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jarvpena's astro chart for my husband

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Sheyona's husband was born Feb 18, 1983 at 9:37 in the morning in NY NY


This makes the guy an Aquarian sun person, Taurus rising, Taurus moon. Moon is in the 12th house, Sun is in the 11th house.


Glamdring has Venus/Mars conjunct, that very very enticing pair, in the 12th house in Pisces.


Except for Chiron in the first house (in Taurus) and Pluto and Saturn in the 6th house, opposite the Taurus moon, Glamdring's chart energy is very much above the horizon; public, out there. This doesn't mean he doesn't have a private life, or desire one, but his life will have a lot of public impact, whether or not that is his preference.


Like Sheyona's, his chart has intercepted signs; in his case Libra and Aries, in the 6th and 12th houses.


So, Taurus rising, Chiron in Taurus in the first house. Taurus as a rising sign often bestows rather beautiful eyes (and indeed good looks of all sorts; it is one of the Venus ruled signs--which might also the intercepted Libran qualities to come out in the persona or first impression as well). The first impression of a Taurus rising person--that is, how he impresses us--is usually that he is sensual, quite attractive, grounded, and not all that impulsive--slow to heat up, reliable in the long run. Chiron in the first house has sort of a knight in shining armor effect; the first house Chiron is seen by others as a rescuer and as a champion, and often this is the energy the person intends to project out there into the world: "yes, I am here to save the day!" (um, I think that was from Mighty Mouse cartoons of the past, before your time, and no implication of mouse-hood meant).


Chiron in Taurus, which Glamdring shares with Sheyona, has ambivalence about the physical, about abundance, about the rightness of having things when others do not. Can have issues around food, around the body, around security in being happy and content. But as I said with Sheyona, these are the folks who can connect others to the physical world with much gusto and delight: taste this, try this, isn't this a wonderful day? There is so much charm in a Taurus Chiron when they are working in their element and have shaken off the early fears, or put them aside for a bit.


The second house here has Gemini as its sign, and no planets therein. Values movement and the ability to do a zillion things at once. Communication, distraction, delight. Perpetual motion. Learning, trying, experiencing. "Oh..that's cool...but so is that!". Gemini has a flitty quality, and someone who has this as the 2nd house sign does not want to be bored. Not ever. Continual change, continual learning.


The third house: Cancer. And the north node of the moon is here in the third house. Cancer is also the cusp sign to the 4th house for Glamdring.


Communication and relationships with siblings: emotionally based, sensitive, intuitive. Sheyona's strong Cancerian nature is going to trigger "like a sister to me" impulses in her husband, as well as "this is home, my refuge" (but we'll discuss the two charts together much later on).


And I think I'll deal with the intriguing Cancer/Capricorn nodes of the moon a bit later as well. (the same nodes Sheyona has, though placed a bit differently).


3rd house with a Cancer flavor often gives a great ability to remember anything that has a personal or emotional connection to one.


4th house with Cancer--home must be the place of refuge, must be private (this may be especially needful for Glamdring because his chart is so public in nature). Must be personally comfortable, which doesn't mean that it may be up to what other people think of as comfort. Is "at home" in the realm of change and of nurturing and even maternal energies.


5th house: Leo. He needs drama and flair in his love affairs, in his delights. Wants recognition in his creative work (or as a great romantic leader, or as a child or someone who adores children). Lots of courage in this realm, but makes fairly big demands here as well. Is so charming the demands are usually met (Like "adore me!!")


6th house: Virgo, Libra intercepted. Pluto in Libra here conjunct Saturn in Scorpio. Both pushing up towards the 7th house.

Virgo as a 6th house sign gives a need for precision and authenticity in the workplace; wants to do something that is good (not necessarily showy, but something meaningful) and will use a lot of care if it seems important to him. Virgo may give off an air of "yes, I will help you" and since this is the cover story here, people in the workplace may lean on him a lot, rely on him to do the detail work or the hard work "because he does it well, you know, and he doesn't mind". But in fact he does mind, and he expects equality, give and take; other people need to carry their weight. He also wants to have a real team situation going on, although with Pluto in Libra his concept of what that is may not be ordinary; like Sheyona he is of the generation that redefines team, partnership, beauty, harmony, justice, etc.


