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BPAL Madness!

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A black velvet swirl of inky musk, sweet patchouli, opium tar accord, cypress, frankincense, red benzoin, and tonka with vervain, poppy petals, frankincense tears, and bracken.

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OK this is a Must Have if you like the Lab's darker/earthier patch/resin notes.  In the bottle:  Not playing around here; this is all dark musk, patch, and tarry sweet incense.  On, wet:  The sweeter notes of the sweet patch, cypress, nd benzoin come out to play.  Drydown:  Long, slow morpher, on me at least.  Takes several hours to fully develop; lands on me as a dark, funky, inky patch with a small hit of incense sweetness.  Sits close to the skin so low throw after initial drydown, but long morphy weartime!

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