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BPAL Madness!

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I've got crazy kinky snarly hair that I bleach and manicpanic so it's always a little thirsty.  I use the hair gloss in it but the bath oil is what it really adores.  I snagged a few beard oil decants to try on the ends, including this one!


Scent-wise, I get a soft patchouli that I think might be the one people refer to as "peanut butter patch." The scene of this is nice, but not quite as beloved to me as that of the amber patchouli hair gloss (best slept-on bpal maybe ever???) Minimal barn from the oud. It's really about the patchouli.



While the beard oil doesn't penetrate/moisturize as deeply as the bath oil (which is amazing in my hair, adding moisture, shine, scent and just the perfect amount of weight), it does nicely coat the surface adding a bare trace of moisture. It tames the frizzies and makes my hair crazy smooth. Crazy. Smooth.  


The scent of this is on the lighter side, which I think would be a huge bonus considering its intended to be worn under ones nose and one wouldn't want to have it impede eating or smelling other smells, would one?


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i love patchouli, and ambergris, and oudh, and most vanillas. 


many many years ago i got a BPAL bottle in a swap or a purchase from a forumite who worked in some kind of medical lab, and they had some sort of cling film that they used to seal things to make it super duper leak proof. kinda milky-clear, thicker than the food type of cling film (Saran Wrap, etc) and super adhesive without actually being sticky.  I then looked it up on a lab supplies website thinking how neat that would be for packaging, and then promptly forgot about it, I guess.


i ordered this beard oil earlier this year (in May), but it wasn't until a lovely forumite mentioned earlier this evening that she used it as nail oil that i thought to get it out and open it to see how that would work for me!  and it was wrapped with that same sort of amazing sticky but not sticky film. way easier to remove than tape, didn't stick to the label or the bottle, just itself.  anyhow, thought i'd mention that the dropper bottles were packaged well to avoid leakage/spillage.

which is a good thing because this bottle is so full that it looks empty, if you know what i mean.  like, tilting it upside down there are just a couple of tiny air bubbles that move to show it is full. 


the oil is a light caramel colour and smells more like carrier oils than much else.  which, again, since it is meant to be used right under the nose i can see why it wouldn't be highly fragranced.

on my skin (since... i don't have a beard) after a little bit it settles in and warms up and i get a little bit of a patchouli and vanilla scent.  but sadly i don't get any ambergris or oudh.

*update, about an hour later i'm getting a hint of something earthy that adds a little oomph, but it is smooshed-nose-to-skin in order to be able to smell it. the carrier oil scent is gone now, though.



The Lab's site lists the ingredients as: 
Jojoba oil, argan oil, rosehip seed oil, evening primrose oil, grapeseed oil, rosemary oleoresin extract, and Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab fragrance.


i put a single drop on the top of my left hand, and rubbed the top of my right hand on it and then used them to rub down my arms and I can still see where the oil was, and where it wasn't, nearly half an hour later. it did make my skin very soft, though!


it still doesn't have much of a smell, even in the bottle.  so i bet this will make a good nail oil, for days when i don't want a heavy scent.  or a beard oil for someone who doesn't want a super smelly face!

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From what I recall, I ordered this not long after it was first available. I am surprised to see how different the other reviews are from my experience. Unfortunately, this beard oil smelled very strongly of Play-Doh to me. The closest I came to the scent notes was there being something almost musty about it (not strong enough to be recognizable to me as any of the notes in the description), but it was almost entirely Play-Doh for me, and strong enough for people around me to notice and comment even if I tried to use only a small amount. Time never seemed to make a difference to the character and strength of the scent.

The oil was nice on my hair and skin, however, even though my skin tends to be sensitive! It was also packaged well, as the review above stated.

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