Pluto and Saturn in conjunction give responsiblity and power. Since Pluto is tucked into the interception, it may be that in the workplace he gets more of the expectation of being all responsible and less of the realization that he is a person of much power than he'd really like, but both qualities are certainly in his nature.


And they are really in his nature, because these planets are opposite his 12th house Taurus Moon (and I'll blab about that when we hit the moon, at the end of this spin round a chart).


Scorpio Saturn has different but kind of related fears to a Libra Saturn such as Sheyona has. Remember, Saturn in Libra focuses on fears and desires around the partnership that is seen as needful really for the very survival of the person. Saturn in Scorpio is also much focused on relationship, on strong sexual/romantic/intense connection to another person or persons--but for Scorpio Saturn the prospect of that intense connection is also fraught with fear. Because to love someone and admit that you do so is to kind of offer yourself, to make yourself vulnerable. And Scorpio Saturn people fear that vulnerability a lot, seeing in it a loss of power. What they desire most is also what they most fear.


So what you see, very very often, in the relationships of someone with a Saturn in Scorpio placement, is a pattern in which the closer the person feels to another, the more the person suspects that the other is becoming important to him (or her), the more the person is waking up thinking "omigod, I think I am falling in love"--the scarier it all is. And the impulse is to get out of the situation, because it's going to hurt sometime. So you see the Saturn in Scorpio person picking stupid fights, doing stupid things, showing that he doesn't really care. And often leaving a relationship that is in fact the one he wanted to be in, but was way afraid of.


Saturn in Scorpio people may go through several rounds of this before figuring out what's happening. And it can be stopped--or at least laughed at. If the person gets conscious of the pattern they are not subject to it. Sure, they still have moments of fear and insecurity and find themselves starting to slam doors and leave forever--but with luck and knowledge they can go "wait, here I go again--oh, isn't this funny?". And laugh. (My daughter has Saturn in Scorpio, and I've watched her grow through this--she's quite self aware, fascinating.)


Well, that was an interesting place to break off. Scorpio is the sign on Glamdring's house of partnerships and marriage thus, having a triple Cancer for a wife isn't totally out of the question; water sign energy will feel partner-ish to him; he is really craving emotional depth and authenticity and passion from his partners, not just nice conversational ability. No planets here.


The planetary situation gets a lot more interesting when we come into the house of sexuality, death, primal connections, joint ventures, inheritance, and karma, the 8th house. Sagittarius is the sign, and the planets here are Jupiter and Uranus in absolute conjunction, something one doesn't see much. (well, they are maybe 3 seconds apart). It was a very revolutionary moment in the cosmos when Glamdring happened into this world.

Also in the 8th house is Neptune, and this is in Sagittarius as well.


So we have three of the powerful outer planets just vibrating away in the house of karma and sexuality and the occult and all that, in the sign of Sagittarius--the great explorer of the universe, the sign that wants to jump over all the fences and boundaries and such, the seeker.


Jupiter joined with Uranus is...well, it's kind of like having an electrical zapping machine of some sort always arcing with energy. The unusual will feel right to Glamdring, what might be shocking to others is not shocking to him (though he may get a sly delight in being a bit shocking himself). There could be a knack with electronics or new technology, a passion for everything that is new, unusual, way ahead of his time.

This pair is sextile Mercury--the mind is unusual, bright, and vibrating a bit faster than most people's--and full of ideas; the desire to communicate is strong. Lots of enthusiasm, lots of originality.

The pair is square the Sun, however. (late Aquarian Sun, early Sagittarian Jupiter/Uranus). What I think in this case is that the square may not be so challenging--Uranus is after all the Aquarian planet--but that sometimes Glamdring gets swept away by his impulses, swept away by his enthusiasms, and may take risks that aren't maybe really good for him. (but that's just a guess here).


These two planets in Sagittarius would like to transform the world. Having Jupiter in the 8th house makes it likely that he will benefit from the things others in his life possess (knowledge or material goods). But with Uranus here this could be subject to a bunch of change.


