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Fairytale Art Swap Q's

Posted by oflifeandlists , 18 February 2012 · 219 views

What is your favorite fairy tale, persona, or motif? What imagery does the story/person/thing evoke for you? Do you like or hate how it was handled by a movie or show? How about illustrations and pictures on the subject? Any you are particularly in love with?
Iíve got to think about this one.

How are you with ethically sourced (read: found in the woods on the ground, on the beach, etc.) formerly living bits? Examples: feathers, butterfly wings, fossilized teeth/bone, clean-but-not fossilized bone.
All good.

Would you rather have half of something that was super fabulous in conception, but ultimately too much to pull off completely in the time frame(although still fully functional?
Why not Ė I also wouldnít mind if you needed extra time to pull off and just sent me a hint of whatís to come (if that would be fine with the swap leaders).

Is there something specifically in fairytales you do NOT want to see?
Canít think of anything at the moment Ė will let you know if something comes up.

And would you be limited to the idea of 'fairytales' or would you be happy with crossing over into 'origin stories' or 'mythology'?
I love mythology especially Greek and Egyptian.

If you've mentioned that purple is a favorite color, which shades do you prefer?
Darker, royal shades or ones that tend to lean more red than blue. Lighter shades are also fine but not the biggest fan of pastels.

If in your questionnaire you talked about different styles or listed a number of favorite stories, now that we've been talking about the subject, has anything sort of popped into your head as a "you know I REALLY wish my artist would do something with X story/theme/subject/style." ?
Not really.

How do you feeel about nudity?
No problems with it.

How do you feel about more practical crafty kinds of things, rather than more traditional "art"? Like would you be ok with a decorated box or bag, or something like that?
If I could use the art that you make me, that would be a bonus. I would love to get a bag for my gaming dice.

Would you like a retold fairy tale (in poem or story form) written by your artist as part of your swap?
That would be really neat.

How do you feel about receiving a recipe of some sort based off your faerie tale of choice? Or say a meal plan you could do for a day or like a dinner party or something?
This sounds so awesome.

How do you feel about anime in general?
I love anime Ė go to conventions and cosplay too. Iím going as Sailor Moon for this yearís Sakura Con.

What kind of bodyshapes appeal to you in pin up art, male and female?
I enjoy pin up Ė curves are always nice. Donít really pay attention or look at a lot of male models, so just female for me.

How do you feel about excerpts in your art? Are words okay, or would you rather leave language to the imagination?
If excerpts are needed, go ahead. If not tastefully, excerpts can really bring a piece together.

What is your favorite grimms tale?

Would you mind getting extra non fairytale goodies along with the required item? Like teas, bacon caramels, soap?
Extras of any kind are always welcomed (though Iím not sure about bacon caramels).

Would you enjoy a wearable item? something hand knit by chance?
Love knitted stuff.

What kinds of things do you like to eat?
Snack wise, donuts and Asian sweets/cookies.

If you were my patron, is there are particular animal (or animals, or animal tale) from a faerie tale/myth/modern tale/legend that you love or emphasize with?

Do you have a particular house color palette?
Not really; Iím also hoping to move out sometime in April or around that time and I donít have any particular color palette in mind either.

If you were my patron, what would you be hoping for in miniature
Miniatures are super fun! I'm up for anything, but dragons especially

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