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Book Swap Q's

Posted by oflifeandlists , 12 September 2011 · 173 views

What about book related accesories? Do you use/need reading lights, book marks, highlighters, etc..?

How do you feel about getting the first few volumes of a long series?
That would be fine (great even) – I tend to read a lot of series, and always trying to find something new when I finish one. I find it hard to find a new author to try out so suggestions are also very welcomed.

Favorite genre of spookiness (ghost, slasher, psych-thriller, etc)?
I really need to expand on my horror reading – I quite enjoy suspense and always ejoy a good ghost. I don’t think I’ve read many (or any at all) slasher and would like to read some more psych-thrillers.

Favorite genre in general, or any you really don't like?
I tend to read a lot of fantasy or books with fantasy elements. I’m not a big fan of ‘chick-lit’ or hardcore romance (though reading the summaries of romance novels is a lot of fun – they’re just so hilarious).

Favorite snacks-while-reading?
I don’t really snack when reading though I tend to grab a soda.

Favorite place to read?

Anthologies: Yea or nay?
Yea – they can be a good way to take a break from heavy reading or something to tie me over while I find another series to devour.

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