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Autumn 2011: Switchin' Witchin'

Posted by EmpressPixie, 10 September 2011 · 133 views

September 19th

What strange misc. items would you love to receive that you just haven't gotten for yourself?:

If I knew, I'd tell you. Metal busks. They are so hard to find, if you live near a place that has them, I would love them.

How do you feel about franken polish? Are you okay with all chemicals, or would you prefer 3 free? Would you want glitter or holographic glitter? What colors would interest you?

Sounds like fun!

Dear witchee, how do you feel about lip balm? Favorite style (twist up tube, pot, tube with wand, etc.)? Favorite flavors? Flavors to avoid? Favorite brand? Do you need more right now or are you set? Are you one of those people who could never have enough lip balm even though you have a bowl on your dresser overflowing with them and 10 in your purse and an order for more on the way?

Tube or pot, no wand. I like 'em. Chai, vanilla, kind of classic things like that -- spicy or sweet. No favorite brand at the moment.

Would you be interested in getting fountain pen inks or art supplies via JetPens and or DickBlick? (I know I have a wishlist on JetPens and just love using fountain pens in my artwork)

I love nice pens.

-For those interested in watercolors, how would you feel about getting a palette filled with paint from my watercolor tubes but not getting the paint tube itself? (kind of like this but without the covers for the compartments and bigger http://www.flickr.co.../in/photostream)

No, that's okay. Never got the hang of watercolor.

-How do you feel about getting art supplies in general? (copic markers, watercolor, brushes, paint, sketchbooks etc.)

It would probably make me pretend I know what I'm doing and do some art.

-How do you feel about Threadless tshirts?

Some are fun. Some are silly. Some are annoyingly dumb. But I live in Chicago, so I've got the hometown advantage here.

If you were turned loose in a basic drug store (CVS, Walgreens - a pharmacy with attached mini-mart, basically!) with a $20 bill, what would you pick up?

Ice cream. Throwback soda.

Darling Witchee, would you enjoy farmer's market pickled veggies (green beans, garlic, asparagus, etc) or fresh canned peaches or something of that nature?

YES. YES. OMG YES. But I'm not sure how you'd mail that. but YES.

Do you prefer color or white photographs? Nature or abstract?

Up to you, really. I should post what I have on my walls somewhere -- an ornate mirror, the road curving on one of the busiest streets of Prague (devoid of all people because it was 5am). Um. I can't think of what else at the moment.

would you be interested in something like this?

So I want to say yes, but honestly I think that's too much to spend on that kind of thing.

Amigurumi, yes or no?

Someone did an amigurumi adipose from Doctor Who last year or last SW and it was probably the cutest thing ever.

I have a question! What are some of your favorite paintings? (famous or undiscovered?) Feel free to link to examples!

Uh. Let me get back to you. (Let me know if you really need to know. I tend to like the bright colors and everything of Van Gogh. Um. I love Mucha with all my heart and soul.

If you could have an image painted for you - sky is the limit - what would it be?

I don't know. But it would have lots of colors.

Name your 3 favorite scents for candles

Vanilla, chai, pumpkin, sweet things and fall things since it is that time of year.

Name your 3 favorite types/flavors of tea

Earl Grey (and variations on it -- particularly with rose and lavender)
Jasmine (milk tea with boba, but also just regular kind)

September 18th

Do you wear t-shirts? Are there particular things you like on them? Would you like one designed by your Witch? And, if you don't mind saying, what size t-shirt do you wear?

If you designed it, I would love it. I wear a large women and a medium all purpose. Otherwise, I really have enough. But seriously, you design it? I'll wear it. ALSO: If this is your thing, I've been wanting (and this is kind of silly) a t-shirt that says my forum name, like, going up the side, sideways or something. And looks cool. I would really like that.

How do you feel about pumpkin scented things? Not perfume related, but soap, candles, etc....


Has anyone else heard of or does anyone else love Glamourkin?

Those are cute.

If you had an international witch, is there anything you would like from the UK? (Or Australia, Belgium, France any other country we have witches from.

Well. If you can get Czech candy, and you get me a milk chocolate Studentska bar with fruit and nuts, I would probably love you for the rest of your natural life. And beyond.

