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BPAL Madness!

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Derived from the same pseudo-scientific process as last year’s LAB RAT blend, but constrained to the Lab’s Carnaval Diabolique collection. Each bottle contains a slosh of every Carnaval scent currently in stock. The result? An inhalation of the miasma hovering over the midway after a busy, near-endless night of debauchery.


In the interest of peer review, here are our intern's notes from the blending process, tracking how the scent evolved as through the collection alphabetically.


A-C: “Chocolate truffles filled with blood-creme, rolled in sawdust.”


D-G. “Two… no, THREE corsaged puppeteers screwing in a hay bale.”


H-L. “Rusty barber’s shears sterilizing overnight in a jar full of rum and rosewater.”


M-P “This is eerily reminiscent of lightning striking a gondola full of off-duty showgirls.”


O-Z “Luminous, opalescent bat wings serving as the bellows for a lunatic calliope, whooshing gusts of wind through blossoms on dying trees, the bark sticky with blood that is, for some mysterious reason, flowing upward. The music! can you hear the music?”


[Sadly, we have been unable to elaborate on these findings as the intern in question abruptly left their post shortly thereafter.]


Eau de Carnaval Diabolique. The cumulative weight of dozens of scents — a cacophony of carnies, haunts, snakes, grindhouse dancers, and other attractions, all simultaneously clamoring for your attention.


This post is merely a placeholder for future reviews. Whoever is first to review, please report this post using the report button below, so a mod can merge it with yours. Thanks!

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