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BPAL Madness!

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Ascending and descending: a cascade of white lily and osmanthus with flutters of red musk.



Whattt? No reviews yet? 

Well, this is a fantastic lily blend, no doubt. Its warm skin, sunshine, and glowing lilies basking in early summer.  White lily is smelling like a creamy smoother lily of the valley, hope that helps. The osmanthus makes the whole deal glow golden warmly without disrupting the floral category vibe (I love osmanthus. its this enigmatic golden sweet floral in my mind). Red musk is truly a flutter and is working compliantly in the background like the way it would in a dragons blood blend.

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Oh my, this is so pretty! It's a pale, golden lily, definitely floral. It's a little soapy, but in a good way, light and romantic. I don't get much red musk, maybe just a tiny whiff when it's dry.

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