Dear witchee, if you answered 'Mac' to the Mac/PC question previously issued by another participant, please tell me what kind of computer you have, what peripherals you own (like the wireless trackpad, wireless vs/wired keyboard and mouse), and whether you're interested in Apple-related items (stickers, keychains, other things with the logo, etc).

Well, I have a Mac, but I'm not a Mac fangirl by any means. Mine was actually the prize in a contest.


Tall. And colorful. Or at least colored. I actually really love the Trading Post socks (but I have both of the pairs that I like from them). The O-Basics from Sock Dreams are awesome. Lioness got me hooked on those.

Would you like/wear a pair of these? http://www.ravelry.c...rary/yoga-socks If so, what color?

Dead link, but I like tall socks so if they are tall...

Is there anyone here who likes toe socks? You know, those socks with a place for each toe?

I used to, but not so much anymore.

September 17th

Are you looking for a certain kind of DVDs to spruce up your collection right now?

No, I have the Netflix Instant and that does just fine for me.

Does anyone like postcards? Is anyone willing to be a Nacho witch for postcards?

I like them, but I don't collect them or anything.

Anyone going to see any good concerts this fall?

Nope. Sorry.

Do you like Star Trek? Original TV series, films, spinoff series, etc? Favorite characters?

Funny story. So, I love Star Wars and Doctor Who and Farscape and Stargate and all kinds of nerdy sci-fi. So my fiance was all "you really should watch Star Trek". Trusting him implicitly, I agreed. I did not make it past the first episode. (But I'm going to give it another try later, I understand the first episode with Q is just weird. Or something. But it seems like perhaps the first season was bad or something because every time I read a summary of the next ep, he's like "Well, that's a bad one to start with..." :lol: )

September 16th

Are you more prone to order out or cook at home? Would you be interested in cookbooks, kitchen utensils, and the like? If so, anything specific?

I cook at home a lot. So does my fiance. We big time do not need any kitchen devices (unless you have a supercute garlic press you'd like to send my way). We also have a wedding registry up on Amazon and if homegoods are your thing and you want to send them, you can check it out. Cookbooks, I would love. We're big into Cook's Illustrated (got the online subscription and a LOT of the books). Unless you are sending your own recipes that you love (which I would love to try out), we're probably set here.

New question: How do you feel about maple syrup?


How do people feel about little pocket shrines, maybe something inspirational/motivational to keep in their purses/backpacks/whatever? (Like these: http://www.art-shrin...cketshrines.htm)

Yes? No? Maybe? Some of them are really cute. Some are kind of :huh:

Do you like Star Wars? Original Trilogy? Prequels? Spin-offs? Favorite characters?

Not really.
Don't like it that much.

The only thing I feel kind of passionate about is the ever so cliched issue of Han shooting first. I think it says a lot about his character and changing it changes that.

Do you like beef jerkey, I know some may be vegatarian, but where I live beef is a staple and beef jerkey abounds. If so do you it really thin, hard and crunchy or thicker and softer. (OK that borders on obscene)-

Yes. But I don't love it. But I do like it. And I like it more than I ever manage to remember liking it.

Also do you like or racier ecards from time to time and do you need to be warned if something may be not safe to open at work.

That would be fun. And no, you don't have to worry. I'm in the midst of the job search.

Doctor Who? Yay or nay? (please don't make me cry by saying nay)


I have a couple spare Doctor Who stickers. If my witchee is a fan, would they like a couple Doctor Who stickers in their package?

How is this even a question? YAY!

Anyone love Buffy/Angel?

I used to, but I'm less about that now. But a Buffy craft I did once is easily one of my favorites in terms of crafts I've done.

How would you feel about gummies? Like, gummy bears? Gummy werewolves? Gummy vampires?

I love gummies! Paranormal gummies would delight me. Utterly and completely. As long as they were paranormal shapes and not, like, oddly powered gummies. That would be weird. And terrifying.

How would you feel about a totally original Gela-skin for your laptop/iPod/phone? Stickers? Decals?

Sure, yes, that sounds like fun.

Since this is a Halloween round, what's your Creepy threshold? Are you a cartoon bats and smily pumpkins person or a skulls-and-bones the-dead-are-rising kind of person? Are your fairytales dark or Disney?

Dark fairytales. I'm less cutesy and more elegantly creepy. Think, portraits in the Haunted Mansion type thing.

