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These aren't really interests, but there's no real place to put this, so I'm putting it here, because I've now signed PMs two different ways, and I suddenly realized that if I stuck around, it might become an issue:<br><br>First name: Elizabeth<br><br>Craft name: Vorona (stress on the first syllable: VOR-uh-nuh)

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Notes: Dragon's Blood, Vanilla, Herbs, Woods, Spices, Violet, Lavender... I'm not too big on most florals, overly sweet or fruity notes, and I have to be in the right mood for aquatic.

I don't update this profile often enough to put in actual oils, because the oils I like change almost every time I try a new one.



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  1. In Topic: De Sade

    16 June 2005 - 11:12 PM

    De Sade

    This was part of my French order.

    Preconceived notions: I didnít get any leather in Wanda, none in Loviatar, and only a slight bit in Casanova. If Iím going to get leather, itís going to be in this one, which is said to be pure leather.

    Note: By the time I tried this, Iíd also received Dead Manís Hand, so Iím reviewing them at the same time.

    In the vial:
    If I hadnít had Dead Manís Hand to compare, I would have said that this smelled like pure leather. But Dead Manís Hand is more of a pure leather. This is leather and a very tiny bit of incense or smoke - something dark and brooding.

    On me:
    For the entire hour it was on, it really didnít change much. Pure, black leather with ambient dark incense. This is excellent.

    I love this. I like it much more than the pure leather of Dead Manís Hand. It has something mysterious to it, something dark and maybe even a little ominous. Nothing you can really pick out, but itís there. Without Dead Manís Hand to compare, I would never have noticed anything but the leather.

    Edited to add: Whoever said bonfire - yes! That's definitely there as well. Mmmm...
  2. In Topic: Dead Man's Hand

    16 June 2005 - 11:05 PM

    Dead Manís Hand

    Preconceived notions: Nothing with Leather had worked on me, but Iíd just ordered De Sade when this came out. Eventually, I decided to try this, too.

    In the vial:
    Pure leather. Just leather. Maybe a little dust, but mostly, just leather.

    On me:
    Like De Sade, this stayed constant the entire time. Just pure leather, brown suede.

    If De Sade didnít exist, Iíd probably keep this, since the leather is so accurate. But I like De Sade better, and theyíre close enough that I donít need both. Iím going to try to swap this for a bottle of De Sade (since my De Sade is in imp form).
  3. In Topic: Oisin

    16 June 2005 - 10:51 PM


    I got this for a friend, but since I donít use much when I test, I figured I could review it.

    Preconceived notions: Sounds a little too light for me, but weíll see.

    In the bottle: Grass, herbs, wild flowers, and fresh air - a meadow.

    On me:
    Sweet frehs herbs, morning dew, sunlight filtering through the butting trees on a beautiful spring day. This is life and light and happiness.

    In 20 minutes:
    The same, I think there might be a bit of fruit in this as well.

    In 30 minutes:
    Vanilla, flowers (rose?), and the original scent: sweet, soft, pungent, and airy.

    In 1 hour:
    Sweet, floral, smoky. A very harmonious blend.

    This is very nice, but I was right - too light for me. Iím happy I got to try it, but I think my friend will enjoy it more.
  4. In Topic: Temple of Dreams

    16 June 2005 - 10:43 PM

    Temple of Dreams

    For use when working with the many Gods of Sleep, Dreams, and Nightmares.

    Review of the fragrance itself. Will update when/if I try it as a dream oil.

    Preconceived notions: Herbal, lemony, citrus, lavender, clove, rosemary, spice, something deep and resiny. Good for work with dreams - it sounds like people have had success with it.

    In the vial: Mostly lavender, but something sharp, white, and glittering, yet hazy and soft - white musk? Also something minty, maybe eucalyptus (or rosemary as noted above, though I find eucalyptus to be more cool and minty than rosemary, and this is definitely both).

    On me:
    Intoxicating. Maybe thereís some mugwort in this - I recognize the way it works. And thereís still some mint or eucalyptus in it. Itís mostly lavender, and definitely dreamy. I can easily see using this for dream work.

    In 15 minutes:
    Mint, but a lavender/herbal mint, not a sweet mint. Somewhat spicy (maybe it is rosemary after all). Not bad.

    In 55 minutes:
    About the same, and beginning to fade.

    I really like this and I canít wait to try it out for dream work. I canít see wearing this as a day fragrance, though. Itís too intoxicating, and Iíd likely run my car off the road in a dazed dreaminess, or daydreaming instead of getting my work done.
  5. In Topic: Urd

    16 June 2005 - 10:37 PM

    Urd: Fate

    Preconceived notions: A sexy incense scent. Sounds great for me.

    In the vial: Sweet dragonís blood and cinnamon.

    On me:
    Dragonís blood or vetiver and spice, and something soft and sweet (vanilla? amber?) It has a sense of timelessness - elegant in the sense of simple, beautiful, and effortless grace.

    In 10 minutes:
    Smoky, distant, ageless, dust, yet filled with life. Another excellent incense scent. I want to smell like this all the time. I wish I could describe it better.

    In 20 minutes:
    Sweet incense with spice. Exotic, yet calm. Definitely a skin scent. Very good for a priestess blend.

    In 30 minutes:
    Less sweet, but otherwise, about the same. Very dark.

    In 40 minutes:
    About the same.

    In 1 hour: Still about the same, but sweeter. I recognize this - itís the scent of some amber incense sticks I have (which are sweeter and heavier than the actual resin)

    This is wonderful and amazing. Definitely a keeper, maybe a big bottle. Exquisite.
    (and maybe that ďamberĒ was really the nag champa)


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