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BPAL Madness!
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Fall SW Questions 9/18 to 9/23

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Do you wear lip gloss/lip balm? If so, what flavors/scents?


Yep! My favorite is the Unpetroleum tangerine flavor. XD I got a bunch of lip balms from my first witch with all kinds of cool flavors, so I'm pretty set at the moment.


What is one thing you constantly keep with you that you constantly loose?


Lip balm. ^_^ But I usually find it again.


What are your favorite fruits?


I like lots of fruits. Kiwi, blackberries, apricot, nectarine, orange (but only peeled, not cut), apples (but only cut), pineapple, plums... I think I like most fruit, but not papaya. That's the one that tastes like perfume / soap, right?


If Beth made a perfume called "switch witch" what notes would be in it?


I'm never any good at these questions, but someone above said grapefruit and that sounded awfully yummy! Grapefruit, orange blossom... I don't know what else.


What is your favorite cookie type?


I like to eat cookie dough more than actual cookies. XD That said, I'm a big fan of molasses cookies, snickerdoodles, and lemon flavored sugar cookies. And oatmeal. And... Well, most cookies. Mexican wedding cookies are not my thing, though, and I'm not a big fan of cookies with jam. Oh, there is this chocolate cherry cookie at a local chocolate shop / cafe, it is delicious!


If i were your witch, and I wanted to make you a spell or mojo bag, would you be into that? or would you want it for a certain element? or would you want it for something more personal- and what might that be?


No thanks.


Are you a Miyazaki fan? Do you have all the films you like, or is your collection missing one? Is there any merchandise you want?


I haven't seen any of his films as far as I know, though I gather by previous answers that Spirited Away is one - I have that from Netflix right now. We'll see if I like it.


Lusting over anything from the Trading Post lately?


Nothing in particular. I think the scent lockets are beautiful, but I have yet to decide which one I would want. And I'm a little wary of the sizing on the t-shirts.




I'm not really sure what one is... so I guess no.


Do you like to find out there's a package on the way or to receive a tracking number to stalk, or do you prefer surprise packages?


Either is fine. I check my mail every day that it comes, and packages usually get left right in front of my door anyway.


But my witch already gave me a heads up that something might be going in the mail! So witch, I will be away Monday and Tuesday next week so if perchance it does come that fast, never fear, my apartment manager will pick it up and put it in my apartment! But I won't be home to squee until Wednesday night.


Do you drink alcohol? Wine, beer or liquor? What is your favorite wine/beer/mixed drink?


I don't drink. In fact (and I probably should have put this on my questionnaire) I hate the taste of alcohol. I don't even like boozy scents - though I know I put that in my ?aire. It even ruins things for me that you supposedly can't taste it in. So please, no rum cake, no truffles flavored like liquor, and please-oh-please no actual alcohol!


Who collects ACEOs/ATCs?


Not me.


Switch Witches, which shoes do you own that are your favorite? What are your "daily drivers"?


I've been wearing Adidas Sambas for many years, and I love them, but recently I decided to try to only purchase vegan shoes as my old shoes wear out. But then I had a crisis of conscience and thought maybe it would be better to buy *used* shoes, even if they're leather...


But if anyone has suggestions for vegan sneakers (and not just plain canvas ones like Keds or Converse) let me know! I also have a few pairs of Docs, and I used to wear them every day in high school, but they're just not that comfortable! I don't know how I did it!


If you could describe yourself in 5 words, what would they be?


independent, friendly, spontaneous, snarky, and happy


Do you collect new/used stamps? Will you like to get stamps on your mails?


No, I tried to collect stamps when I was a kid but I never really got into it.


Any WKAP you're excited about?


I've been trying not to look. I wouldn't mind trying the Blackberry and Scone one.


How do you feel about stationary? (pens, notepads, cards, pencils, etc.)


I love it, but I have a lot. But if you find Alice In Wonderland stationery I really want some! Or if there's something super cute.


The New update is next week.....Is everyone ready for the Yules and everything else in store?


No! I just got my CnS for the Weenies, end of summer, and Lillith stuff that I ordered. Thankfully I think the Yules won't be for me, if last year was any indication.


Cake or death?


I have no idea what this is and can't be bothered to go look, cuz I'm tired!


Are there any foreign food products that you'd love to get or to try?


I think I already mentioned Thornton's Choccies (in the oatmeal and apricot flavor!) Other than that, I managed to acquire Tim Tams last round so there's nothing I can think of off the top of my head. But I'm always interested in trying new things as long as they're vegetarian!


Tea lovers, loose or bag? Paraphernalia?


Either is fine. I have a sort of collection of different types of chai from different places, so that might be fun. And I have a few accouterments for tea, like a very nice mesh strainer cup thing, but I am trying to find a teapot. Even a link to a nice one would be lovely if my witch knows these kinds of things. :D


Would you object to anonymous postcards (real ones) from your witch before the big reveal???


I object! My witch has already sent two, and I'm deeply offended. XD


Of course I don't object, and thanks for the most recent one, witch!

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