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BPAL Madness!
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Today has not been good.


First, I was doing laundry earlier this afternoon, and Todd had put our new lawnmover in the laundry room. I had moved it out to get to the dryer, and as I was walking out, I crashed into it - smashed the toes on my left foot, and I was wearing sandels. My toes are still hurting, worse then before, so I'm having a hard time walking.


Then the power went out, which irritated me to no end - they are working on the water lines in our neighborhood. It was out for a couple hours, in which time all I could do was find a book and read.


When the power came back on, I got a glass of orange pop, the last in the bottle. Which I presided to spill everywhere, by knocking it over.


After I had cleaned that mess up, I resumed the laundry, which included trying to get the base dress for my Dragon*Con costume white. I got some RIT color taking away stuff, and it didn't work at all. So I just turned the washer back on and dumped what little bleach we had into the washer. If that doesn't work, I'll buy another bottle of bleach at Ingles tomorrow and try that... if that doesn't work, I'll have to hit some thrift stores, and look for a new dress. Blargh!!


Now I have to do the dishes before Todd comes home in an hour, and hope my toes stop hurting soon.


And I still have a migraine! ^_^

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