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BPAL Madness!
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Switch Witch 2010 !

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Does anyone do altered books? Would you be interested in old books to alter? Any type or title in particular?

I am ignorant of this practice.


Did someone ask about incense yet? Would you like some? Something to store or burn it in? What scents? What form?

I do like incense - any kind.


Any oddball free things you collect or would want saved for you?

I try to throw away as much stuff as I can, because my grandmother was a hoarder (boxes and boxes of twine, butcher paper and old newspapers), so STUFF makes me nervous.


For those who are yarnies, would you like other-than-yarn witchery? Hooks, needles? Preference of material? Do you use/would you like handmade stitch markers, etc.? Not a yarnie.


What is your favourite habitat and climate to live in? How about to visit? (ie. forest, canyons, mountains, by the beach; temperate, tropical...) I've lived all over, but I think I most love being near a beach. I've lived near beautiful white Destin, Fl. beaches, near crowded Rio de Janiero beaches, chilly Jersey Shore beaches and now muddy Galveston, Tx beaches - and have loved them all...just so I also have a big umbrella handy!


How do people feel about edible arrangements? I love fruit, and I love chocolate, so it could work!


Anyone need address/phone type books? Got enough, thanks.


Do you read/like fantasy? What kind of books or authors do you love? Which one would you like to read? Would you like gifts related to it? Yes! Terry Pratchett, Jim Butcher, Jacqueline Carey, but I think I currently have all of their books :blush:


Soaps : do you like them? What brands? What scents? Anything you're dying to try? I do love soaps, but all of my money goes to BPAL perfume, so I haven't tried much. Any are appreciated.




Socks? I love socks, mostly knee socks, of warm, fluffy material.


How do people feel about word magnets? I don't have a metallic surface for magnet.


What are you guys going to be aiming for in the Inquisition? Slaugh or Ginger Snaps look interesting.


If you could have any costume, or if you aren't into costumes, necklace or other accessory, from any movie character, what would it be? The dresses from the latest Marie Antoinette movie (with Kirsten Dunst), all of Lucilla's costumes/jewelry from "Gladiator", Eliza's black and white Ascot dress from "My Fair Lady" (and hat).


If you have something on a wishlist that we could craft INSTEAD of buying, though it might not end up identical to the wishlist thing, would it be okay to craft it instead? Obviously we don't want to copy anyone else's design, but if we can replicate the flavour or intent that you like without stepping on toes? For example, you like some simple earrings with moon charms on them. We have moon charms and earring backs, though of course not exactly the same ones.




Is there a TV, movie or literary character that you are a lot alike, or would like to be alike? - Pippi Longstocking


Is there anything you need for your kitchen, ie measuring cups, spoons, grater, ect? – I try to stay out of the kitchen, as much as possible. My family prefers that, as well.


Music, DO you prefer Live or Studio? Edited or explicit? - Live or studio, either is good. I tend to prefer edited - just because I've always tried to keep my kid's world clean. Now, however, they are the ones that turn the radio down when an explicit song is on, saying, "Mom, you shouldn't hear this one".


If you are an animal lover, is there a specific type/breed that you love most? – I adore cats of any kind. And golden retrievers.


Also flowers and plants- If you like flowers/plants, do you have a favorite(s)? – I love lilacs and hydrangas, but am able to kill any living plant, so I view them from afar.


Do you have a favorite quotation? Song lyric? Book passage? - Favorite quotation, from my mom: BE FLEXIBLE



What would your last meal be if it could be anything in the world (sky is the limit, drinks too, the whole shebang) – mmmm, Seasoned steak and baked potato from Saltgrass Steakhouse, turnip greens, and a Haagen Daz Chocolate covered chocolate ice cream bar. With a bottle of Chimay blue.


Dollar store stuff - whatever tickles my Witch's fancy


Specific book - I'm still waitin to get the latest Jim Butcher Alera series book in paperback, "Prince's Fury", but I don't think its out yet.



Groupons vs gift certificates: No thanks


HP House: Love HP - I'm a Ravensclaw.


Pajamas? I sometimes wear yoga pant in size S/M.


Level of Girly: I've always loved twirly skirts and big fluffy crinolines and starchy pink tutus - but that just may be due to my love of costuming.


Tarot: no thanks


Austen: YES!!! Have read and loved all of them.


Mix CDs: Please.


Soft/plush: My past Witchee, the fabulous LunaLiquid, knitted me some fingerless gloves and a lovely scarf, as a reverse Halloween SW gift- and yes I adore them, and allthings soft and plushy.



New questions!


What, if anything, is your guilty TV watching pleasure? I love Project Runway, and I'm strangely, horrifically attracted to the Hoarding shows, particularly the Pet Hoarders.


If you cosplay or need a costume for your bellydance/burlesque hobby (or any other hobby which needs dressup/different from your normal wear), is there anything you need/want for it? I started bellydancing a couple of years ago and have had to stop, due to time issues. But I'm always looking for "pretty goth" and renaissance faire costumes.


Celebrity crush?:

mmm Alan Rickman, ever since "Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves"

Sean Bean circa the "Sharpe's" series



What about [mixed or otherwise] DVDs?

Sure, especially any comedy. Favs are BBC comedies, Monty Python, Spinal Tap


DVDs: Do you prefer widescreen or formatted?



Music: Any preference towards MP3 or CD?

CD's...I'm low-tech.


Do you like scented tarts?



Lip balms?

Yes, I use Burt's Bees, or whatever is handy.


Do you have any body mods? If so, do you need any new jewelry, o-rings, plugs, etc (and if so, what size, length, etc)? Do you like pro-body mod stickers?

Just earrings, which I adore.


Booze. Do you drink it, would you like some?

Love wine and wine accessories. Also enjoy me some spiced rum (arrrr!!)


What is your favorite artist or art style? (including if you have links to favorite pictures/paintings/photographs)



What is your favorite snack food, something you could grab any time?

peanuts, dried cranberries, and any type of dark chocolate.



I don't have an ebook reader.


Nail Polish

I polish my toes with gold, silver, or very dark red/maroon.


Do you wear make up? - Just on the eyes, nothing special


Socks? Anyone? - Yes! Its hot most of the year, here, but I love big fluffy socks to wear to soccer games in the winter!


What is something you use to comfort yourself when feeling yucky, depressed, or in pain? - Dorian, and my fleece comforter (and my hubby)


Favorite Halloween/Scary movies? "The Changeling", a real creeper with George C. Scott. "The Ring" was pretty good, too. Can't take slasher movies.


Favorite Halloween/Scary books? Nah

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