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BPAL Madness!
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More Questionses (and Answerses)

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Movie that scared the beejeezus out of you as a child? The Deer Hunter, from which I am still trying to recover some 32 years later. Mommas, do NOT take your young child to scary movies because you yourself don't want to go alone. :ack: I was also traumatized by Bambi. (There was a fire! His momma died!)


What other websites do you frequent? BPAL is the only daily one, but I also follow Apartment Therapy, dooce and passiveagressivenotes.com.


Favorite Muppet? I LOVE the Muppets! Love them! Choosing a favorite would be like choosing my favorite child.


What creature (real or fantasy) would you like as a pet? A fantasy pet would be too much responsibility--what if I exposed it to bright light or got it wet a la "Gremlins?" Someday when I have a house I'd love to get a collie or a golden retriever. For now, I have to be content with occasionally babysitting my neighbor's neurotic dachshund.


Comfort reads? Anne of Green Gables books, Jane Austen (especially Persuasion), The Deptford Trilogy (Robertson Davies), Mark Twain books, biographies


Halloween treats? This is the only time of year I will eat candy corn.


Do you need a BPAL box? My bottles have good storing places but my imps are homeless at the moment (except for the few that I have in my lovely BPTP imp case).


Warm drink? Hot cocoa or cider


Astrology chart? I would love to get a professional chart done someday.


Favorite historical time? Actually, I'd love to go 100 years into the future!

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