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BPAL Madness!

Dragon with a Jaunty Cap

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A sassy strawberry red musk chypre.

So neither BPAL strawberry or red musk have been great notes for me. With that huge caveat, Jaunty Cap is probably the most surprising dragon to me. I've been loving the BPAL strawberry note that has been in use lately (ever since 2012), since it stays fresh and sweet on me as opposed to turning to plastic. That said, sometimes it would be too sweet.

And here, the red musk has been sweetened and tamed. For me the strawberry is more like strawberry leaf, as there's quite a bit of fresh greenness around the edges. There's also another element on the drydown that grounds the musk down.

I've decanted all of the 2017 dragons, and this is the one I'd keep for myself. Part of me wanted to lie in the review and go "Horrible, give to me for proper disposal". Medium throw and great wear length.

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This was the DragonCon scent for me! I knew it as soon as the line up was posted. Red Musk and Strawberry?? Best combination I have ever placed onto my skin since discovering my love for red musk. I'm not familiar with chypre but from what I've experienced with it I assumed this would brighten the blend.


In the bottle, this smells of strawberry juice. It has a bit of a green note grit or 'texture' to it (not in a bad way) that gives it a true strawberry feel. This could be the chypre, but it's very light.

Typically Bpal's strawberry note gets gobbled up on my skin if there's not something supporting it. In this case the red musk is there to help it along like in other blends I have.


The red musk would typically amp on my skin but this isn't heavy at all. It's a very refreshing play on a red musk and strawberry combo.


This is absolutely gorgeous and definitely going to be a go-to for me for a long time. It's a more refreshing red musk blend, where as a few of my favorites can be a bit strong. It has great wear length, the strawberry sticks around a lot longer than usual on my skin too. Throw is great! I got a few compliments on it in the office.


Thanks for yet another favorite red musk blend!

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Like zankoku_zen above, I was tempted to discredit the beauty of the blend so everyone would sell me their bottles ;) (kidding!), but it would do a disservice to anyone who wears these notes well.


This is fresh, green strawberry scent tempered with musk (or, perhaps, the other way around? Musk brightened by strawberry? Either way, it works!). On me, the chypre reads as very, very perfume-y wet, and as it moves into dry down, blends more evenly the strawberry-musk fruitiness that, for me, is the starring role of this fragrance. As wear goes on, it oscillates between strawberry-musk and perfume-y perfume until about the hour and a half mark, at which point it becomes exceptionally intermingled and no longer does strawberry or musk have meaning anymorethey are two in one, body and soul. ;)


If any notes listed are your jam, this is a must for you. My favorite DragonCon scent, and probably my favorite release this year. Thank you, Beth!


Now, time to find precisely 3749493927 more bottles...

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At first I wasn't sure about this one. It comes out so green and sharp. But the drydown is really lovely. feminine and sweet without being cloying. It smells ladylike and upbeat, but still quite soft. It's a very relaxing blend. I got a 5ml of this one from my fairy and I think it was a good decision.


Where I'd wear this: Springtime walk through Kew Gardens, wearing a fascinator

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