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The Zieba Tree

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In the imp: Mmm...really high-end shampoo.


On wet: Clean, clean, clean! Watery, with just a hint of something floral - again, it brings to mind some gorgeously expensive bath product. Niiiiice!


Drydown: This is *so* clean, so cool, so fresh, it's like I'm in taking a bubble bath. In a lake. While it's raining ever so softly. And pale flowers are floating all around. And the breeze is mild and equally fragrant. Very pretty and evocative...though a tad too perfumey for my taste, heh. The peach eventually peeps out from beneath all those blossoms and well-blended notes, but it's majorly overshadowed by the primary players.


Overall: Quite a heady fragrance, though it maintains a lightness that's very appealing. Reminds me quite a bit of 51 - in feeling, rather than scent similarity. Both are glittery, perfumey, floral-fruit-white resin compositions, and I think both could pass for complex commercial scents (in a good way, mind). Not sure if a bottle is in my future, as I already have 51 to see to this particular olfactory niche, but I will absolutely be keeping and using my imp. 3/5

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