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BPAL Madness!
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wishlisty stuff (non-bpal)

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a list of things i would be so happy to try! :eek:


stash tea



green yerba mate

chai white

fusion green & white

christmas morning

sweet cinnamon

double spice chai


or anything else! (really, truly. all tea is good tea for me :lol:)





mate lemon blast

earl grey creme

white ayurvedic chai

lavender dreams white tea (really freakin' expensive, so this is just an idea. i love lavender!)

rooibos chai


(or any of teavana's other flavors! they all sound amazing!)


:eek: TEA IS GOOD. (and obviously tea not on these lists is much appreciated as well!!)




birth rite stuff

any of the Burn candles!


or really, anything! :lol: i have always loved gingersnapped, the soap and smooch.


other e-tailers i love: possets! i also LOVE haunt on etsy (re-opening on 9.28 :eek:)




etsy wishlist!


I also loooove body and face scrubs, particularly sugar. I love feeling squeaky and scrubby clean!


I love most anything that smells of lavender, mint, vanilla, lilac, ginger, rosemary-mint. I love herbal stuff. I love anything that will put me to sleep.


also, I just started taking baths again, so any bath type stuff is much appreciated. woo! :eek:

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