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BPAL Madness!
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I wish for the health and happiness of my family. I wish to be a more mindful, attentive person. I wish to be better at prioritizing so I accomplish more and stress my husband less. I wish to be more generous, to be less attached to unimportant things, to not waste energy on what doesn't deserve it. I wish to make the most of my life. Even as I am wishing these things for myself, I know I'm incredibly blessed with many joys, and I wish these joys and more on everyone.


I wish to get my packing for the trip done soon. I wish to write more and better poetry that sings of the world. I wish to do well on the LSAT. I wish for consolation for the grieving. I wish upon a falling star. I wish on the first star I see at night. I wish on the stray eyelashes I find on my love's cheek. I wish on wishies.


I wish so much that "wish" now looks and sounds like a gibberish word. I wish for the fulfillment of wishes, through generosity and hard work.


And I wish everyone happy holidays!

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