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BPAL Madness!

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This yellow balsam is interesting: It smells to me like sprigs of balsam pressed and dried against yellow parchment. The leather, which smells a dull grayish-brown and indeed well-worn, adds to the impression I’m getting of an old leather journal, perhaps abandoned with everything else at a rustic explorer’s camp… its mysteries waiting to be solved.


There's a scent of candle wax, too, also a bit yellowed and even cracked with age. It’s a little creamy, still, despite its age and abandonment.


I don’t notice musk or mud, but there is a wan darkness and some dusty wool fallen into disuse.


Without looking at the art at all, this smells to me like a scent of rustic isolation and some manner of wistful departure, whether of an area, or of a life, is unclear.

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