Are your ears pierced, Witchee? Do you have any other piercings? Would you like to receive any items of jewelry for these piercings?

Yes. No. Sure.

How do you all feel about Whoopie Pies?

Tasty. We live near a bakery that does things like homemade Twinkies and Whoopie Pies.

September 15th

interested in anything from Lush?

Sure, but I'm not a Lush devotee.

Do you blog? Would you like a header for your blog, a layout, etc?

I do sometimes. I'm so bad about it though. Still, that would be AWESOME and I would treasure it immensely.

Would you be interested in a handmade bookmark?

No. I'd rather have a small print or drawing or something. BPAListas have given me several bookmarks over the past year or so and I think I am at my threshold.

do you like chex puppy chow or muddie buddies (ingredients: semi-sweet chocolate chips, PB, vanilla extract, powdered sugar, chex cereal)? would you want to get some from your witch / nacho witch?


How would you feel about receiving a Groupon deal for something in your local area? If there is anything you WOULDN'T like, mention that also.

Sure. That would be fun.

do you like real sugar skulls? Things with sugar skull designs?

I am finding that I do.

Who here adores meringue?

That can get a bit sweet for me. Plus, I feel like I make so many. (We make custards a lot. That means extra egg whites. And that means.... meringues.)

September 14th

Can you sum yourself (whether it be personality, life's goals, ethics, whatever) in 10 words or less?

No. (Kidding, yes: adventurous, creative, and curious. Also shy.)

How about little bottles of booze? Ya wanna? What kind?

I know I made an icon about this somewhere...

What are your views on fudge and brownies? (Also, if you live in a warm place, where the fudge might melt, that'd be helpful to know. Or, if you're diabetic and fudge is death, that'd be useful to know, too.)

Big yes on fudge. Meh on brownies. I make them on my own and honestly, I'm trying to eat better and all that jazz.

Also, what about mochi? Love it, hate it, baffled by it?

How would you mail that?

Anything from the update ya'll are liking? BPTP UPDATE

Tears of the Seraphim and really, most of the bath brew stuff would be fun to try. The hair gloss woud be nice to try. Nothing seasonal really called to me, though.

Does anyone like kimchi?

Fuck. Yes. And now you know I have a foul mouth.

Would you be interested in a sample box(from somewhere like Birchbox or loosebutton)?

Yes. Yes I would. I am not big on makeup and that kind of thing, but the idea sounds soooo much fun and I love surprise boxes.

You have to place a Lab and Trading Post order. Right fuckin' now. No spending limits. What do you buy?

Exotic Bazaar. Some t-shirts. 10 bottles of Eat Me. Elegba. Brimstone. Sprinklecakes. Snake oil to age. And maybe some more Eat Me. Oh and that Gingerbread Poppet room spray that they are TOTALLY GOING TO HAVE. ANY MOMENT. ANNNNNNNY MOMENT. COME ON! (That would actually be the best Yule ever for me -- I keep hoping they'll do it to. Actually, if they did like Naughty Gingerbread and had some of the Spanked spices in there, I'd seriously be in heaven.)

Paintbox Soapworks - anything you're interested in, in general or from the latest update?

Gold, Frank & Myrhh scrub! It wasn't available when I made my last order and I was all sadface about that.

Do you guys have any sports that you follow obsessively? How about favorite teams and/or athletes

Hahahaha. Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Hahahahahaahahahahahahahahaahaha. No.

But if the Pens or the Steelers ever win their major tournaments again, I want to make a (short lived) Tumblr of the resulting chaos and riots in Pittsburgh and make it all about how the Hufflepuffs finally won the House Cup. (Same colors.)

How do you feel about notebooks/journals/stationery? Anything you need or particularly like?

I love it all! I don't neeeeeed more, but, um, I love it all!

Does confetti/glitter make you angry or fill you with glee?

I'm ambivalent.

Fabulous witches and witchees, perhaps you all could note of you've received MeiLin's goodies? Or if you want?

I have them all.

How do you feel about stuffed animals/plushies/general soft, cuddly things? If you like them, what kind of animals would you be interested in?

Yes. Whatever you make.

how interested would you be on somewhat personalized bottle cap labels? Like these that I did?

When you're miserably sick (*sniffle, cough!*) what are the things that comfort you the most?

My fiance pampers me.

What constitutes ultimate luxury to you? (go crazy!)

