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Supernaturally smug, draconically self-satisfied: red currant, persimmon, and oudh.

Bitter citrus, and something that smells darkly musk and perfumey. It actually smells bitter, and kinda manly on me. Good throw and wear length.

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When wet it's a strong, bright and fruity oil, nothing much else.


Once it dries it's still beautifully fruity, but not at all sweet. There's a distant incensey back note, like you just walked past a hippy shop with their door closed, and that works to round the scent out but the overall impression is glorious red fruit. I don't get a bitter note at all.

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I was excited to try this because I don't see (or smell) persimmon very often - it seems like an appropriate choice for a dragon!

On my skin the fruit is bright but slightly tart and bitter, almost reminiscent of bergamot, and I'm getting more of a wood type of vibe from this oudh. Once it dries it is more subtle than I anticipated.

It's so close to working for me, but I think it could be stunning on the right person.

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