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BPAL Madness!
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Are you into 80s movies (like i am ) if so, which are your favorites and who are your favorite characters? all the Molly Ringwald ones!

Do you like Villainess soaps? What are your favorite scents? Blush! though I am open to other fruity (or ambery) scents!

Do you mind artificial colors in your food? kind of. only if I know they are there, hah.

Who wants hair pretties?(headbands, barrettes, pony-o's, scrunchies, bobby pins, hair clips, etc) I really love those hair ties that are like cut up nylons, fabric with no elastic.

If you were my witchee, would you like any of the scents/sizes that are available on clearance? I'm not sure which company you are talking about? I don't mind stuff that's on sale!

I am on an origami crane kick recently, so I wonder if anyone will be interested in origami crane earrings, origami crane in a glass vial (~1.2cm wide) phone charm/pendant or just a container filled with cranes of different sizes. I love origami! I love ANYTHING Japanese, Kawaii etc. I would also love a phone charm/strap.

How do you feel about clothing/accessories made from animals? Anti-fur, leather, shells, etc.? Does even faux wig you out? I love faux :lol: The only leather I have is in my Native American regalia, which has been ethically, erm... harvested according to traditions.

How do you deal with stress? What's your favorite way to unwind? playing video games, hangin with the kitties or dog, reading, watching my favorite show.

You're given the opportunity to apprentice at any trade (or craft) of your choosing for the period of one year. Your mentor may be any currently living person. Which field of study would you choose, and who would be your mentor? a Quilting Bee would be cool. I'm not quite sure otherwise though. I prefer learning crafts and doing them on my lonesome.

Who is musically inclined? What instruments (voice counts) do you play? Would you enjoy sheet music? I'd love some easy piano sheet music!

Favorite musicals? Hedwig and the Angry Inch!

Which of the seven deadly sins is most likely to be your undoing? envy :blush:

Anyone want a nickname and embroidered headband from PandaBite? no thanks.

I have seen a lot of yankee candles haters..... personally i like yankee candle (some of them, anyway). do you or don't you, and if not, what candles do you like? this assumes you like candles. otherwise, what specific home fragrance do you use? Autumn Leaves!! best fall scent ever.

Would a "gift" donation to one of the organizations/causes you support be a great gift, or a lame gift?

Does anyone have any symbols they consider to be personally significant or talismanic?

Are there any Gods, Goddess, or other mythological figures of whom you're particularly fond? Inanna and Bast

Super villain or vigilante? Which would you like to be? Which would you like to receive?

What mythical or fantastic race of creatures (dragons, unicorns, griffins, elves, dwarves, faeries, etc.) do you most identify with, and why?

How do you feel about Dia de los Muertos? Are you interested in sugar skulls? Catrina (or other) skeleton figurines?

Do you have a favorite poem or poet?

For the crafty people out there: would you prefer something crafted or crafting supplies?

Can you use pill boxes, a hard ID case, coin purse, etc? I would LOVE a cool pill box or coin purse! I love vintage-ey looking ones mostly.

Any songs you are desperately into at the moment?

What's autumn like in your neck of the woods? What do you love and/or hate about it? it is PERFECT here in Connecticut. If I ruled the world it would be Fall all year long. I love chilly walks through the woods, the cool smell of fallen leaves, my mom's irish potato stuffing on thanksgiving, warming up with hot apple cider or hot cocoa after a long day of work and school, AND best of all cuddling under blankets with the Boy.

What's your favorite product(s) at Trader Joe's? oh god. where to start? I love their roasted chicken patties, their sausages, their tomato soups (in carton and in cans) I love their tea tree tingle shampoo (would love to try the conditioner!), their whey protein, their olive oil, most of their thai food, and their tiramisu cake was good on my bday. I haven't really ventured out of my 'safe zone' (I'm weird with food) so I haven't tried a lot of the so called amazing things yet, like the cookies and candy and pasta and falafel things. The sushi is just okay, not my favorite but decent when I want it. We get my dog her food their and also those little paw print peanut butter cookies, I get the cats treat there too but they refuse the food, I've tried it! I love Trader Joes because I am a poor college student that loves to eat healthy and natural, so its perfect for me because I can get so much on a very tight budget!

If you're caught in front of the tv, what are you watching? Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job! The Mighty Boosh, or Ghost Hunters, occasionally Destination: Truth when I can stand the corniness, and I LOVE the Office.

Any Amy Brown art fans? nah, its so hot topic corny. I can't stand it. I however LOVE Brian Froud so so much.

How do you feel about Halloween music? (mix CDs, what have you) no thanks. unless its specifically ritual music for Samhain or something.

Who else is reeeeeally looking forward to Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland? not really. I mean I'd watch it later on at someone's house but I'm tired of Tim Burton now and his conquest of already good fairy tales and stories. Corpse Bride was good at least because it was original. But Alice in Wonderland, even the creepy version, has been done done done. (I love Johnny Depp just like anyone else, too, but I am tired of him being typecasted in all these movies. There are plenty of other good actors to play these parts!)

Is there a store that you love which does not have a location near you (but that has a physical presence somewhere, not just online? Why do you love it so much? IKEA! There's one in New Haven but that's so so far.

Lolcats....yeah or nay? occasionally there is a pretty good one. but they're overdone.

What is your favorite creepy folk story or legend? Sleepy Hollow. mostly ghost stories. I'd love a big book of New England hauntings or something!

