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BPAL Madness!
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From the Quiz Me! forum

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For SW help and general fun:


1. What is your favorite season, and why? I love them all, but I really love early winter/late fall, when most of the bugs are dormant because it's so cold, but it's not bitterly cold.


2. What is the most awe-inspiring or beautiful thing you've ever experienced? Being in love. Getting married. My sacred memories, too.


3. Which songs are guaranteed to make you cry? I Hope You Dance. 4am by Our Lady Peace used to do it to me, too, but for a very different reason.


4. Which ones are guaranteed to make you dance around like a giddy idiot? Breathless. Video Killed the Radio Stars. A few others.


5. Which book most changed your life or outlook? The Chronicles of Narnia


6. What was the most awkward time of your life? High school.


7. What do you adore the most in all the world? If you're really asking me what, it's my ever growing freedom from anxiety and depression ruling my life. If you're asking who... My husband, my mother, my cousin, my best friend, my cat, my sister, brothers, their children and my in laws.


8. What irritates you the most? People who drive really slowly when I'm in a hurry.


9. When were you happiest (besides now)? My wedding day.


10. What is the perfect meal for you? So long as it has a good dessert...


11. If you could dress in the clothes of any era, what would you wear? 1930's glam


12. What are your best dreams about? Life


13. What is your best "I was so drunk..." story? My husband's "Donnie's dead!" story- I've never been drunk.


14. What is the story of your first love? The story? Exhiliration, little birdies singing disney songs outside my window every morning, a ray of hope like nothing I'd ever experienced entering my heart, excitement like nothing else, feeling beautiful for the first time in my life, that sense of breathless desperation like, "This is IT. It HAS to be...", being incredibly naive and learning my lesson about trusting something that's too good to be true, becoming cynical and angsty and heartbroken and angry and self destructive only to eventually find my way to my husband, who would have formerly entered the category of "Too good to be true" but really, he's too damn good not to be true. There is no end to the story.


15. What is your favorite painting? It really depends on my mood. I ADORE Renoir- there's something about seeing the pieces in person that changes my whole perspective.


16. Who is your favorite Shakespearian character, and why? I don't know.


17. What is the best concert you've ever attended? I don't like crowds enough to go.


18. What is your favorite indulgence or vice? Indulgence: BPAL. Vice: Sweets.


19. What is your greatest regret (again, "no regrets" doesn't count!)? That I can't say I have no regrets. I would do things differently, given the chance, so it's a good thing I can't.


20. What is your favorite physical aspect of yourself? My hair.


21. What is one very interesting fact about you that hasn't yet been shared? I was in New Orleans just over a week before Katrina hit.

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