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Part Three

Posted by EmpressPixie, 29 September 2010 · 181 views

Do you prefer scented or unscented lotions/moisturizers? Either way, and I would really enjoy some. My legs are so dry.

Today I got one of the Starbucks Halloween Bearista Bears - it's dressed like a werewolf! Is this something witchees might like? Yspls. That sounds so cute!!

Are you interested in Halloween costumes for your pet(s)? No. Cats will cut me.

Would you want your witch to reveal herself? How? YESPLS. However you want!

I came home with some Dungeon Crawl and some Bedbugs yesterday. If you were my witchee, would you want some of either/both? Bed.Bugs.

Did you forget anything fun/interesting or find something new and exciting? Not really.

Would you like to receive international magazines, even if you don't speak the language it's written in, just to ogle the pictures or for the novelty of it? If yes, what kind of magazines, or what magazines in particular? If you're an Aussie, I love Delicious magazine.

would you have interest in any of the new Christmas stuff from Lush? Not really.

Oh, witchee-poo... if there was one bottle you could have from the NYCC exclusives, what would it be? BEDBUG IMP. Seriously. You have no idea.

If someone were to make you one of the items in this post which would it be? Answered on the post.

If you were my witchee, would you mind a gift certificate where you'd have to do it old school style and mail it in with your order form? I'd love it!

Do you have a preferred weight of yarn to work in? Lace, sock, worsted, bulky, handspun with variation? Nope! Not super bulky and probably not lace, but other than that... I'm up for anything.

Anyone like little seasonal decorative wreaths? Like gravevine wreaths embellished with silk flora, etc.? Maybe? A pretty, not overly flowery one maybe.

Do any witchees need a Snuggie? No. No, no thank you. No.

So, who here loves pomegranates? Are the good as a fruit, a flavoring or just a scent? As food? Delightful. As anything else, not so much. I'm especially sour on it as a juice -- they make it so bitter! It's usually so sweet! I don't get it at all!
Haunt Update? Nope

Villainess has an update. Anyone wanting anything from it? Nope
how are all the witchees fixed for purses--lunchbags, etc? Well fixed, but if it was cute, well...
Now, I have a question for you. About notes. Which are your favourite ones? Do you have a kind of "note top ten?" Anything that works particularly well on you? Do you have a perfume category (foody, floral, aquatic, musky) that you favour? And are there any notes you have never tried, but think would work well on you? I don't really have a top ten -- I like foody scents and some resinous scents and some incensey scents. So vanilla, red musk, copper colored feathers -- the note from Hellgates of Ireland that I haven't come across again -- I do love that one... My favorite oils are probably Madame Moriarty, Midnight Kiss, Gypsy, and some of the other vanillas.
Would you like a sugar skull decorated by your witch? Or do you like sugar skull stuff in general? I'm indifferent, but I'd love it if my witch got crafty, so..

Since getting around is difficult today, I started a new entry again!

Is there one scent that is your goto for comfort on a bad stressful day? Like the perfume equivilent of a security blankie? I actually use candles for this – my marketspice candle and a lavender candle
What are you going to be for Halloween? OMG. I’m really excited about this – I’m going to be a lady version of Link from Zelda. I was going to be “mildly attractive Link” because I was going to make a long skirt and wear an overbust corset for the costume. However, I changed my plans to get some underbust practice in. So I’m upgrading from “mildly attractive” to “attractive”. Still not sexy – I’m going to be, you know, covered. But underbust is inherently closer to “halloween sexy” (ie, kinda slutty) than overbust so… attractive. My fiancé is gonna be Zelda (well, Sheik, because – as I told someone earlier, he has limits).
I’ve already made the skirt and arm cuffs, I cut and laid out the pattern for the corset today, after I get done, all I have left is a goofy lookin’ hat. Well, and cardboard sword and shield, but those are different.

If you could make a scent that represents where you live (or have lived), what would be the ingredients?
Are you in need of Roller bottles or anything of the like? Not specifically, but I wouldn’t say no.

Just curious, but if your witch was to make an amigurumi critter (or other plushie) just for you, what would it be? Up to you.
Would you want a local/tourist item from your witch? Like a t-shirt, mug or shot glass? Not really, unless it’s super cool.
Okay, who wants NAlloween and some Vampire Apothecary goodness? Not me.
Venomous Villains? Nope.
Last Unicorn? Okay, yes, but once the notes go up.
Who is your fav Disney Villian/villianess? How about hero/herione? (doesn't have to be specifically Disney though) Belle is my favorite. Belle or Mulan. Not the kind of ladies to wait around for their prince to rescue them. Malificent is my fav villain. I mean, dude, she changes into a dragon.

Do you collect stones/rocks? I'm talking like "semi" precious stones, ie moonstone, bloodstone, quartz ect. Are there any that you're looking for at the moment? Are you in need of a stone but don't know which kind? Nope, nope, nope.
What's your favorite Halloween Music? Uh…

Do you have a deviantart print wishlist or favourites list? Nope.
Is there anything from Blooddrop that you want to try? GC? Halloween update? Nope.
What kind of shoes do you need/want? What size shoes do you wear? Would you mind gently used shoes? My feet are different sizes – I have to do this on my own and in person.
Do you like paper dolls (new or vintage) or coloring in books? Not really.
Do you like weird scary things as traditionally girly fashion items like heels and handbags? Meh.
What song is on heavy rotation for you right now? Guns, Girls, Gold
Are you coveting any of the NYCC atmospheric sprays? Nope
If you could get any one thing hand-painted from your witch, what would it be and what would be on it? Warm, chocolate brown silk corset with a steampunk motif painted in a very slightly rosy gold. One day, I’ll actually make this.
Would you (assumin' you're a yarnie) be interested in a naturally-dyed yarn that's designed to very gradually fade with washing? No, I really kind of like my colors to stay the same…
If you have played before, what are some of the most memorable things you've gotten? What really made you go WOW? If you haven't played, same thing, but not limited to SW.

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