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BPAL Madness!
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Still more SW questions/answers

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What is your favorite cookie type?




I am a cookie monster. I love all cookies. I've got a soft spot in my heart /s] tummy for Trader Joe's vanilla Joe-Joe's. I love oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I love Ranger Cookies. I love Thin Mints and Trefoils. I love pretty much any kind of cookie that does not have raisins in it. I also don't like chocolate cookies (although chocolate bits in cookies are just fine). I also don't like gingersnaps.




I love Villainess, but I have a stash I'm working through right now, although I can always use Ennui Whipped.



Are you a Miyazaki fan? Do you have all the films you like, or is your collection missing one? Is there any merchandise you want?




Do you wear lip gloss/lip balm? If so, what flavors/scents?

All the time, but I have a huge stash I'm trying to use up. Except for the Fresh Sugar lip gloss I mentioned earlier...



what is one thing you constantly keep with you that you constantly loose?

Actually, one of the things I really like about myself is that I have a distinct sense of order, so I rarely lose anything, even when things are in a state of complete chaos. I hang my car keys up in the same place every day when I come home, for example. I never ever lose my car keys. I always know where my stuff is. My husband, on the other hand, constantly loses his wallet, his sunglasses, his cell phone, and his keyring. I honestly don't understand how that can happen, but I see it happen with a lot of people.


I did lose a Fresh Sugar Lip Gloss in Shag over a year ago within a few days of buying it. I never did replace it because I keep hoping it'll pop up somewhere. It made me so sad because it was such a gorgeous color, and to this day I am really baffled as to how it just completely up-and-disappeared.



are you into 80s movies (like i am ) if so, which are your favorites and who are your favorite characters?

I LOVE '80s movies almost as much as I love new wave '80s music.

Favorite '80s movies: PRETTY IN PINK (one of my all-time fave movies EVER), Sixteen Candles, Breakfast Club, HEATHERS, and even though it came out in '90, I'll add THE LINGUINI INCIDENT (with David Bowie!!! Pure love!!!) because it's my #1 all time favorite movie in the universe! I also loved Real Genius, Jumping Jack Flash, The Christmas Story, The Goonies, Ghostbusters, Dead Poets Society, WHEN HARRY MET SALLY, A Room With A View, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Moonstruck, Beetlejuice, Stripes... there are SO MANY!!! One more -- you're going to laugh, but I LOVED Coal Miner's Daughter all because of Patsy Cline in the movie. I heart her, for sure.

Favorite Characters: Oh, Duckie and Iona, of course! I also Jake Ryan. Ooooh, and Aiden Quinn in Desperately Seeking Susan. Such beautiful blue eyes... And of course John Cusack's character in everything he ever did. *sigh*



ETA: I keep thinking of more great '80s movies that I loved -- Footloose, Flashdance, Back to the Future, National Lampoon's Vacation (and European Vacation and Christmas Vacation), Nine to Five, Splash, Revenge of the Nerds, BETTER OFF DEAD (how could I have forgotten that one?!?!), Say Anything, The Sure Thing, ... Oh man, I really really really miss the '80s.




Please don't send me fruit. Still, I do love a fresh, juicy mango or pineapple. Otherwise, I'm really not much into fruit. I'd rather eat vegetables. Shall I carry on again about my desperate love for beets? Or I could alternately go on and on about the joy of cabbage, green beans, sugar snap peas, alfalfa sprouts, bean sprouts, parsnips, carrots, and so many other yummy veggies this world has to offer!



Would a "gift" donation to one of the organizations/causes you support be a great gift, or a lame gift?

Yes, but instead of the generic organizations I listed in my questionnaire, I would love donations to go to either the Kidney Cancer Association or to the Cat Care Society.



How do you deal with stress? What's your favorite way to unwind?

Hot, decadent bath (never a bubble bath -- don't like those!), followed by laying in my bed (or my hammock if it's nice outside and sunny) with a good book.



You're given the opportunity to apprentice at any trade (or craft) of your choosing for the period of one year. Your mentor may be any currently living person. Which field of study would you choose, and who would be your mentor?

I would love to mentor under the editor of a big publishing house -- any one will do.



How do you feel about clothing/accessories made from animals? Anti-fur, leather, shells, etc.? Does even faux wig you out?

Faux does not squick me out -- I have the BEST Elmo-fur coat I wear every winter. I don't mind leather, but I don't like real fur. I think shells are pretty, but I don't want any laying around my house.



I am on an origami crane kick recently, so I wonder if anyone will be interested in origami crane earrings, origami crane in a glass vial (~1.2cm wide) phone charm/pendant or just a container filled with cranes of different sizes.

This is really neat, but it's not really my style.



Which of the seven deadly sins is most likely to be your undoing?

Look at my posts in this topic -- they're pretty much all about food. Obviously, gluttony.



Who is musically inclined? What instruments (voice counts) do you play?

Piano, but I'm without one right now



Anyone want a nickname and embroidered headband from PandaBite?

It's a cute idea, but they'd give me a nickname like "old fat lady", so no.



I have seen a lot of yankee candles haters..... personally i like yankee candle (some of them, anyway). do you or don't you, and if not, what candles do you like?

I don't mind them. I have one called Harvest Leaves that I'm about to pull out and start using. But I don't need more candles -- I still haven't finished my autumn candles from last year.




Actually, I would love to try some tarts from Dark Candles -- the autumn/halloween ones, in particular



Are there any musicals you love?

Yes, Moulin Rouge. I don't own it! I wouldn't mind if I did... Hint, hint!



Somebody should poke my witch and point him/her the way of Blasphemy Scrubs. Those look wonderful! I love scrubs.

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