If your witch were to either write something for you or put together a collection of ghost stories, would you rather have it in writing, recorded as an oral telling, or both? in writing, I'd be afraid of losing a recording!

If you had the funds to comission an original painting for yourself, what would it be of? What would it be like- colors, size, style? I'd paint it myself! though I do ADORE these prints http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=991&a...tion_id=5584013 and would kill for one of them. especially this one! http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?ref=v...ing_id=31048157

What's something you're really looking forward to in the semi-near future? The Loveliness of Fall. and Halloween.

What fictional character do you most identify with and why? Jo March from Little Women. We are the same.

Could you use a 'travel' imp case? How many should it hold? I'd love one! maybe 6 or 7 but it doesn't matter.

As a witchee, would you prefer to have many little packages sent to you throughout the round with a not-so-big final package or fewer things throughout the round with one huge final package to seal the sweetness? What is your idea of the perfect evening at home? whatever my witch prefers!

Are you on any social networks (MySpace, Twitter, LJ, Facebook, Bebo, etc)? If so, make with the links! Are you open to new friends? my LJ name is garnetmaire, I have a facebook but I try to keep it somewhat private as I'm paranoid. If you want to add me, my name on there is Rachel Marie Joslyn, and just let me know who you are on here and I'll add you :) )

What kind of socks? STRIPES STRIPES STRIPES in dark colors! I also adore the slouch socks from sock dreams!

How often do you update your wishlist? whenever I have the energy to! usually whenever new stuff comes out.

May I help you fill out your costuming wardrobe (assuming you costume)? Are there articles you are seeking to enhance your a) Halloween costume, Renfest attire, c) Cosplay, d) Steampunk accouterment? eh no thanks.

Who are your favorite artists/illustrators/art periods? Victorian, Renaissance, Bosch,

What's your stance on cranberries? yum!

Do you mind receiving used (in good condition, of course) CDs or DVDs? (I know this question was on the questionnaire about books, but I didn't see one for DVDs or CDs.) of course!

Do you have a crush on anyone famous? Do you have a crush on any literary characters? Would you like fanfiction or fan art based on this/these people? Christian Bale :lol:

You're at home, or out, and you want a snack. Something that will get you through to the next meal, or through to the end of school or what ever. What do you grab? roasted and lightly salted soy nuts or chickpeas!

Do you have a favorite bpal bottle art? I really liked the Yule 2007 art series, but I only received the art on some of the bottles, like Rose Red.

Are there any decants from the Halloweenies, Literary Vampires, Gris Grimly, or Hellboy that you would be interested in receiving? ALL AND ANY!

There has been a lot of talk about chocolate, but none about Candy! What is your favorite Candy? What candy do you hate? I hate Licorice, Butterscotch and violet candy. everything else is good. My absolute favorite are these: http://www.veryasia.com/meguch.html

Do you have a Blu-Ray player? I think our PS3 plays Blu-Ray?

Do you have any objections to receiving downloads? Is your internet connection fast enough for you to download large files like music easily? I think my computer can handle large files! I love getting downloads from people :(

Are there any songs, albums, movies, or TV shows that you can't find/haven't been released that you want? I can't really think of any. I have been coveting the Six Feet Under series so so badly. for years.

Are you interested in things like home remedies for ailments, cleaning solutions, etc.? yeah, sure!

If you do any kind of craft, could you use supplies? What kind? knitting needles, yarn, amazing fabric, pinking shears, cool thimbles or pincushins, jewelery making supplies, beads, etc.? I love cool fabrics and animal prints, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE gemstone beads.

What's your favorite pain-relief remedy or ritual? hot shower? I get most of my pain in my feet from work and running around campus everyday.

Do sounds make you happy? What ambient noises make you smile? rain, definitely. The sound of my boyfriend's voice.

When you receive your SW packages...do you like receiving things that are individually wrapped inside? or unwrapped? or both? It is always really fun to get a big package filled with individually wrapped pressies, but honestly it isn't exactly necessary.

Of course, we're all going to be grateful no matter what our witches give us, but for the record, what is your anti-present? Tell us something that you think your future witch might give you that you absolutely, unequivocally DO. NOT. WANT. poop. Hey I had to be honest.

What BPAL scent have you never tried but always wanted to? What scent have you tried and LOVED, and haven't been able to get more of and why? Red Moon '04, the best scent ever. I will hoard my 1/5666958 of a decant! :(

I know we're all scent sensitive here. What are your favorite non-perfume smells? Day in the life stuff? summer rain, autumn leaves, forest scents on hikes in the middle of Autumn, the scent of my kitty's and my doggy's fur :(

Coffee drinkers, what types of beans to you like? Kona, Sumatra, Kenya..etc. How do you like them roasted? Do you like flavors, such as hazelnut, vanilla, etc. in your coffee? I liked Hawaiian Kona when I tried it when I worked at Gloria Jeans. Though it sucks that its like 50 bucks a pound :lol: I definitely like the mild blends.

Who has a birthday falling in this round? me. though its going to suck and I'd rather not have a birthday this year.

For those of us who like chocolate, do you like anything /in/ your chocolate, like fruit, nuts, or for the more daring among us, chilies? no chilies thanks. I like my chocolate plain mostly.

Are there any childhood shows/movies/games/books/etc. that still hold a really special place in your heart? Books: Liza Lou and the Yeller Belly Swamp

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