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BPAL Madness!
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Valentine Cupid questions!

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Would you prefer a poem or romance novel & what type of romance novel?

Romance novel! I like historical romance. But nothing too cheesy! Please no vampire stuff.


How do you feel about burned mix cds (good time for mood music *giggle*)?

I love mix CDs


Do you have metal/ jewelry allergies?



Do you bake/would you be interested in baked goods or related mixes?

I can't, unfortunately. Unless my person knows how to bake low carb / sugar free.


Do you like cute stationery, stickers, note cards, stuff like that?

Oh yes! I love anything Sanrio or Japanese/Korean in general.

Do you like tea? If so, do you prefer your tea loose or in tea bags?

love tea. I prefer bags, because it takes too damn long to fill my metal strainer and then empty/wash it. My favorite tea is Earl Grey, I'd like to try some variations of it. I also really like the Tazo Vanilla Rooibos tea (the kind they have at Starbucks) but haven't gotten around to buying some.


What is your favorite Valentine candy?

Mine has always been Red Hots (or red cinnamon bears, I really really LOVE Cinnamon candy) and those cherry valentine heart lollipops. If you could find those sugar free, I would love you forever. I really hate Conversation Hearts.


Knitted items?

I knit myself pretty well, but I could use a nice afghan square knitted or crocheted 12" x 12" in a dark blue, green, grey or black if my Cupid is crafty. I am replacing afghan squares from the Afghan swap due to the people that dropped out and it would be nice if I had one less to knit to finish my blanket!

Would you enjoy some loose beads for your own crafts, or any other crafty bits?

No thanks, I would love some yarn though!

Would you rather get things all together or in a couple of doses?

I kind of like getting a few packages, but it is exciting to be expecting a big one!

Kid/Parent/church lady safe or not? Sure! I'm not really into penis soaps though lol

Length of necklace, size of bracelet, post or dangle earrings preferred? I like 17 or 18" chains, small simple pendants, my wrist is about 6", and I like post earrings :)


Stuffed critters or other things of the cuddly variety? I would really love a stuffed animal :) I like snow leopards, and just your traditional Teddy bear <3


For those who don't do jewelry/have a prohibitive amount of metal sensitivities, etc., would you prefer something like a keychain charm or other little ornamental thing?

No thanks, I do like jewelry but it doesn't have to be fancy. I like simple things :)

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