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BPAL Madness!
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SW Spring 2011 Help!

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March 25


Are you interested in trying Super Villainess (from Villainess - the birthday scent that was just released tonight!) and if so, which item do you like the most? (Soap, Whipped, Smooch, Extrait, Smack...) I don't like Villainess soaps or perfumes. I have one of their smooches which is nice, and I've never tried smack.


If I were to order you a Smack, which four notes would you like? Vanilla, incense, marshmallow and berry.


Would you enjoy receiving a knitted gift from your witch? If so what would you be interested in (scarf, hat, wrist / handwarmers, socks, etc.) and in what colors? Sure! I like bright colors.


March 23


Easter Candy - do you like it? If so, what types? mmmm, Cadbury creme eggs are my favorites.


What scent(s) are you petrified of getting DC'd? I've been slowly buying all of my GC loves. I think I'd be sad if any of them got discontinued, but I'd be okay because I have bottles.


March 22


Violette Market Update is up. Do you covet anything from it? Nope.


What is your favorite type of wine? Would you be interested in trying something new? In that case, is there anything you really DONT like? Ooooo how about dessert wines? I love both red and white wine - favorite red is Cabernet, favorite white is either Orvieto or Sancerre. I like tart white that aren't too tannic and full bodied reds that are also not too tannic.


March 21


What three things are you craving right now? Coffee!


paper goods, anyone need? including resume paper, and formal stationery as well as casual cards. I always need post-its and little cards to include in my sales packages.


What is a scent that you've been trying to find even a sample of for a very long time to no avail? (What bottle would you die to get your hands on - even a partial?) Always Fee. I have an imp and a half now, but I want a bottle (for less than $200!)


Is there anything in your life that you'd like advice or a "selfhelp" book for?: (ie finances, eating healthier, meal planning) Hmm, maybe meal planning.


March 19


If your Witch lived near you, would you be happy or creeped out to get a "coupon" for a service like cleaning help or babysitting or dogwalking or coffee out with your Witch or something like that? Would you be creeped out if a local minion personally delivered a package to your house from a far-away Witch? I think I know (and am friends with!) a few of the local, active BPAListas. I would not be creeped out.


Let's say I have a pair of something you collect, would you like one of them and we have matching things? Sure!


March 18


Do you like poetry? meeeeeeeeeeh. Some of it is great, but I am picky.


What types of scents do you like to scent your home? Which do you totally avoid? In the spring, I like fresh clean scents - citrus, lavender, "ocean" ... in the fall/winter, I like baked goods - apple cider, cookies, pie.


How do you feel about nail polish? What colors do you like? Sparkles? I like it on my toeses in the summertime. Any color is fine.


Household/kitchen goods/gadgets? the boyfriend is more the cook, but I love a good novelty item.


Ok geek check - what sort of geeky things do you do? Do you read comics/graphic novels? Are you obsessed with something (a TV show maybe?) Do you work in a geeky field? Do you play rpgs like Dungeons and Dragons? Would you like gifts related to any of these? I answered the comics question already. You know what my job is from my questionnaire. I'm definitely very, very uncool and I'm just fine with that.


Do you have a favorite fabric? If someone were to make you a fabric item, would you prefer it be out of any fabric? e.g. velvet, satin, silk, cotton, bamboo??? Would this change if it were an article of clothing vs. a bag/pillow/blanket/somethingelse I'm generally open, but remember that the kittehs will leave their fur on everything. Black velvet is probably not a good idea in my household.


Anything with the Worm Moon update that you're already lusting after? Witch, I purchased already. The proceeds going to Japan aid convinced me to just buy unsniffed. I can comfort my wallet by telling it that I bought BPAL for a good cause.


Comics: What an opportune question! I just finished watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel and now I've started reading the comics. I have all of the Angel comics and I am about halfway through them all, but I only have the first Buffy volume. They aren't as hard to read as I thought thought they would be! I am more of a books-without-pictures kind of girl at heart though.