Wine. A new book. A hot bath. Something lovely smelling in said bath. And no interruptions.

What do you really NOT want?

Okay, so I probably cannot say this honestly or bluntly enough: if you send me something, I'm going to be excited about it. You could send me, like, a porcupine with needles that if you touch them instantly induce migraines and I'd be going on and on about this cool torture device I got.

That said, most sweets are not the best idea. My teeth are really sensitive so things that pull at them (caramel, gum) should probably be avoided (don't ask how much it pains me to say this -- I friggin' LOVE gum). And baked goods are something we makes LOTS of so they wouldn't be the same level of treat as something new and exciting.

September 13th

How would you feel about kitchen towels and other similar household objects, if they are pretty or a souvenir?

Oh, yes. Did you see the awesome kitchen towels I have in my etsy favorites? I gave my fiance some with an anatomical heart diagram on them for V-day. We are very pro-these things.

And the thing is, if we had too make but it was really cool, I'd just sew it up into a pillow. Bam!

How did you dress up for your last party or compulsory-formal-dress occasion?

I have attended three weddings and my own graduation this year and I wore this dress to all four occasions: http://heartbreakerf...ss-rust-kd.html

Do you enjoy puzzles/riddles? (Cryptograms, Sudoku, Crossword, Jigsaw, etc)

Oh yes, very much so.

Witchee, would you be interested in having a special tea cup/coffee mug/glass to drink out of?

So, I said no on the main forum but I just realized something: actually, if you saw a special wine glass that would be amazing. I had one, but my old-housemates broke it. (It was my undergraduate senior dinner glass and I have very hard feelings over the fact that when they broke it I asked, "It wasn't my special one, right?" and they assured me it was not without bothering to actually check.)

And special here can be, like, plastic and you drew on it with a paint pen. I'm not saying fine crystal. I'm saying special.

September 12th

Would you like to receive e-books? And if so, in what format?

Readable on the Kindle.

If you have kids, would you be interested in getting things for them? And if so, what are they interested and what sizes are the wearing now?

No kids.

Would you be interested in a felted handbag? Do any of these styles appeal to you? http://tinyurl.com/3o2epzl (there's at least one guy-friendly style, too!)

I would significantly prefer shoulder straps and usually do the across the chest should strap.

Are there are patterns, motifs, etc that you especially like?

Victorian era patterns are usually a go for me. Also Mucha inspired stuff. (I'd try to spell Art New-v-oh, but I'd get it so wrong.)

If you're a tea drinker, is there any specific tea you would like to receive, not just the kind/flavor but also the type/packing--i.e., tea bags, loose tea, compressed, etc?

Loose or fancy bags will be most exciting to me. Not red or white. I like black (especially earl grey derivatives like princess grey, lady grey, etc) and green (especially jasmine).

September 11th

I am fond of the thrift. Do you mind lightly used goods? Please be specific! For instance, I'm a little squicked by used clothing, but I don't mind any other used goods (i.e. books, glassware, games, DVDs, whatever.)

Shoes are kind of my used line. Well, shoes and underwear and socks, but I think underwear and socks are generally understood as not great for being used. Otherwise, sure! See something awesome at a garage sale or thrift store? Pick it up!

Do you have an Etsy shop? Do you know of any Etsy shops that are Switch Witch friendly?


Would a gift or a postcard from Disneyland make you squee with delight or puke into your mail box?

Neither. And I'm sure they are ridiculously expensive, so while I LOVE mail, that is an area you might want to save on.

what are your favorite types of Halloween candy?

I do actually like good, fresh candy corn. And caramel apples. I know I said caramel was bad for me earlier, but, um, CARAMEL APPLES ARE GODS GIFT UNTO THIS EARTH. And who am I to deny that?

Do you prefer soap or shower gel? Please give examples of your favorite scents or brands.

At this point, all my soaps are either local or Villainess or Paintbox Soapworks or Savor. I love V and PS but they both tend to dry out my skin when it comes to soaps, so I usually go with Savor. I like Savor's bars and her whipped soap.

How do you like your chocolate? For example with nuts, mint, peanut butter, caramel?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Beads! Do you use them? Would you want some? What sorts of beads do you like?

I like them and use them, but not enough to demand them.

Anyone here like caramels? Sea salted caramels?!?!

