


Do you need hair accessories: My hair is long but fine, so finding things things that work to keep it off my neck is a challenge. I usually just use a ponytail because I can't braid my own hair or anything more complicated than that XD


What is your favorite shade of blue? Sapphire.


Do you have any kitchen gadgets: Nope


If you were to start learning something new: Hmmm, that is a tough one. There is a plethora of crafts I would love to learn. Leatherworking, metalworking, glass blowing, that sort of thing.


What about candy: I adore dark chocolate and caramel. My "care packages" from home always include things like milk duds, milkyways or butterfingers which I can't get here but adore.


Do you have an e-reader: I have a first gen Kobo, I will eventually upgrade but everything is touch screen now and I have to get over my distaste for that first XD I would love ebooks! I will need to make a goodreads or something... I will get on that soon


If your witch is an extremely crafty sort, and she were to send all kinds of homemade foody goodies and handmade crafty stuff - what are items you would NOT LOVE to receive: Hmmm, well I'm allergic to wool and my avoidance of that has led to a sort of suspicion of all knitted things.


Video games: I love video games, but my library is quite small. I am currently playing Skyrim and looking forward to FFXIV. I have a PS3 and a DS.


Do you have something you do, without fail, as a personal daily habit/ritual? Um... I usually tell myself I need to clean my room at least once a day... it doesn't happen near that often though.


Nailpolish: Don't wear it.


Tried and want more of: Boadicea, Scherezade and No.93 Engine.


Do you still write real letters on nice stationary to people you like/love? No >.> The only time I write notes is in swaps


Paintbox Soapworks: I haven't tried anything of theirs, but am interested. The Queen is Dead smell sounds interesting, so does Mandika, Gold Frankincense and Myrrh is up my alley, Black Bart could be really nice, maybe The Englishman... Now I want some :blush: I would have no idea what to do with many of the bath things... normal soap, or hand lotion or that kind of thing might be best XD


Space to garden: None. *sigh*


Sample sized things: Sure!


Fortune Cookie Soap: Again, haven't tried, but interested. I almost spit cereal when I saw the "OCD Hand Sanitizer" as I am both OCD and a big user of hand sanitizer :rofl:


Do you use solid soaps: I usually use liquid, but that's just because I'm lazy. I really want to try scented solid soaps.


Cocoa Pink: Haven't tried but willing!


Shiro Cosmetics: I don't do many cosmetics.


Boycotting: Um... iWhatever? I'm not a Mac fan either... so them I guess


House of Gloi: I've always wanted to try their "Perfume made for you" but I know very little about perfuming and have no idea if dragon's blood, frankincense and leather even work together XD


Cooking: I live alone, so I have to cook, but I'm not sure most of what I do is considered "cooking". It's more like boil pasta, microwave sauce, stir. TADA! >.> Part of it is laziness and part of it is cluelessness.


Reading Level: I'm open to anything, I even read children's books to practice Japanese (yeah I can read with the 1st graders! :lol:)


Kitchen Decor: I have an aloe plant... and a green leaf rug in front of the sink. That's about it. In my defense, it's a very small kitchen. I rarely get to have people over :(


Ears pierced: Nope


Stuffed animals: I have a lot of stuffed animals >.> I should probably not get any more. I moved recently and I realized after the third suitcase full of stuffed animals that it was probably an issue.


Little ones: Just me!


Do you like bags: I use bags, so I guess I like them. I wouldn't know how to start saying what kind though XD


Comfort food: Milk and cookies!


Europe: I am running low on my speculoos spread XD


Fandoms: FFVII, YGOTAS, Vocaloid, Good Omens, I could probably keep going...


What cheers you up? Puppies, cookies and a good book.


Who or where would you most want to haunt? Who would you least want to be haunted by? Want to haunt? Like a ghost? Um... the catacombs might be funny. People all keyed up and waiting to pee themselves. I don't think I would particularly want to be haunted by anyone...


What question do you hate to answer? This one. XD J/K um... redundant ones. I don't mind answering most things, but I don't wanna do it 70 times.


What is the best compliment you have/could receive? When people compliment my work, whether an art piece or an organization idea or whatever it's nice to feel creativity is appreciated.


Do you like tarot cards, pendulums and rune stones etc? I use to have a beautiful pack of tarot cards... but I don't really use them or the other things as more than decoration.


Is there anything small you try to collect from everywhere you visit? Not really...


Empire Edibles: Anything caramel I will eat XD I don't like nuts or fruit though.


3 books: Oh jeez... I... this changes every fifteen seconds I think...


Literary Character: I usually find something to identify with for all the characters I read... I do remember feeling particularly drawn to Kasta in Graceling, though.


BPAL update: I don't usually do floral or fruity types, Calocylas looks interesting, though. That's about it though.


Tabletop Games: I love tabletop games! I have a few, but not many. I also D&D.


Humor: I like puns. A bit too much... and science jokes.


Australia: Um... I can't think of anything specific...


Gift Cards: Sure, though I can't think of anywhere specific I would want... would have to be online places willing to ship to Japan though, of course.


How big is too big: I can't imagine you could manage to ship something here that wouldn't fit on my wall :lol:


Favorite Object: I have an old (1905) leather bound book of poems that I think is just gorgeous. Useful wise, my computer and ereader would take that. I love paper books, but I'm in Japan and can't read Japanese so my ereader is VERY necessary.


Put your mp3 player/online music/itunes/etc on random and list the next 10 songs here: I use my Pandora and WMP both so here are both


Senses Capture - Leaves Eyes

Time Only Knows - Prince of Persia SOT

Koori no Sekai - Atobe Keigo

Donten - Does

We Shout - t.A.T.u.