March 17


Would you want an invite to a site that is invite-only ex. Diaspora, Demonoid, etc. If so, what? I don't know those sites? But I decided a long time ago that I'm borderline cool at best.


Pillows? What size/designs/colors would most interest you? Hmm, I don't think that' necessary, but thanks.


purses? bags? What style/colors? I love me some bags! I particularly like little clutches and things I can take out with me at night. I'm open as to colors - bags and shoes, I loves them all.


Decorative scarves for hair and/or creative accessorizing? What colors? Still a black hairband kind of girl.


Would you like anything from Starring Fragrances. They make awesome hair stuff, natural deoderant, and home fragrance (and a ton of other stuff, those are just my favs)? I've only tried their perfume once (it was a freebie from somewhere) and I wasn't into it. I passed it along. I'm not against trying other things, but sometimes I get overwhelmed with all of the product out there.


March 16


For those who like lipgloss, lipstick, tinted balms, etc, what colors do you wear (and warm? cool?) and do you prefer something sheer or more opaque? How do you feel about shimmer? I love shimmer and I prefer sheer. I tend to wear warmer colors. I really like lipgloss, actually. My favorite brands are the sephora brand (the one that is almost clear, but shimmery), philosophy and Cargo.


Are there any fancy/gourmet/special herbs or spices that you'd love to receive? ie: good quality vanilla or other extracts, vanilla beans, saffron, lavender, etc. Nah. Not much of a cook - that's more of the boyfriend's thing.


What's your favorite animal? Or is there one that's particularly significant to you? Penguins are my long time favorite, but I've always harbored a secret love of giraffes as well. I have a book called Tall Blondes that is all about giraffes that I bought because I am, well, both tall and blonde.


DVDs, Blu-Ray, both, neither? DVDs. No Blu Ray player.


Sock Dreams? What kind? (anklets, footies, etc.?) Sock dreams FTW! I like anklets best.


Since this is a price capped round, would you rather get one "big" thing or lots of "little" things or don't care? It is up to my witch. I trust your judgment.


Do you like pirate-related things? Yaaaaaaaar.

Soaps? Be specific: if there are BPAL soaps you want to try or are dying for more of, tell all here! Also, any other companies people like or love? Villainess, maybe? Or Lush? What flavors??? I will pass; I have a TON of soaps and it's hard for me to find ones that don't dry out my skin. Sad.


What periods of art do you love most? Like, if someone was going to get you a tapestry or a box or some other item, what period would you want it to most resonate with? the pinks and golds of Rococo? the clean geometry of Art Deco? The romanticism of Art Nouveux? The strange lines of Cubism? Art Deco.


Would you like caffeinated lollipops?: ... yes?


Copied CD's or DVD's? Sure! Yaaaaaar.


I'm going to Disneyland in a couple of weeks, is there anything I can get you? Not that I can think of, but if you see something that seems suitable, I'm all about it.


If you were able to get a vintage or prototype bottle from the upcoming West Coast Will Call, which one would you want? Hmm, I've already got someone picking up a bottle of Dreadful Lies v5 for me. :) But I'd love to try anything ... maybe First of Three Spirits v5? I was waffling on whether to ask for a pick up of that or Dreadful Lies v5.


March 15


Booze? Yay or Nay? what kinds? Yay! Anything that is not anise flavored.


Steampunk inspired items? Yay or nay? YEEEEEEEEES!


Do you like amurigami dolls? No thanks.


Pirates vs Ninjas vs Zombies - who wins? Which do you love most? Ninjas. But the real question is cavemen vs. astronauts.


Do you like wearing things in your hair? If so, what kind (snap clips, scrunchie, headband, etc), how big & crazy (lowkey, bigger the better), and colors. I'm a plain black band kind of girl.


Piercings? - ears?? - elsewhere? 5 in each ear and that is it.