Now this is just painful. We LOVE sea salted caramels, but (see above), I realllllly shouldn't be eating caramel.

Would you like a hand dyed or hand painted scarf or wrap or other item? If so, what colors/designs/fabrics do you like?

Yes, lovely!

This was a question before, but does anyone here like stones? Just pretty polished stones for use in whatever purposes?


And another question; anyone like anything in particular from Think Geek?

My Amazon wishlist has some stuff but I do tent to like TG.

September 10th

What #1 actor, director, author and/or musician are you obsessed with?

None, really, atm.

are you interested in anything from the Villainness Bad Apples update?

Not really. I have never had a Villainess anything. I always get this close to ordering and then don't. Her scrubs are what I'm interested in, but in the end I KNOW I like Paintbox Soapworks, so I go back them.

If you have a pet, would he/she/they like to receive a treat or a toy as a gift? Does your pet have any dietary restrictions or other preferences w.r.t. said treat?

Our cat is fat. And undeserving of treats (he was being a hiss-ball earlier for no real reason, so I'm cranky at him. I'll feel bad about this later).

What are your top three "I want to try them but I think I'll never get to try them" (or, "I've tried them and I want moar moar moar, but I don't think I'll ever get any") scents/bath oils/sprays?

The C2E2 evil layer roomspray. I cannot remember what it was actually called, but I want to kick myself all the time because it was SO LOVELY and I didn't get it.

Is there a particular artist and piece that you would like a print of? If so, what is your max size that you could spare on your walls?

Etsy wishlist.

If you are in to beauty and makeup related stuff, what kind of stuff do you like? What is your skintone and hair color? Are there any beauty products you've wanted to try but just never purchase?

I don't really do that stuff, but I want to when I get married and I want to have some nice basics for going out at some point and, you know, if you absolutely love makeup and have expertise on what a beginner should use: I'm all ears.

Red hair, blue eyes, pinkish-pale skin tone. (Very pale.)

Do you like coffee or tea? Would you be interested in trying some different types?

I like both and yes.

Are there any CDs/Albums you've been wanting but haven't bought yet? What format do you prefer? (i.e. mp3, actual cd, record, etc)


Are you going away for any part of this round?

Probably and I'll do my best to let you know when it happens, but definitely there will always be someone to take in packages -- be it my fiance or his sister who housesits (and catsits) when we are gone.

Would you like to receive a mix-CD from your Witch?


If your witch were going somewhere on a vacation during the round, would you want a little souvenir?

That sounds like fun.

Do you enjoy any outdoor activities? Do you have a favorite form of "exercise"?

Going to the farmers market, picking fruit at u-pick places. Um. Walking to the bar. (I don't actually go out very much and I'm starting to realize my answers are going to make me seem like a super drinker. I don't drink a ton, it's just on my mind because I over-indulged last night after buying my wedding dress.)

Any witchee's with a ravelry account have any favourited patterns that cost money that would be a welcome gift?

NO. I don't use it enough to remember what I've favorited and this could be a huge disaster.

Do you work/study at a desk and enjoy interesting or cute office supplies?

I love cute office suplies.

Witchee, are you a fan of musicals? If so, which ones?

Not a huge fan of any at the moment, but I enjoy them. Nothing Les Mis related though, please. I had a very bad experience with that once. (Which is actually a funny story, but the point stands...)

September 9th

Do you like to burn incense? If so, what are your favorite kinds...sticks? cones? resins? What are your favorite scents?

Yes. Yes I do. I prefer cones or sticks at the moment. I've been working lately on mixing my own resins and ruffage to make incense, so any key tools (especially binders for making cones) would be super appreciated. The icky stuff in the charcoal brickettes that most people use for loose incense makes me feel a little bit off, even if I'm burning it in a well ventilated room. So. Yeah.

- Harry Potter - a fan? If so, what house are you?

Ravenclaw. You can see from the Pottermore thread that I was officially sorted into Ravenclaw. I also feel a strong affinity for Slytherin, but my nerdiness overtakes my ambition any day.

- If you were to receive a gift card, what places would you like to get one from?

Amazon, Sockdreams, I WISH there were general Etsy giftcards. That would be SO helpful. Amazon or Sockdreams mostly, I think. Or Paintbox Soapworks if you can work that out with her. Anywhere else I tend to go either doesn't do gift cards or you'd kind of need to be in the Chicago area to get them.