Tears of Pearls - Savage Garden

Extraordinary Ways - Conjure One

Video Killed the Radio Star - Buggles

Kodo (Inside the Sun Remix) - Yoshida Brothers

Cry When You Get Older - Robyn



Annie, Would I Lie To You - Iris

Tomorrow Comes A Day Too Soon - Flogging Molly

Leave Me Alone - Pink

The Animal Song - Savage Garden

The Safety Dance - Men Without Hats

Seperate Ways - Journey

In My Dreams - Des'ree

Visions of Beauty - Saloo

Tongue In Chic (MIDIval PunditZ Remix) - Banco de Gaia

The Leaving of Liverpool - The Young Dubliners


Identity: I like trying to guess sometimes, but any which (witch?) way works for me!


Is there someone on the forums (within SW or not) who knows you really well and might be able to help with stalking? No one that is active, sadly.


Waxmelts/Tarts: I don't have anything to use them with.


Hot Choco: Love it, so sure!


Spoonfudge: Never even heard of it! Google has assured me that it's just as dangerous as it sounds... though I'm normally not a big fudge person as it's generally too sweet for me.


Moonalisa: The website confuses me...


Imagery: There are so many I desperately wanted to love for the name... Crowley (GO), Bow and Crown of Conquest, Lurid Library, Philologus, Unspeakably Evil Temple, and there are many I want to try solely because I love the name (though I try to ignore the ones with notes that definitely won't work) The Traveller is one of those big ones. The notes are so-so, but the name! I need it! Sol Invictus is another. The poem "Invictus" is my favorite of all time and it just reminds me of that, probably. Conjure oils had a blend called "We Four Horseman of Apocalypse Are" which made me laugh for so long I feel like I should own it...


Quote: I don't know if a poem counts as a quote, I love Invictus.

Out of the night that covers me,

Black as the pit from pole to pole,

I thank whatever gods may be

For my unconquerable soul.


In the fell clutch of circumstance

I have not winced nor cried aloud.

Under the bludgeonings of chance

My head is bloody, but unbowed.


Beyond this place of wrath and tears

Looms but the Horror of the shade,

And yet the menace of the years

Finds and shall find me unafraid.


It matters not how strait the gate,

How charged with punishments the scroll,

I am the master of my fate:

I am the captain of my soul.

Of that I think the first and last stanza.


Starbucks: I don't really do coffee


Ninjas or Pirates: Ninja Pirates

Werewolves or Vampires: Either, as long as they don't sparkle. Think Underworld or Dracula.

Zombie or Cthulhu: Neither. Scawy! (I love how this thing corrects my spelling of Cthulhu... why is that in its word bank?)


Symbols: Feathers, triquetra, dragons (the ferocious kind not the cutesy kind XD)


Rough Day: Cookies, video games and a good book.


Regional Soda: No thank you


3 Bpals: Bastet, Valentine of Rome (any year) and The Traveller


Art style: I like... airy(?) or tribal sort of things. Hard to describe. I don't like modern art or abstract.


Handmade Rubs: I don't cook enough (or really have any idea how to use them >.>)


Mexican Vanilla/Silver Ring or necklaces: Sure to both!


What is your favorite color? Blue and Black.


What is your favorite season? Spring or Fall, depending on the country I'm in XD


If you could live anywhere in the world and money was no object, where would it be? Somewhere centrally located so I could go everywhere and with good transport... probably somewhere in Europe, maybe Greece if they got their politics together. It's a beautiful area, and the weather is sooo nice.


Long Trips: I do indeed! I should be good, but I will never say no to things to occupy me XD


Jungle Jim's: I do love it, but my family lives nearby XD


3 Things might need: Um... I've been trying to find round cookie/muffin trays that fit in my oven (Japanese oven=microwave size and has a turntable... it's a mystery)... other than that... can't think of anything?


Comic: No thank you


TP Etsy: Not really


Watermelon Oreo: No thanks!


Summer: The sun! Summer is the only season you are guaranteed sun in this country, and I neeeeeds it.


Books: Neil Gaiman's newest one! The Ocean at the End of the Lane, I believe.


Dozen word cross-stitc: I evidently can't count, so more thinking needed XD


Tw*twaffle: No thanks


Tattoos: I don't have any


BPTP Clothing: No interest


Adagio: I've never looked, so no idea


Every Summer: Travel


Think Geek: See wishlist!


THAT'S AWESOME: Um... I can't think of anything... but it's hot so I can't think... might come back to this


Audiobooks: Actively dislike


Chocolate: Dark! Milk is fine if there is caramel involved XD


Movies: I don't watch a lot, but I tend to like action or action/comedy


Trading Post: I don't know what half the stuff at the trading post is used for (bath ignorance) so I don't really look...


BPTP Clothing: No thanks


Jerky: Can't send it here XD


Hair Gloss: Sure, my hair tangles if I look at wind XD


Gourmet Popcorn: Always willing to try something new!


Plant Jewelry: I killed my last one...


Journals: I have way too many as is


Glitter: No glitter please


Art faire: I have no idea...


Etsy wishlist: I think everything on mine fits into 5 categories pretty easy... I have a problem


Kickstarter: No idea...


House of Gloi: I feel like I answered this before... sort of?


Canadian chips: Ketchup chips? No thanks...


Puzzles: I love logic puzzles and illustration logic!


Sense of Humor: This question terrifies me. Um... Well... keep it R and under I guess O.o


Various yarn questions: I don't do anything with yarn


Animal questions: Don't have any


Villainess: Quick or Dead soap! Want so baaaaaaaad. Or anything else with that scent XD

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