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BPAL Madness!
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After Dinner-mints



So what do you want from Paintbox Soapworks' Yule release?

I MUST have the Mariner one!! Pine and sea spary? I cannot wait to try this one. Of course there are also a couple fall ones that I still need to grab. Oh, and Witch, you are so ebil! Thank you for satisfying my Queen is Dead craving. Until you sent it I’d never tried the slip. I’d always thought it would be too thin (plus, who needs more things to lust after, right?) Ummm… Not only do I love it more than any other lotion I have ever tried, it is already half gone because I can’t stop using it. Do they have a soap/perfume 12 step program?


Would you like a box filled with Christmas/Yule treats?



Darling Witchee, are you in on this NaNoWriMo craziness? Would you like motivational pings/writing instruments/lovely blank books in which to pen your masterpiece

I’m attempting NaNo this year. What I could use is a drill sergeant standing over my shoulder and yelling, “WRITE, DAMN IT!” I’m amazed at the number of things I can find to do to procrastinate… Like updating my SW blog…


Did you know BPAL is on etsy with leftover trunk show bottles? Would you like any of them?

The only one that really called to me was Enraged Orangutan Musk. Some of the others sound good, but I’d be afraid of a full bottle without taking it for a test drive.


Would you prefer to have your final package before Halloween or have a reveal package at the end of the round?


Well, since we are past Halloween, I’ll pick after! Really I’ve had so much fun being your witchee this round, that I’d like to put off the reveal as long as possible!!! But I do hope you reveal so I can shout my love from the rooftops.

Do you prefer lip balm in a tube or tin?

In a tube


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