Is there a particular myth/folktale/legend/fairytale/godstory that you're drawn to?

Yes. Um. There are lots. But the most helpful thing for you, I think, is to know that I LOVE mythos and fairy tales and would love to read new ones or learn about new ones or see cool interpretations of old ones or whatever you feel up to. Also that I tend to like older versions of the various stories when it comes to fairy tales. When I can, I'll look for older-than-Grimm ones because it's just kind of cool to see how they've changed and to look and see what Grimm-era folks found appropriate vs inappropriate to write. Um, yes. Ravenclaw was probably completely accurate.

If you RP, tabletop, forum, or otherwise... Do you have any original characters you'd like to see art of? If so, please give information! Even if it's a link to a web page or a profile or picture!


If you could see anything, what would it be? Can be a person, an event, a landmark or monument, an object, etc. And it doesn't have to be on this planet, or in this time period, or in this reality!

Jupiter. My fiance loves Jupiter and I don't have anything that I'm dying to see but I know he loves Jupiter. Actually, I might appreciate a good lightning storm from a rocking chair on the front porch. With a mug of tea on a slightly chilled night.

When you are having a really rough day, what do you like to do/have to make it a little brighter?

Ice cream. Tea. Perfume. Taking a walk. My fiance will often do things to cheer me up. Getting packages in the mail -- especially letters -- does a lot to cheer me.

What are your thoughts on comics? Any you like? Any you have been wanting to try? Favorite characters?

I like them. My fiance's ex-housemate/best friend just donated a drawer full to me to read. I like Fables a lot. I have Sandman-fancy-pants edition which I LOVE (and also Sandman regular edition and I've gone through several times and compare the artwork and whatnot). Anyway, the point is: I like them. I'd like exploring new ones. And other than Fables and Sandman and Transmetropolitan, I can't think of any off the top of my head that I have read.

Are you musical? Do you play an instrument, and if so, what? If not, what do you wish you could play or do?

No. I wish. I wish I could play an instrument well.

Does anyone garden? And if you do, what do you grow? If not, would a starter garden kit be something you'd be interested in?

No. I will in the spring if we're in the same place, but a starter kit in autumn would get lost and then forgotten. Or forgotten and then lost.

Do you decorate for Halloween? Is your decorating taste elegant, kitschy and fun, or scary?

We haven't in the past, but I really want to since we have this huge porch. I would say probably a mix of elegant and kitschy-fun. Scary is not really ever in my mix.

Witchee, do you have any symbols or totems that have special meaning for you?

Not really, no.

Is anyone fond of programs like Adopt a Tree/Highway/Library/Manatee/Acre of Rainforest/etc?:

No, but of those, I would view a library as the most important thing to adopt and defend.

September 8th

From the Weenie Update....what are you most wanting to try?

The trading post update is going to kill me. I think an imp of Autumn Cider would be tempting. I'm blind-buying a bottle of Golden Apple of the Sun and the foodie forum onlies.

Who's into nail polish? What colors/brands?

So I was super, super into nail polish in middle and high school. Then in college, it just totally dropped off my radar. I'm recently getting back into it. So far I have London Butter (in their awesome dark green color -- British Racing green or whatever it is) & BPTP's Maiden (which is totally unusual for me, I'm not a pink kind of girl). I'm hoping for the Trading Post to update with new colors because I want their dark green and their dark blue (I actually have a really terrible "I'm waiting for the TP's dark blue, dark blue that is chippy as hell). I also want their bronze and also probably smokestack. I'm terrible about wanting these things.

Is there a quote (or lyric or part of a poem) that really resonates with you or is your favorite?

Dream candle? Scent, color, type (tealight, votive, pillar, jar, etc.), throw...

I really like travel candles (they come in little tins) and candles that are about that size. My fiance loves tealights for the bedroom (not in a sexy way, but in a warm lighting while he writes kind of way). He's also used pillars in the past. Scent-wise, I do love autumn scents. I also like vanilla. I do not like fruity scents. At all. No in candles, no ma'am/sir. (Except pumpkin and apple, those don't count.)

Do you like knitted goodies? If so, what would you like and what colors?

