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BPAL Madness!
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Mine, All Mine! (Bottles And Imps)

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Red listed bottles are available on my swaps and sales.


BPTP Atmosphere Sprays

Dungeon decant more please!

Unopened Bottles

How Doth the Little Crocodile available for sale/swap received 08/28/09 from Lab

Lawn Gnome available for sale/swap

Lilith Victoria Yellow Dress with Snake, received 11/12/08 from Lab

Pumpkin IV '08 x2


Strawberry Moon '09 available for sale/swap

Sunbird received 06/27/13 from CBLDF

Opened Bottles

All They Had Seen, and All They Had Lost 3/5 full

Bezoar empty, received 05/15/10

Death of Autumn 1/5 full

How Doth the Little Crocodile 2/5 full

Lawn Gnome 3/5 full

Lilith Victoria: Little Witch with Owl 2/5 full

Mictecacihuatl 1/5 full available for sale/swap

Pumpkin IV '08 2/5 full

Shub-Niggurath 3/5 full

Snake Oil 2/5 full, gift received 12/25/09

Strawberry Moon '09 3/5 full

Sunbird 2/5 full

Imps and Decants I'm keeping these, imps for sale/swap are here

Bezoar 1 ml roller vial

All They Had Seen, and All They Had Lost 1 ml roller vial

How Doth the Little Crocodile 1 ml roller vial

Lawn Gnome 1 ml roller vial

Lilith Victoria 1 ml roller vial

Pumpkin IV '08 1 ml roller vial

Serpent's Tonic (custom blend of Snake Oil and Dragon's Milk) 1 ml roller vial

Shub-Niggurath 1 ml roller vial

Strawberry Moon '09 1 ml roller vial

Sunbird 1 ml roller vial



boymonster's box

The Bow and Crown of Conquest 5 ml 1/5 full, exactly what a boy should smell like

The Bow and Crown of Conquest 1 ml roller vial

Calico Jack

Cthulhu 5 ml 2/5 full

Cthulhu 1 ml roller vial


No. 93 Engine 5 ml empty

No. 93 1 ml roller vial

Jolly Roger

Trevor Bruttenhelm 5ml empty

Trevor Bruttenhelm 1 ml roller vial

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