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BPAL Madness!

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Eucalyptus blossom, lime rind, and white mint coalescing into a green-tinged amber glow.

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Well this is different, I dig it! Someone called this 51 on steroids, and it's apt. Bright green and unisex, kinda sharp yet bright is a better term for it. The eucalyptus blossom doesn't read as medicinal, it's more softened from say an EO or bugspray. That lime reminds me of Lilith's First Concert, that lime Dorian blend. Odic Force is working far better, though. I can't really find anything I don't like, so I'll at least keep the decant for something zingy and uplifting. All the notes really work together to create the Bright Green Mood Thing.


Don't reckon I need a bottle, but Strange is Thy Pallor, Strange is Thy Dress from the Poe series is looking wayyyy more tempting than it did. :luv2:

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