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This one sneaked up on me, y'all. I haven't given all the Snows a proper sniff yet, and history has shown it's not a scent type I'm particularly predisposed to love, but I'm always keeping an open mind.


In the bottle it's cool without being minty exactly, fresh without being too mineralic or zesty, and the sweetness of the musk stands out perfectly. I have a hard time tracking musks sometimes, I don't think my nose always receives what they're broadcasting, but this one is framed so well by the other elements that it's unmistakable. Lilac is another of those notes that I'd have a hard time picking out of a lineup all by itself, and it's a delicate part of this brew -- the perfume doesn't read as "floral" but the lilac element definitely contributes to my overall enjoyment of this blend in a delicately balanced way.


I don't know whether "citron" refers to the evergreen plant or its fruit, but there is definitely some kind of evergreen property to this. The citrus is dryyyyy, the only sense of juiciness or humidity seems to come from something cold and lushly green. My mental picture is of appraising an overnight snowfall early the next morning: the delicate stillness, the softness of the color palette, the vapors exhaled by the trees as the first light hits them.


Overall the blend smells very fancy to me, and reads even less like a masculine cologne than the original Whitechapel did. Something about dragging it out into nature (thematically) and letting it freeze overnight has lent it an especially otherworldly charm, like a forest fairy prince who can't be counted on to ever fully warm up to you -- and might imprison you in a hollow tree if the two of you ever really hit it off.


It lasts quite a while on me, and the scent remains pretty stable from first dab till the last gasp, though I'd say it's the musk that dies last, and that harder edge of frostiness is what melts away first. Still though, a total triumph and complete surprise -- upon first reading the list of stuff that got Snow-ified, this was not the one that leaped out at me. 

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A lighter, airy, ice scent with citrus and a dash of florals. In comparison to some of the other snows, this is more icy. In comparison to the original Whitechapel, the ice tone mellows it out and it sits pretty close to the skin on me. It also brings down the floral of Whitechapel, making it overall more of an icy citrus scent. The florals remain present enough to notice though. As a fan of the original Whitechapel, I do like this scent, though it didn't wow me like I was hoping. It's a little too mellow to be a favorite for me.

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