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fiddledragon 1

got fiddledragon 1 today! Yay!

fiddledragon 1
Bliss - reviewed
Crossroads** already reviewed
Masabakes - reviewed
Masquerade** - reviewed
Nero** - reviewed
Ravenous** - reviewed
Salome** - reviewed

woohoo! scents I haven't tried before!
Picked this up at the PO on Wednesday.

Diana #1
Iago** - reviewed
Delirium** - reviewed
Empyreal Mist - already reviewed 9-5-05
Blood** - reviewed
Burial** - reviewed
Kumhio** - reviewed

so I've either got these or already tried them. It's ready to go to spacekitty or the next person on the list.

ETA: ok, I've got...

Ancilla 1 - sent out

I got this yesterday or the day before.

Ancilla 1
Rose Cross** - reviewed
Jack** - reviewed
Dove's Heart**
Ephemera - reviewed
Tombstone - reviewed

ok, I"ve had this forever and I've tested the 2 imps that I don't have, so this is ready to send on its merry way.

Jessie 3 - sent out 2-15-07

got Jessie 3 today (along w/Jessie 1 & 2)

Jessie 3
Anubis - reviewed 2-15-07
Black Pearl - reviewed 2-15-07
Danube** - reviewed 4-22-07
Silk Road**

sent out 2-15-07 to spacekitty
got Jessie 2 today (along with 1 & 3)

Jessie 2
Kathmandu** - reviewed 4-22-07
Lucy's Kiss - reviewed 2-19-07
Seance** - reviewed 6-4-06
Snake Oil** - reviewed 10-12-06
Spellbound** - reviewed 4-22-07
Tisiphone - reviewed 2-19-07
Viola - reviewed 2-19-07
Voodoo** - reviewed 7-4-06

(** indicates imps that I have)


Jessie 1 - sent 2-15-07

Got Jessie #1 today (along with #2 & #3)

Jessie 1
Blood Amber - reviewed 2-15-07
Hellcat - reviewed 2-15-07
Himerus** - reviewed 5-22-07

** (imps that I already have)

all right, I've tested all the imps that I don't have, so this pack is ready to go.

sent out 2-15-07 to spacekitty


Lunacies - from my collection

Hunter Moon - released ____________
Flower Moon - released April 23, 2005 - reviewed
Milk Moon - released April 23, 2005 - reviewed
Strawberry Moon - released May 23, 2005 - reviewed
Honey Moon - released May 23, 2005 - reviewed
Buck Moon - released June 22, 2005 - reviewed
filigree_shadow #4:
Ace of Swords - reviewed
The Chariot - reviewed
The Devil - reviewed
The Emperor - reviewed
The Empress - reviewed
The Magician- reviewed
The Tower - reviewed
Euterpe - reviewed

picked this up 11-8-06. I've sniffed most of the tarots already so I should be able to turn this right around.

Pink Owl 3 - received 9-29-06

Santo Domingo** - already reviewed
Ra** - reviewed
Nocturne** - reviewed
Absinthe** - reviewed
Casanova** - reviewed
Has no Hanna** - reviewed

I need to check but I think that I have imps or bottles of all of these. In that case I can pass this right on.

ETA: shipped 10-3 to filigree_shadow
Pink Owl 2
- reviewed
Carnal** - reviewed
Hecate - reviewed
Morocco** - reviewed
O** - reviewed
Red Queen** - reviewed
R'Lyeh - reviewed

wheew! lots of imps to try!

7-12-06: woohoo! I'm on a sniffing roll. this one is ready to go to spacekitty too!

7-14-06: finally made it to the PO.

Picked this up at the PO tonight. (7-12-06)

Pink Owl Pack 7
Dana O'Shee**

Santa Muerte** - reviewed
Satyr - reviewed
Venice - reviewed

weird, I was sure that I had an imp of Satyr floating around my house, but I couldn't find it. I've got most of these so I hope to move this along quickly.

ETA 7-12-06:...
Picked this up at the PO tonight. (7-12-06)

Cordia 4

Lady of Shallot**
Lilith - reviewed
Love Me** already reviewed
Magus** reviewed
Othello** reviewed
Undertow - reviewed
Whitechapel** - reviewed

I've got half or more of these already, so only a few to test. I've been wanting to try Lilith forever so I"m excited...

Home again

Home again after being weathered in for 2 extra days. It's beautiful here and good to be back. Found 3 more packs in my mailbox - it's going to be busy sorting through these!

traveling yet again

wahoo! I have no packages in my possession right now! I'm heading out of town tomorrow and can leave with a clear conscience; I only have about a gazillion imps of my own to test (to clear through what packs I've already seen).

ah, but at least I'm making progress. so far I've had 13 imp packs pass through my hand....
picked this up today at the PO.

Kakiphony 2
Neo-Tokyo** - reviewed
Vixen** - reviewed
Tweedledee - reviewed
Obatala** - already reviewed
Leanan Sidhe** - reviewed

I've got all but one of these, I'm aiming to get this in the mail tonight!

ETA: ok, I've got Tweedledee tested, once I know where I'm sending this...
Picked this up 6-30-06 from the PO.

Cordia 3
Rage** - reviewed
Dirty** - reviewed
Szepasszony** - reviewed
Bloodlust - reviewed
Grand Guignol - reviewed
Nuit - reviewed
Zombi - reviewed

I've got half of these, so it'll take me a bit longer to get through this pack but it should still be pretty quick. I'll leave...
Picked this up 6-30-06, hopefully I can turn this one around really fast since it's been waiting in my PO for a while.

Cordia 2
Alice** - already reviewed
the Coiled Serpent** - reviewed
Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo** - reviewed
Voodoo** - reviewed
Libertine** - reviewed
Lolita - reviewed
Juliet - reviewed

I've got all...
Picked this up 6-30-06

Kakiphony 1
Ava Maria Gratia Plena** - reviewed
Hymn to Prosperine** - reviewed
Jazz Funeral**
Jolly Roger** - reviewed
Juke Joint - reviewed

I've got most, if not all of these, so I should be able to get this out within a day or two.

ETA 7-1-06: took this to the PO tonight, it was too late for the last...

June 30

A four day trip turned into an 11 day trip, so I have some catching up to do. Picked up 3 packages in the mail today so I have some catching up to do. Yikes!
got cordia's package #1 last week (6-3 I think) - I thought I was making progress through the imps and then I get another pack! she used a film canister to pack them and they fit perfectly! what a great idea.

Aizen-Myoo - reviewed
Asphodel - reviewed
Blood Countess - reviewed
Follow Me Boy - reviewed

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