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BPAL Madness!
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Bottle List

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The stuff I wear very rarely or is on the swap list:

(Mind you, some of it I wear rarely, but when I wear it I love it. It's just that the favorites are what I choose from every day without thinking much about it and I store them in a different place.)

CT: IV MCCLLXX (Floral-less Antique Lace)

Western Diamondback

MB: Bigger Critters

Passionate Shepherd


Black Moon (older edition)

Lawn Gnome

the Traveller

Hellgate of Ireland


Saw Scaled Viper

13 Feb '09

Butter Rum cookie

Dark Chocolate, Whiskey, and Cognac

Autumn Moon of the Mirror Stand

Love's Philosophy


Womb Furie





Samhain '09

Pink Champagne

Fledging Raptor Moon

Visiting the Temple of Auspicious Fortune Alone on Winter Solstice

Blue Moon (Brian)

The Stormhold

Conservatory Tableaux

Cesky Krumlov v1

Lady Lilith

13 Aug '10


Miller vs State of California

Harp of ....


The Favorites:

MB: Underbed

Cake Smash

Smut '10

Snake Charmer Res'd x2

Midnight Kiss x2

Raven Moon x2

Snake Oil '10

Snow White

Mme Moriarty

Sky City Before x2

Boomslang v2

Bansheet Beat x3

Spanked Resd x4

Phyllocrania Paradoxa v1 x2

Eat Me x2

Gypsy x2

Gingerbread Poppet


I always wear Gingerbread Poppet with Spanked over it because GP is too buttery on it's own for me.


Banshee Beat is my fiance's favorite (he doesn't realize it, but every time he's complimented me on my perfume since I got BB, that's what it has been).


PPv1 is my favorite, but in a "special occasions" kind of way, if that makes sense. It's so etherial that I feel like wearing it on non-special days is abusing it. Eat Me and BB are my most commonly worn things.

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