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Posted by Tess, 29 May 2007 · 273 views

I thought it'd be nice if I made a wishlist for my Switch Witch. Please note that I'm certainly NOT asking for all of this. Or any of this, actually! It's a nice way to organize my thoughts on the things I want to buy at some point. :huh?:

Amazon.com wishlist. None binding and mostly a record of things I have yet to buy there. You can pretty much ignore the bath stuff on there, as that was added on a whim. :cry2:

Althaea - Soap: MisterX Angry Skin, Silken Rosewood, Blue Lotus and Neroli, Honeyed Amber, Sunshine Citrus (samples of these would be fine, too!)

Villianess - Indiscreet Smooch!; Scintillating Smooch!; Dulces en Fuego Smooch!; pretty much any Smooch! (samples would be wonderful)

Prairieland Herbs - the Hair Affair Kit; Shampoo Bars in: Sage, Sweetgrass & Cedar, Rosemerry Nettle, Peppermint & Tea Tree, Ginger Beer, Chamomile Citrus; Lemongrass Hydrosol; the Buzz Off lotion tube

Talulah - Holistic Skincare Kit for Combo/Acne Skin

Wylde Ivy - Soap: Lime Fizz, Black Raspberry Crush, Lemon Ozone, Raspberry Lemonade, Sandcastles, Spa Blend, Summer Fling, White Cashmere, African Vanilla Bean; Sweetie Lotion (samples are good)

Lathers and Lights - Scrubs: Margarita, Pumpkin Latte, Oats & Honey, Thai Retreat; Hearts in Bloom Bath & Shower Creme; Cocoa Cafe Body Souffle; Berry Blush Body Lotion; Sole Survival Foot Scrub; Honey Citrus Hand & Foot Butter

Klean - Scrubs: Devil Made Me Do It, Blue Hawaii, Klean Kolada, Pink Grapefruit Vanilla, Lime Crush, Orange Glow, Satsuma Splash, Thai Lemongrass, Peppermint Dream Smooth-ez, Perfect Pumpkin Smooth-ez (samples yay!)

Oyin - Head-to-Toe Honey Wash; Greg Juice; Black Soap and Honey Gentle Cleansing Foam; Belly Bar Butter Bar; Cocoa Mango Butter Bar; Grand Poo Bar

Queen Bee - Soap: Lemongrass, Gitchigumee, Purification, Salute to the Sun, Sweet Soul Sister, Tofani, Dancin' Fool; Mint Brown Sugar Scrub; Citrus Brown Sugar Scrub; Citrus Lip Balm; Healing Lip Balm; Herbal Lip Balm; Sunshine Lotion Bar

Chagrin Valley - Soap: Carrot & Honey, Chocolate Almond, Citrus Woods Green Tea, Cucumber Lime Yogurt, Honey Beer, Java Spice, Neem & Tea Tree, Orange Creamsicle, Peppermint Twist, Shea Rose Clay; Shampoo Bars: Chamomile & Citrus, Herb Garden, Honey Beer & Egg, Mud & Clay, Neem & Tea Tree, Nettle, Rosemary Mint, Summer Sunshine; Hemp Mango Mint Lotion Bar (Samples are wonderful)

...this is just what I could think of without searching... 0_0 While I often shop there, I pretty much have everything I currently need from Elementals, but a gift certificate to there is great.

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