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Analysis of 2007 reading

So, to start, I'm a little disappointed that I didn't reach 100 books. At some point, I thought I'd counted and was way ahead of 89 - 93 if you count the books I finished in 2007 that I'd started previously, 99, if you count books which I didn't finish in 2007 as well - I can get to 100 if you count the one book I read about 75 pages of then decided to abandon. Although I think I'd still have to go with 99, since I don't think I actually read anything of Ulysses last year.

Braking down the 89 that I read entirely in 2007:
* 78 were new to me, 11 were re-reads
* 22 were children's/ya books
* 6 were graphic novels + a 7th novelization based on a comic series
* 3 were non-fiction (2 books of essays, 1 of literary criticism)
* 41 were installments of fantasy/sci-fi/historical fantasy series
* 35 were by authors which were new to me in 2007
* there are 42 unique authors represented

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