Neptune in Sagittarius, which he shares with Sheyona, will bring out the sympathy of critters (are cats as fond of your husband as they are of you, Sheyona?). Neptune in the 8th house gives a tendency to see one's partners and one's joint ventures with very rose colored glasses; sometimes may give a degree of psychic ability as well.


Neptune squares Mars/Venus. This gives a romantic soul, but also a life in which things involving the outer world, and other people, kind of draw him along--there can be life changes through others and a sense of things being "fated" for him, not chosen.


The 9th house is Capricorn cusped, and contains Pallas in Capricorn. So in terms of travel, higher education, etc this is a guy who has ambition and skill and a sense of structure (which is a bit unexpected, given that vibrating wildness of the 8th house Jupiter/Uranus energy). Pallas in Capricorn is almost too good at seeing patterns, structure, the foundations of things; how things work at a very physical level as well as a mental one. In the 9th house this might give quite a gifted intelligence. Travel would need to be well planned, careful, for a Capricorn 9th house.


The 10th house is also Capricorn cusped. So in public, in his career, Glamdring comes across as quite the capable, executive, responsible type, ambitious, steady, enduring. Like Sheyona he has the Capricorn Lilith. He has also Ceres in Capricorn, and Ceres is conjunct Lilith in precisely the way Sheyona's Lilith and Juno are conjunct. For a guy, the Lilith placement is kind of about the inner "female" energy and may say a lot about the sorts of women he resonates well with in his life, his anima. Someone with Lilith and Ceres conjunct at the midheaven is quite an unusual person indeed. He too is called to understand the depths of life in the way a woman with a Cappie Lilith might be--but he may experience this more in relationship to another, and with Ceres here...well, it is almost as if he is able to support or be supported by that deep energy; it doesn't frighten him, it is something he understands in his heart and can work with, can foster.

With Ceres at the midheaven he is viewed in public as a caretaking sort of person, the one who will manage to fix things. (there is, in this chart--and we'll get to it when we hit the 12th house moon--some very huge theme around maternal energy, maybe his mom, maybe some part of himself; I don't know--but I will try to get to it). Ceres in Capricorn feels best if he can be in control of everything. (um, he can't be; this is why Ceres in Cappie people have a hard time sometimes).


Mercury in Aquarius is in the 10th house as well. His mental abilities (which are likely fairly awesome ) are a big part of his career path and his public image. Could also be communication, writing, teaching. With an Aquarian Mercury it isn't going to be in an expected way, thought--avant garde, unusual. A 10th house Mercury may also find a career that involves a lot of travel, and enjoy that.


Mercury is the focal planet for a t square including the Moon and Pluto/Saturn. The completion point for that t square would be in the 4th house, in Leo. Squaring the Moon, squaring Pluto/Saturn, Glamdring has a mind and a communication style that reaches people at an almost archetypal level, although he may struggle with how to contain emotions and what to do with his sense of power and his sense of responsiblity. What he communicates will reach deeply, and that can be both good and challenging (to others, to himself as well). He can work out this energy if he is able to establish a strong sense of his power in his home, in whatever his foundation in life is, and in taking a leadership role in that realm.


The 11th house, which is Aquarian, is where the Sun is shining. This is the house of friendship, group activities, life dreams...Juno in Aquarius is also here. Aquarius is actually the "natural" sign on the 11th house, and the Aquarian Sun is quite at home here, dealing with the collective, with friendships, with the big picture and theories and vast intellectual vistas. And lucky for Glamdring, his friends, his natural allies and partners, partake of the Aquarian dream. "let's make the world better for everyone!" "let's try to understand how everything is connected and functions--oh, I have this wonderful idea about why butterflies taste with their feet!". Someone with an 11th house Sun in essence finds himself through his group activities, through his friendship groups, and through manifestation of his life goals (different than career or work, these are the heart goals).


