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Heroine Circle and the First Set of Reviews

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I'm slowly making my way through the Heroines. I would have thought that after spending so much time decanting these Friday night, that I would have more of an idea of them all. But this time, unlike with the Yules, I didn't really notice them as I was decanting. I blame the dogs and having to yell at them to keep them in line all night. The good thing is that since there are extras, I can take my time in trying each of them. So far, I adore Vasakasajja, like Khandita, and not so fond of Kalahantarika. (Khandita and Kalahantarika I tried out at the request of Indicolite in chat Sat night).


My little not so great reviews:


I have to say that this was the Heroine that I was looking forward to the most - and I was not let down. My experience with it went as follows: "Oooo...yum...oooh...wow"


Wet right after applying: Very vanilla/tonka/sweet/creamy/goodness

As it dries: the sweet & creamy slowly give way to blossoming tropical & exotic flowers. Once it dries, it is this beautiful exotic orchid that is softened with a sweet vanilla creamy background. It is wonderful. It isn't want I would call overly floral - it is like one single unified flower.


I do question a little its staying power & throw. When I first put it on, it seemed power enough, but now, 2 hours later, it's barely there. However, I was a bit light in applying it since I was heading out the door to work and didn't want to be stuck with something I hated strong all day long.


Final call: I am so getting my own bottle of this! :ack: :joy:


I wasn't sure what to expect from this one, but I do believe it will become a favorite!


Wet, when first put on: soft spicy

As it dries: It doesn't stay soft for long. It quickly catches fire and explodes into a spicy saffron party. I don't really pick up much of the other notes, but I can tell there are other notes rounding out the scent. My skin chemistry tends to amp spices pretty well, so I'm not really surprised by this.


Overall, I say that this is a bold, spicy love fest. I really do like it.


Eep - first review? *goes and looks again* I guess so. I really went back and forth on rather to review this or not. In the end, obviously, I decided to go for it. I'm sorry if this isn't a great review, I'm not used to scents of this type.


This is a nice enough blend, just not my style. I can't say too much about particular notes because the lavender is the only note on the list that I actually know.


When I first put it on, I get a very green and sharp scent. As it dries, the sharpness mellows a little, but in end it is a very green, herbal scent. I don't tend to wear these very much, so I can really say much more than that. I do smell the lavender, but it isn't strong to me. It is something on the fringe of the scent.

As far as the decanting itself, it went much better this time. I was able to really knock my way through them. I think this partly had to do with wrapping my index finger up in gauze to protect it from the nasty little vial caps. After decanting the Yules (which were only 6 bottles) my poor little finger was red and had little circles up and down it from those little things. This time, my finger was protected, and because of that, it was much easier and quicker pushing down the little caps.


I think I really enjoy the decanting. I hope to do many more circles.

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