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BPAL Madness!
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Daily BPAL for November

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October's venture made me realize that I need to test my top ten again, because Mag Mell dropped off my list! So I'll be working those in there, too. I'm trying to alternate days with LE's and GC's. Mostly, anyhow.


1: Dionysia (retry)


2: Phantom Queen

3: Gladdener of All Hearts

4: Bengal

5: Et Lux Fuit

6: Dana O'Shee

7: Tiki Queen

8: Earth Rat


9: Daiyu (retry)

10: Dee

11: Mictecacihuatl

12: Buggre Alle This Bible

13: Egg Nog

14: Western Diamondback

15: Lilith Victoria


16: Eclipse

17: Faith

18: Morocco

19: Cytherea

20: Carnal

21: Love's Philosophy

22: Miskatonic University


23: Crow Moon

24: Boomslang

25: Lilith Victoria (What? I love this one!)

26: Vasakasajja

27: Gladdener of All Hearts (What could be better for Thanksgiving?)

28: Villain

29: The Perilous Parlor


30: Dorian

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