I've babbled on a bunch about Aquarius; great sign that it is, and the sunsign of the guy I've shared a life with for a long, long time (which gives me both a positive and a negative hit on the sign, let me tell you!). These folks tend to be intellectually free souls. Fascinated by everything--but on this odd level of intellectual detachment. "Loves humanity, doesn't particularly like people". Aquarius is usually quite capable of giving other people a lot of space, and yet quite a lot of support in their odd and detached fashion. Aquarians often are great innovators...let's think, famous Aquarians: Virginia Woolf, Mozart, Lewis Carroll, Colette...Friendship, the group, is usually very key for Aquarian energy and to be a friend of an Aquarian is to rise to high status in their mind (I was reading the other day about someone who introduced his son as his "friend" rather than son; just as my partner often introduces me as his best friend---back in the day this used to confuse interested women quite a lot (& partner was clueless, and the poor women were all "your best friend is the mother of your kids, wtf?"). These are the rebels of the zodiac, and often great fun to be with if you enjoy the heady discussions and plans. They also have often a strong connection to new technology (computer stuff etc). (in my partner's case this is a strong negative connection: he is under strict supervision every time he gets near anything electronic because...you just never know.)

Often very ahead of their time, often very quirky. As they give space to others, they need space from others. And people who really need a bunch of emotional validation and cuddles may not get that from a strong Aquarian (this is why I was all wtf about the triple Cancer Sheyona and her marriage to an Aquarian guy. But I suspect the Taurus energy compensates, and when I look at the charts together, briefly, we'll see some connections that are strong.)


The 12th house is Pisces cusped and starts out with that "yes, I'll do anything you want me too, my goodness, you are amazing" pair, Mars/Venus in Pisces, as well as Vesta in Pisces. Aries is intercepted, and the house ends with the Taurus Moon

I so envy the Mars/Venus people of this planet, but people like supervillainess, who have this aspect in their chart (waves at the glorious superv!) tell me that it isn't all as lovely as I imagine to have this sparkle and magic that makes people react to you as if you were...I don't know--the nicest thing in the world. People with Mars/Venus conjunct have tremendous charm. What in the roaring 20's was called the It Factor; it is just damn attractive, in all ways, and people generally react to it by wanting to do nice things for the Mars/Venus person, by seeing them in the best possible light. So a lot of projection, really (and there is the difficulty; sometimes people would like to be seen fully, as they are, not all in the heightened light of glamour).


In Pisces this is very--romantic, very seductive, very poetic and kind of "yes, I am perhaps a doomed poet, but...only do as I wish and I will love you forever". And it's in the 12th house, so it is possible Glamdring doesn't have a clue he projects this, that he unsettles people with that kind of projected promise (it would be difficult to be married to a guy with this sometimes, because--well, gosh, if you constantly have people fawning over your husband...). Very gentle as well, not confrontative in the least. Sensitive. Doesn't want to hurt people, and may therefore hold back aggressive or assertive impulses.


The 12th house is about the unconscious and what we might not wish to see, what we want to deny, what makes us uncomfortable either because we desire it greatly or because we fear it. But it is as well a house of dreams. Venus in the 12th house might kind of repress the need for sweetness in life, the need for affection; Mars in the 12th represses anger. One fears letting go in both these areas because--omigod, it might be overwhelming! (but no one can repress any planetary influence forever; so the energy comes out suddenly and often inconveniently).

With Aries intercepted here, the drive, the aggression, the assertiveness and the will are kind of held back. One dreams--Pisces is a great dreamer--but, wait, how and when do I act on this? how do I seize the right moment? Can rush into things too soon, can wait too long. Lifelong learning here. Also may feel that the assertive nature is missed by others; that others think him too soft in some way.


Vesta here (Vesta in Pisces is highly artistic, btw) gives a big need to get out. Get out of confined places and confined situations, even if they feel secure, even if they feel "oh, I really don't have a choice here". This is physical and emotional both; Glamdring needs to keep seeking a wider perspective, and he needs to physically get to places where there is some vista, some fresh air.


Moon in the 12th house is intensely connected to dream, to intuition (which is unusual for a Taurus Moon; they are usually pretty down to earth actually). Uncomfortable if there are hidden agendas (just as a 12th house Sun would be). Needs to understand the secrets; doesn't trust people who seem to be holding something back (not that he wants to reveal everything). Moon in Taurus may be highly musical, very sensuous, needs to have a tangible connection to things, responds well to touch (back rubs are much relished by Moon in Taurus folks usually, and they can reciprocate pretty nicely).


