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East sat the crone,

in Iárnvidir,

Fenrir’s progeny:

of all shall be

one especially

the moon’s devourer,

in a troll’s semblance.


Hati Hróðvitnisson, He Who Hates, the Enemy, He Who Swallows the Moon. The son of Fenris, he feasts on the flesh of the dead and on the final day, he will devour the moon and spatter the skies with blood.


He is sated with the last breath

of dying men;

the gods’ seat he

with red gore defiles:

swart is the sunshine

then for summers after;

all weather turns to storm.


Frost-limned fur, hackles hunched with insatiable, implacable rage, and death-white fangs crusted with clove-tinted blood.


In the bottle: Faintly aquatic. 


Wet on my skin: Soft, fuzzy, gentle snowy-aquatic. 


Dry: Despite the rather ominous-sounding description, this ends up being a soft, fuzzy, comfortable scent on my skin. I can't really pick out specific notes, aside from a whiff of what I believe to be slightly spicy blood musk, because this is exceedingly well-blended. There's a slightly lavendery-ozonic snow, I think, atop...fur. It's fur. Clean fur, smelling slightly of high-end pupper shampoo. Having three cats and three dogs, it's an oddly familiar scent that took a bit to place, but which definitely smells like it smells, at least to my nose. Plus that bit of spicy blood musk and snow. It's a darker side of comfortable and snuggly, like a big ol' fluffy, smiling husky who looks uncomfortably like a wolfdog as he eyes your Shih-Tzu with an expression usually reserved for a raw steak. 

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Dark fur, bloody clove and a whiff of ozone snow. This one is a much darker blend that I expected. It smelled vaguely aquatic in the bottle, but I got a ton of spicy blood musk and fur on me.

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Wet: Black musk? Blood musk? Dark-smelling, musky fur with a hint of ozone.


Dry: Oh, hi clove! Dark musk, fur, ozone, and clove. The fur scent is a little stronger than it was in the wet stage, but that dark muskiness is the most prominent thing I can smell. 

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In the decant, I smell the frost and the clove-tinged blood.


Those are the main notes I get on my skin as well, although on me, it is far more musky than frosty. I keep thinking clove-tinged dragon's blood musk. It doesn't smell like fruity red musk to me. I, too, get an ozonic type of frost from this, mingling with the fur.


There is too much blood musk in this for me, but it's definitely far more pleasant than it sounds.



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Clove. Blood. Fur. In that order. A little frost in the distant throw. This is beautiful and cozy, but not cuddly cozy.... I want to wear this while huddling in a cave wrapped in scraps of fur and gnawing on the remains of my last kill.


I received this as a frottle along with Pumpkin Spice Sanguinem Menstruum. The latter was too bloody for me, but this one is a more balanced blend and might be a keeper!

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