Chocolate. With stuff in it? Are you more a plain chocolate lover, a chocolate and normal items lover (normal items being nuts, fruit, caramel) or do you like weird stuff in your chocolate? (weird stuff being curry, chilis, balsamic vinegar, floraly things)

Just no fruit.


March 14


Do you enjoy gardening? If so, what kind of stuff do you grow? Vegetables, flowers? I have a thumb of black death and destruction.


Social Networking sites: Rebeccasharp or sophiawestern on LJ. I'm also lissaphoto on flickr (flickr.com/photo/lissaphoto). Lots of linkage in my siggy.


favourite artists or specific paintings? There is a flickr link in an old blog post somewhere....http://www.flickr.com/invite/history/guests?open=72157624762736579#gp_72157624762736579


Astrological charts and interpretation/ reports? Sure!


So how does everyone feel about receiving ebooks? Eh. I like paper.


Do you need another bpal box? My boyfriend made me a big one for Christmas, so I think I'm set.


Do you have any blogs you regularly read? Hyperbole and a half! CLEAN ALL THE THINGS!


the world has given you the day off. You hear that, no chores, responsibilities, or budget you have to follow. What would you do in those 24 hours?Shopping, followed by laying on the beach somewhere reading. Ahhhhh, bliss.


March 13


how about mix CDs? Love them! Seriously, you can put whatever you want on it. I love finding new music and my tastes are really eclectic.


Hey, how do folks feel about little e-goodies, like links to stuff your witchee likes? (articles online, pix, fic, etc) Sure, that would be awesome.


Tim Tams? Yes or no? Chocolate Creme, Caramel, or Dark Chocolate? NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM.


Is there any "classic" literature (Hemingway, Dickens, Elliot, Bronte, Hugo, Wilde, etc.) that you would like to add to your collection? You can check my amazon.com wishlist, but I would love more books by Elizabeth Gaskell (North and South is one of my favorites). That's the only thing that comes immediately to mind.


candles and/or aroma melts: yay or nay? I don't have a tart burner, but candles are fine.


Get your music player, what are the first 13 songs on Random?

1. Poker Face (cover) - the cast of Glee

2. Out of the World - Bush

3. Save the Lies - Gabriela Cilmi

4. Little Plastic Castle -Ani Difranco

5. My Dad's Face - 5 Chinese Brother

6. Somebody that I used To Know - Elliott Smith

7. Gone with the Sin - H.I.M.

8. Disease (acoustic) - Matchbox twenty

9. Eyes on Fire - Blue Foundation

10. Fire Water Burn - Bloodhound Gang

11. Your Song - from the Moulin Rouge Soundtrack

12. River Sea Ocean (live bootleg) - Badly Drawn Boy

13. Way Beyond - Morcheeba


March 11


Would you rather have HUGE list of things your witchee wants to try or just a highlight list? Anything!


March 10


Baked Goods? Yea Nay? NOM NOM NOM!!


If not Baked goods and you are changing eating habits..a book of recipes perhaps that will help the new eating lifestyle? I'm not a very good cook, so this is probably wasted on me.


If you were to make an order RIGHT NOW (Not that any of you will make any bpal orders until SW is over, because you do NOT want to mess up any plans your witch might have!) What would you order (from lab, forum, DD, TradingPost, etc) Hmm, I think I want Nymphia from the lupercalia update. Still waiting for my decants from the newer round of stuff.


What level of nudity are you fine with on items? Ex: none, tasteful, erotica Tasteful is good.


I know the ?airre asked about gently used books and if you like garage sales, but would you like other kinds of gently used items that may have come from a garage sale? Sure, that's no problem.


Do you like cooking seasonings, like the kind you can get in ounce sizes? If so, things you'd love to try out? Again, I'm not so much into the cooking. I'm an awesome orderer though.


Do you like any particular kinds of green or black teas or coffees that could also be gotten in bulk? I love all coffee. Bring it on!


Favorite snack foods (and can they be from bulk section as well?) Having difficulty thinking of something for this, but I'll try to get back to it later.

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