The moon has to do with our inner self, our emotional core. For Glamdring there is an element of sensitivity increased by a trine from Neptune, but also some heavy challenge from the opposition from Pluto and Saturn, which would...well, usually a heavy aspect to the moon is about a difficult infancy (or pre-birth period). In this case both parents may well have been under a lot of stressors, and his birth may have come during a difficult time. Could also be that he had some health difficulties or something like that--in any case he had an early experience of separation and determination to survive--without the comfort he craved, if necessary. This sort of thing gives a power and potentially gives sensitivity, but I can't say it is easy. He is someone who, with the Pisces Venus, craved a sensitive and tender caring (though he could never really ask for it) and received the precision and structure of the Capricorn Ceres instead; the opposition from Saturn is also like that, and the opposition from Pluto feels like "where is everyone? I must survive on my own, I don't need them". So there were maybe some harsh lessons passed through.


The nodes of the moon run Cancer/Capricorn 3/9--with the ease of the kind of faraway learning and travel and structure being what is really natural for him: yep, can make things work in a formal pattern! that's simple! Can learn and teach, absolutely. But what he is called to is to claim his heart and what is local, what is tender, what is vulnerable--and to communicate that as if to a group of brothers and sisters. To his people, his own people. (this may not make a bit of sense. Oh well.).


Now, when you put the two charts, Sheyona and Glamdring together, you get a Grand Trine, one of the easiest flows of energy possible. It connects their Suns, which are trine (despite being in Air and Water) and Pluto/Saturn in his chart and Pluto/Jupiter in hers. Their Plutos are conjunct, and Jupiter in her chart is conjunct his Saturn.

I have to tell you this is dynamic and very positive, though the presence of Pluto here (and Saturn, actually) makes for a strongly karmic tie.


Their Chirons are in conjunction, her Venus conjunct his Chiron just as it is conjunct her own; makes for a potentially healing partnership.


Their Mercuries are trine; they understand each other quite well.


His Mercury is also trine her Mars/Saturn; she may in a way be a teacher towards him, a steadying influence.


Her Jupiter is opposite his moon, this will feel good, encouraging.


Their Neptunes are conjunct.


His Venus/Mars is at her Midheaven (this feels good, and may help her career)


Her sun is conjunct his north node of the moon: very karmic indeed.


His Uranus is sextile her Mars. This can give a very hot and sometimes erratic relationship; alone it makes for the "oh, let's fall in love" impulse but doesn't necessarily give a long term connection; in these charts it is supported by lots of enduring links so just adds spice. However, the relationship is likely to have some periods of heavy change, especially from her perspective. (not bad necessarily, but unexpected).


Her Uranus squares his Sun; this is challenging, kind of pokes and prods; some irritable moments. The attraction in the chart may just use this to fuel more fun things.


Her Sun, Moon, and Rising all fall in his 3rd house, which are going to make her feel much like a sibling to him; good for communication.


His Sun falls in her 9th house--he expands her world and her viewpoints, perhaps; his Moon falls in her 11th house, house of friends/groups; so does his rising sign (he's "one of her gang")

Okay, let's take a look at what current transits are doing in the lives of Sheyona and Glamdring before we leave their charts.


In passing--baking to relieve stress is so Cancerian it made me chuckle, Sheyona. I mean, not meanly, but...goodness, there couldn't be a more textbook example of what a stressed Cancer might do, except maybe go into her pretty cave and growl at those who try to get her out of it. And you are right, it just reinforces everyone's perception of "oh, look, the nice person with the cookies!!" (but lucky people who get to be around those cookies. I had a friend with a Cancer moon who made the best chocolate chip cookies in the world. Oh...yum..)


So first, Sheyona's current transits: Because it is close to her birthday, she is at her solar return: start of a new cycle (it's what we celebrate, really, as we enter a new year; that sense of fresh start, new possibilities).


