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BPAL Madness!

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Imagine: you start a little pot on the stove, making hot chocolate. You heat up the milk, but realize as you stir in the packet of chocolate dust that you added entirely too much milk! Possibly double the recommended amount. It turns a light caramel color, and wafts sweet, milky excellence up into your waiting face. Unfortunately, lost in your milky fantasies, the bottom of the your favorite pot starts to burn, scorching the contents. In a hurry, you pour it into your waiting cup, take a sip, and are surprisingly unbothered by the mishaps that occurred. You realize this might be the best cup of hot chocolate you've ever had...


Okay, so that... in scent form. Do I love this? Yes, yes I really do.

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Ugh this scent is incredible. I wish this could be made into a GC scent, I’ll need to order back up!


It’s exactly how wolf_truffles describes. It is rich and decadent, yet comforting and gives off a very homey vibe. 

The day I got it in the mail I opened it and I was extremely impressed with the throw it has! I think it’s the strongest throwing oil I’ve come across so far from the lab. And the lasting power is also great. 

A chocoholics dream! 

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I loved the scorched milk note in Snake Milk, so I thought I'd enjoy this blend, but I don't get the same scorched milk note and I'm not loving the variety of chocolate used in this blend.  The chocolate in this is coming off as very artificial / chemical to me, like a fuzzy scented marker sort of chocolate, and it has an undertone of way too sweet caramel that comes off as a candle type of scent to my nose.  10 minutes in, it smells like a caramel scented candle and no chocolate at all.  Slightly waxy/plasticy.

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