YES. Whatever you are willing and able to make me. I do love hats and I do have a tragic lack of hats at the moment. And if you are one of those kitty - hat - making people, those are super cute. Color wise, dark green is always lovely. Or a super bright blue.

Would you be interested in homemade edibles that are NOT sweets? Any specifics?

In that order.

What GC do you live in mortal terror of the lab discontinuing, but never get around to buying?

I live in mortal terror of Eat Me getting the component ax, but I have a few bottles of it. I never get around to buying Elegba and would be totally sad if it got the ax. It's always in my cart lately and then I think "I don't really have the money, better get the LEs". Sigh.

Yo, yarnies! Do you Ravelry? If so, who are you over thar? To be honest, not really. I'm EmpressPixie over there, but I don't really Ravelry.

Social Media? LJ: copperpixie but I don't really use it. FB: my real name, but it is unlikely you'll be able to find me, you have to know a friend of mine is my current level of "hidden", I think. Twitter: EmpressPixie. Tumblr: I never used it much and don't really any more.

Do you have wishlists for non-BPAL e-tailers? And if so, could you provide a link or a list?

There should be links, but if not I'll work on getting those up again.

Witchee, do you use a PC or a Mac?


What is your favorite animal?

What are you going to be for Halloween?

Okay, so this is brilliant. Last year I was mildly attractive Link (from Zelda). [Not sexy Link because I had a long skirt, so just mildly attractive.] This year, I'm using the corset from that (dark green) and the bridesmaid dress I never wore for a wedding I was super excited didn't happen that is all blues and greens in silk to be a water nymph. I'll do dramatic makeup and wear an aquatic BPAL and paint my toes and finger nails and it's going to be awesome.

If you could have a piece of oil painting jewelry (pendant, pair of earrings, or ring) with absolutely anything painted on it, what would it be?
(If you prefer wall art instead, same question as above.)

What if instead, I tell you some things I like and some genres I like and say that I would love any of the above (jewelry or wall art) and you have a bigger reference for me in general and I'm not being super specific because that would be difficult.

I like fantasy (fairies and dragons and goblins specially). But my fiance is far more supportive of my liking of Steampunk and not-so-steampunk-science-y things. Like, for St V Day this year, I gave him dishclothes with an anatomically correct heart diagram printed on them. And we both thought that was brilliant and lovely. This is where glancing at my Etsy favorites should be helpful, actually.

How do you feel about nick-knacks?


What traditions (family, holiday, or otherwise) are important to you?

Our Christmas tradition is actually really important to me. We have a script that we follow every year. Also, my family's meet ups at my grandparent's house. Most of the important traditions to me are about family and friends meeting up and celebrating life together.

Do you like going to the movies?


What are your favorite restaurants?

Angel Food Bakery (Chicago)
Pamelas (Pittsburgh)
Margies (Chicago)
Wild Ginger (Seattle)
Green Tea (Chicago)

Do you play any video games?

Sometimes. I like them, it's just a time issue. I'd rather be crafting, I guess, but I hate saying that because it sounds snobby or something and honestly, I do like video games. We have preodered Skyward Sword.

Do you like any anime? Yes. It's a guilty pleasure, though.

Do you have an E-reader/iPad/something similar that you need a cover/case for? Kindle. I have a cover, but if you wanted to make me one, I would use it instead.

how much do you like jewelry? like, if you were to get a shit ton of it during the round, how excited would you be?

The amount of jewelry I have now is kind of obscene. And the excitement I would have about that would be kind of obscene as well.

How would you like to receive some of your Witch's favorite recipes, tailored to your likes/dietary restrictions? And specific wants?

YES. And no.

Do you need any boxes to store your smellies in? What would you store in said hypothetical box--imps, bottles, supplies, all of the above?

Dear god, yes. All of the above. But especially imps.

Muppets: yea or nay?


Do you have an affinity for Calvin and Hobbes, Peanuts, The Far Side, and other comic strips? If so, which is your favorite?

No. And sometimes I think I am the only person on earth to feel that way re: C&H.

Favorite Mythological Creature?:

I have no idea. It changes a lot. But if you pick a quirky goblin or fairy with a fun background story, you cannot go wrong.

Do you like hair things barrettes, headbands, flowers


Expanding on the hair question - does anyone like those flower clips for the hair that are big right now??

I've had them on my Etsy wishlist forever, but I don't like them enough to have ever bought them.

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