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BPAL Madness!
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Switch Witch Questions - 9/2 To 9/4

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Booze. Do you drink it, would you like some? No thanks, I don't drink.


Do you like scented tarts? I don't have a tart warmer, I like candles though!


Lip balms? Love them, but some of my past SPs have stocked me up with quite a few. But if they are special ones then by all means!


What is your favorite artist or art style? Hmm... I like Starry Night, and pretty much anything with stars. Also I like Escher. And if my witch is an artist I would love wall art by them - I have a collection of original paintings / drawings.


Do you have any body mods? If so, do you need any new jewelry, o-rings, plugs, etc (and if so, what size, length, etc)? Do you like pro-body mod stickers? I have 2ish tattoos and 8 piercings - 4 in each ear. Mostly I don't change my jewelry much, but any star stud earrings are greatly appreciated as long as they're not super-tiny (I saw some the other day that looked like they would pull through the hole!) or super huge, because as you can guess with 4 earrings the ear real estate is a bit cramped. My lowest holes are gauged to a 12 and I love the dangling spiral metal earrings.


DVDs: Do you prefer widescreen or formatted? Widescreen!


Music: Any preference towards MP3 or CD? Either is fine, though I almost never listen to actual CDs so MP3s are great if it saves you blank CDs.


So for those of you who are into Harry Potter at all, which house do you think you'd be sorted into? Probably either Ravenclaw or Gryffindor, I've gotten both on different quizzes.


Are you into Austen's books? I've liked most of the ones I've read, but I haven't done all of them yet.


Do you read Tarot cards? If not, would you be interested? I used to have a deck long ago, but I never got that into it.


What, if anything, is your guilty TV watching pleasure? I barely watch TV, and when I do mostly on DVD or instant watch from Netflix. Maybe The L Word?


If you cosplay or need a costume for your bellydance/burlesque hobby (or any other hobby which needs dressup/different from your normal wear), is there anything you need/want for it? I don't have any dress up hobbies.


Celebrity crush?: It was Heath Ledger, but then he had to go and die. Now Alexander Skarsgård. :)


Knitted things?: I am a knitter, but I'd love to receive knitted things too!


What about [mixed or otherwise] DVDs? Uh... mixed DVDs? Sure, I guess...


Hallowe'en plans? I don't have anything planned yet.


Mix CDs? Sure, if you think we have similar taste in music. I'm pretty picky.


Girlyness level? It's funny, a lot of people are posting about how they're not that girly and I think they sound much more "girly" than I am! I don't own a blowdryer, and I don't wear makeup other than (usually untinted) lip gloss. I only dress up on special occasions. I guess if you think that crazy socks are girly I could be a little bit, otherwise not much at all. I almost always wear crew neck band t-shirts - unisex ones at that - and jeans. I also generally wear mens / unisex sneakers, though it can be hard to find them in my tiny size. I do have longish hair, but I don't style it much beyond wearing it down or in a ponytail, and I don't have fancy hair accessories. The only really girly thing I wear is my underwear, and that's generally pretty functional rather than decorative too.


Baked goods: Sure, as long as they're vegetarian!


Gifts for other household members: My other household members are cats and fish. The fish don't really need gifts, and the cats don't get treats often, so they're plenty stocked up. They wouldn't mind toys I'm sure.


Are you someone who'd rather have lots of small testers of different things on your wishlist, or would you rather have one or two "big" things? I have a ton of imps I haven't gotten around to testing yet, so if possible I'd rather have "big" things. I'm open to imps too, though!


social networking usernames, ie twitter, facebook, livejournal, ravelry, anything else: I'm stariel on ravelry, twitter, and livejournal - though that one's friends locked, if you add me just tell me who you are on BPAL. My Facebook is reserved for people I know IRL, and I don't really update it frequently anyway.


would you like to receive Groupons or similar deals/gift certificates from your Witch? No Groupons thanks, I check them for my area and I'd get one if it was something I really wanted. But gift certificates to an online store you think I would like are welcome.


How about tshirt/bottoms sizes? Sadly clothing is pretty much out. Because of surgery I'll hopefully be having in the spring (preventative mastectomy and reconstruction) I have no idea what size I'll need.

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