Venus is in her first house right now, which should be making her quite attractive (more than usual) to others. Venus is close to the northnode; a sense of "love will help me with my true goals" might be part of this.


Pluto is now opposite her Sun. This is a major transit, challenging her sense of who she is, her identity, prodding her to look deeper, giving opportunities for transformation. Pluto is still in the 6th house, where it has been for a long time now in her life; eventually, in the next couple of years, it will move on into her 7th house and she may see interesting changes in that area of her life. In the 6th house there is a focus on service and health: what is health, what is wholeness, how do I support it? The opposition to her Sun, while making others think she is actually kind of powerful (well, she is) may feel draining to her. Like the conjunction to the Sun (which she will never experience) this gives intensity to life. Change is not easy in any case. The good thing is that all this is really working towards good things; she will look back on this period in her life as a time that started, perhaps, the truly exciting and joyful things she was meant to be doing and didn't realize. But meanwhile--Sheyona, take very good care of yourself. Basic stuff: eating, drinking enough water, trying to get enough sleep. Other people think "oh, she's so strong and in control" and you may not get much help from them, cause they don't realize. You need to provide yourself with what you need.


Mars and Saturn are both traveling in the 3rd house of Sheyona's chart, and these would make for...well, direct communications but a need to not have unnecessary ones; could have stress with relatives or with neighbors, could just be very assertive. Saturn is sextile the Sun, so there are resources to draw on in terms of being able to be disciplined, structured. Could also bring an older mentor who is like a sibling (or an actual sibling) into a key role.


Uranus has just entered her 10th house, crossing the midheaven. Changes in career, changes in public image. This can sometimes bring unexpected opportunities.


Neptune is in her 9th house; in terms of studies and travel this can bring a lot of imaginative energy but make it sometimes a little difficult to focus. Good for intuitive things, not always really great for logical focus (but one can do that; just takes a little more effort).


Jupiter is in her 7th house, enhancing partnerships and marriage. Still opposite her moon, which might make her a bit more emotional than usual (though it is supposed to make one a bit more hopeful, usually). This was closer a couple months back.


Now, in Glamdring's chart, those planets are wandering in different houses. For him

Jupiter is in the 9th house, enhancing travel and studies, making it probable he'd have good luck in those areas right now, or that he'd just have a lot more going on there.


Pluto is conjunct Glamdring's Neptune. This, like the Pluto/Sun opposition Sheyona is facing, is a major and difficult transit. It tends to make one disbelieve or question all one's former beliefs and securities. "I was a fool to think that...." There may be times in which the world seems bleak--nothing to hold to or believe in (it can be very much what was termed the dark night of the soul in some Christian paths). What is being forged now is good, but the process, to put it mildly, sucks. "This is only a transit" "I will not always feel this way" "I have gifts and talents" etc. (B vitamins are good too).

This transit is happening in his house of joint ventures, inheritance, sexuality, death, etc.


Neptune is coming to a conjunction with his Sun. This increases sensitivity and romanticism and poetry of heart and all those lovely things. Can also increase a sense of "oh, poor me, I am not loved and admired as I ought to be"; if self pity starts coming on the best way to work it out is by taking care of others. (yeah, I know, sounds trite, but it does work). This is happening in the 11th house, so there could be more needful friends/groups in his life right now too.


Uranus is hitting that Mars/Venus pair he has in the 12th house, and this transit is one that often marks times of feeling like one must make HUGE changes, or of falling in love suddenly. Desire to take risks, desire to change one's life, feelings of being pent up, feelings of "I have to have something real and wonderful in my life!" Great yearning of the heart. Can be very creative energy if you have a way of using it. He should be very careful of making sudden decisions to change his life, run away with circus dancers, move to Fiji, or whatever. Think about it, and think about it again. Uranus supports change, and if the change is good it will come, but--don't force it. And be careful.


Mars and Saturn are in his 5th house: so energy and restriction both, or assertion and structure both, in the house of fun and romance and creativity and kids (actually the Saturn transit of the 5th sometimes brings children into the life, just as the Jupiter transit does; because one takes on more responsiblity for children (or pets) during this time)

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